Måneskin (Italy Eurovision 2021) “I Wanna Be Your Slave” & “Zitti E Buoni” | Wiwi Jam at Home


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    Måneskin - Italy's Eurovision 2021 act - perform their original song “I Wanna Be Your Slave” and the Sanremo version of “Zitti E Buoni” during the Wiwi Jam at Home concert.

    You can watch the entire three-hour wiwibloggs concert here: www.youtube.com/watch?v=0TLgp...

    In case you missed it, here’s our interview with Måneskin following their first rehearsal at Eurovision 2021: rofor.info/house/video/x7ChoWh7rpLMkqQ.html

    I Wanna Be Your Slave lyrics - Måneskin

    I wanna be your slave
    I wanna be your master
    I wanna make your heart beat
    Run like rollercoasters
    I wanna be a good boy
    I wanna be a gangster
    'Cause you can be the beauty
    And I could be the monster
    I love you since this morning
    Not just for aesthetic
    I wanna touch your body
    So fucking electric
    I know you scared of me
    You said that I'm too eccentric
    I'm crying all my tears
    And that's fucking pathetic
    I wanna make you hungry
    Then I wanna feed ya
    I wanna paint your face
    Like you're my Mona Lisa
    I wanna be a champion
    I wanna be a loser
    I'll even be a clown
    Cause I just wanna amuse ya
    I wanna be your sex toy
    I wanna be your teacher
    I wanna be your sin
    I wanna be a preacher
    I wanna make you love me
    Then I wanna leave ya
    'Cause baby I'm your David
    And you're my Goliath
    Mhm, ah-ha
    Because I'm the devil
    Who's searching for redemption
    And I'm a lawyer
    Who's searching for redemption
    And I'm a killer
    Who's searching for redemption
    I'm a motherf*cking monster
    Who's searching for redemption
    And I'm a bad guy
    Who's searching for redemption
    And I'm a blonde girl
    Who's searching for redemption
    I'm a freak that
    Is searching for redemption
    I'm a motherf*cking monster
    Who's searching for redemption
    I wanna be your slave
    I wanna be your master
    I wanna make your heart beat
    Run like rollercoasters
    I wanna be a good boy
    I wanna be a gangster
    Cause you can be the beauty
    And I could be the monster
    I wanna make you quiet
    I wanna make you nervous
    I wanna set you free
    But I'm too fucking jealous
    I wanna pull your strings
    Like you're my telecaster
    And if you want to use me I could be your puppet
    'Cause I'm the devil
    Who's searching for redemption
    And I'm a lawyer
    Who's searching for redemption
    And I'm a killer
    Who's searching for redemption
    I'm a motherf*cking monster
    Who's searching for redemption
    I wanna be your slave
    I wanna be your master

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    1. wiwibloggs

      You can watch our entire 2.5-hour Wiwi Jam concert here: rofor.info/house/video/kYp-l6Oyl7GW3Mo.html

      1. Rosaria Simeoli


      2. Callenge Siana Lama

        Omggg i see this a lot of times ! I love this song ! 😍💘

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      4. Luke Fernandez

        Damiano needs to defend his title by representing San Marino next year because San Marino was automatically qualified thanks to Flo Rida at this year’s contest in Rotterdam when Italia is hosting next year. AND SPOILERS FOR EUROPE: SAN MARINO WILL REACH THE TOP 15 FOR THE FIRST SINCE THEIR DEBUT IN SRBIJA 2008 WERE DIMA BILAN (SERGEY LAZAREV’S HUSBAND) WON FOR RUSSIA AND SEE NEXT YOU NEXT YEAR IN BOLOGNA, MÅNESKIN!!!

      5. elisabeth nerolk

        @RenStarburst but he has a girlfriend already!

    2. FuryMolly

      I love the song

    3. סמאל Samael Sekhmet Mashhit -RATM DeLubrum

      All Maneskin musicians have a mixer to adjust their volume return (even the drummer, you can see his mixer behind him). Because is essential that the sound is adjusted to hear one's own musical contribution integrated with others

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    5. WhiteLemon

      Vocalist will be a very good joker...tat jawline is perfect

      1. letsplaygameofskate.

        just what im thinking 😂

    6. Jayzel Arabe

      I watched accidentally this but now I'm addicted.

    7. Mariana Rojas

      confirmo, es un buen día para ser bisexual

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      Guys a person called Noa Ashley here on YT added the latest interview on Dutch Tv you WANT to go check it out 🥵



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    11. J_ Ferdous

      My boy Ethan needs more screen time

    12. Send Noods

      Thought they had a beautiful female drummer only to find out they have a beautiful male drummer.

    13. Iome Meio

      23 milions viewer.?? 😵😵😵😵😵 Super Maneskin

    14. wrotki88

      Arctic Monkeys Are You Mine?

      1. corsaro nero

        Måneskin (the originals)

    15. Dark Empty

      Freddie mercury vibez can you feel it guys.

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      23 million views I know William Lee Adams in his bag right now 😭

    18. Mar Pr

      After 30 years a great Italian rock band not named Litfiba but Maneskin!!!!

    19. Jk7._.

      The guitarist are killing it

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      Im 15th time here today

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      Ммммм... Ага~...🔥

    23. Pieke Roescher

      Wait i thought the eurovision was something with hard rock from italy

    24. Kristian Tenev

      Honestly can't see why Americans wanna cancel this song

      1. Grace Elizabeth

        WAIT THEY DO?!?

      2. Wake No.

        They want what? Really?

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    26. That random girl

      hot lovely talented beatufil never the same totally unique amazing talented brilliant incredible show stopping

    27. Yoeri Euvelman

      If arctic monkeys and chef special adopted a kid from italy

      1. corsaro nero

        comparisons are always trivial and reductive

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    29. Assaad Hattab

      Can’t take my eyes off of this singer. Very charismatic.

    30. Adqqq.

      Mhh ahaam

    31. SEÑORA

      That song killed it

    32. Anna Krik

      Ты э мой песь

    33. Anna Krik

      Макаронь, проснись

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      I'm proud to be Italian!

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      Freddie Mercury performance vibes

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      ....просто красавчики ...давно таких групп не видела)))

    37. Virtual Wolf

      He's hot and he knows it

    38. jasser X

      I love their song i am from croatia and i listen to it all day

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    40. Scott Davies

      His voice is phenomenal such a catchy tone

    41. Вилена Олишевская

      У Вас классные песни

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      Love you sining!

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      1:02 is just 😳

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      They are so talented

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      So he's a switch


      Why did they win?

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      1:01 the amount of times I have replayed that is unhealthy

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      now i understand all the girls in old rock music videos who obsess over a band all day on a series of very small tvs

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      Guys I’m back for the 500th time

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      His voice… it’s so…. I don’t even have words for it. I hoped they used this sound for the festival😫

    59. Rhonda Mancilla

      I love this so much°°

    60. Ann

      crying all my tears and THATS FOOKEN PATHETIC

    61. ilaria angiolini

      Damiano David is good and Beautiful

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      grandissimi! mettono d'accordo genitori e figli, vanno bene per tutte le generazioni

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      1. Mattia Celona

        @corsaro nero le brutte intenzioni la maleducazione, fai quel che vuoi mettendo i piedi in testa

      2. corsaro nero

        Chi cazzo è ?

      3. L' ANNALISA

        È andato via

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      Это просто ахуенно

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      Najbolja pesma ikada

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      at 1:00 i think it was a voice crack. it just sounded different

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        It’s a moan not a voice crack

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      Hiç Türk yok mu 🇹🇷

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      my son loves you,too, he is only 4 years old 🤩🤩🤩

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      Siete i migliori ha cantare me lo sono disegnata sul braccio solo che un pò si toglie perché sono pastelli

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        Maneskin mi son scritta

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      I can't get over the fact i'm the same age as Damiano and older than the others. THE TALENT!

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      I was really happy when they win Eurovision, as a french this is so sad all the jealousy :(

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      sinceramente no soy fan del rock, pero un día me tope con esta joyita en spoty.... y enserio me encantan!!! Su estilo es genial y pegajoso... a quien le paso lo mismo??

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      This song its now in the Spotify's top 10 Globlal, the really can rock.

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      #7 on Uk Charts!!!! Thats phenomenal... Lets push this track at #1 brits cmon!!!

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