lofi smash mouth radio - beats to relax/study to

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    all that glitters is gold

    (We're playing FUSER and you get to watch!)


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    1. PeniBlue

      ok but this shit slaps so hard

    2. Kaylee Kloberdanz

      The two constants in this comment section have been Lemon Demon fans and people with ADHD, and I am both

    3. Isaac gibson keel

      Wtf! Who would dislike this masterpiece?!

    4. BigBlue VA

      Is it just me or does this become more of a bop with each listen?

    5. J G

      i keep coming back...

    6. HuffGLaDTem

      i like it for my ears while I'm taking my test

    7. oblivionscall

      how much do i have to donate to maxfun drive to make griffin do another one of these

    8. J. M.

      This is ELDRITCH

    9. AQuestionableTaryn

      I hope griffin knows he cursed my music tastes forever. I will never find a song that I like more than X Gon Give it To Ya + Take On Me

      1. Abigail Eldritch

        Me too!!! That’s my favourite part 😭

    10. AQuestionableTaryn

      this just gets better every time i listen to it

    11. Lisa Ann Paul

      I regularly put this on as background music. Its only flaw is that Griffin, being a mere mortal man, was unable to continue mixing these delicious tunes for 10 hours straight

    12. Melia Manning

      How did x on me trigger all the serotonin in me at once

    13. Accident With a Pen

      at first i listened to this as a joke but,,,,, i think this mix is cursed. i keep coming back and it consumes my entire soul for hours on repeat. there is nothing. only smash mouth lofi radio beats to study / relax to.

    14. Accident With a Pen

      truly not long enough

    15. Aaliyah Q

      hey lol back again

    16. Hoop

      They should do more streams like this

    17. Algamation


    18. puresolus

      good stuff

    19. Caysie M

      I find myself playing this on loop while I do homework so that the chaotic bliss this gives me cancels out my utter confusion

    20. Michael Benson

      X gonna call me maybe is sick.

    21. gleam spirit

      i don’t see what ppl are talking about, i use this to study

    22. m. lilian

      somehow the only thing that powered me through a maths lesson since the beginning of quarantine and i WISH i was kidding

    23. Becca

      Why am I absolutely fucking vibing to this

    24. Aaron Hwang

      The fact that live chat replay is not available for this video is a travesty

    25. GunmetalSnail

      If you put a microphone inside the McElroy's brains this is what would be playing 24/7.

    26. Snowy

      honestly confused how any of this could be considered "bad" because it all goes. somehow. it just does

    27. abbystew292

      why does this help my anxiety what is this sorcery edit: turns out, that may have been a hypomanic episode

    28. asmit317ify

      Girl-talk., F'real

    29. asmit317ify

      I never listened past 10 minutes. Life is different now

    30. puresolus

      i missed ya buddy

    31. Nora

      unironically this pulled me out of a panic attack because I was laughing too hard to hyperventilate properly, I want this to be the soundtrack to the rest of my life because literally nothing bad can happen to me while this is playing

    32. Elizabeth Hays

      I am confused. I really liked this and then I checked the comments and everyone hates it except for people with ADHD. I have ADHD. What kind of wizardry is this? How can you so accurately predict my mental state based on my enjoyment of this music? this is witchcraft

    33. kitaminx

      the fact that i was listening to this at 2x the speed and didnt realize something was wrong until literally the end says a lot about somethin' idek

    34. Lollagurl Y

      Griffin, you musical genius

    35. mashed potatoes

      14:20 is my personal fav

    36. magalí

      i'm listening to this while painting and i'm actually vibing / laughing

    37. magalí

      this comments are amazing

    38. Llewyn Jones

      I am serious, please put this on Spotify!!

    39. 84Plato

      Wtf game is this and why aren’t I playing it right now? Reminded of the DJ game on game loft in the lte 90s!

    40. seagull

      I don't know how to describe the feelings I am feeling but I can tell you nothing of them are good.

    41. Julie Baker

      Well, here I am, almost 3 months later, listening to this again. Why... why do I like this so much???

    42. Rory

      I’ve listened to this so many times my brain can’t even comprehend hearing the original songs anymore

    43. Jackson Graves

      7:52 is the sonic equivalent of eating every skittle in the bag at once

    44. Here It Is

      I’m reading the comments before anything starts and... I’m so excited and so so so so so much more worried.

    45. NamePending

      Excuse me, this is so pog

    46. OracleOcelot

      Listening to this was the only way I could get to sleep last night lol. Genuinely slaps. Dreamt I ran an artisan ice cream shop

    47. EveTheDragon

      was vibing pretty legit with all of this untill the, amazing drop that happened near 11 minutes in good god griffin

    48. Eonimv

      this is fucking phenomenal

    49. Matt

      This is just one giant All-Star remix, isn't it?

    50. Nate Watkins

      the music being good for a surprising amount of the video makes this video the audio equivalent of monkeys on typewriters writing Shakespeare

    51. Zachary Butler

      somewhere, without knowing why, Neil Cicierega just had a SHATTERING orgasm.

    52. David Hendricks

      So like the song Wyld Stallyns are supposed to write to bring order and peace to the universe, but the opposite.

    53. Natalie Akins

      ...yea that's about it

    54. ganus

      God I can't believe I listened through this whole thing

    55. caeod


    56. Citrus Moons

      Why does this kinda bop and trigger anxiety at the same time? Why am I still listening to it?

    57. a.

      13:45 is insane actually

    58. a.

      that all star and gaga prominence is really doing it for me

    59. bushflannels

      As someone who grew up in Shania Twain's hometown of Timmins Ontario I'm contractually obligated to love anything she's in

    60. Zoe Beth Parent

      yeah um hey WHAT THE a c t u a l FUCK?

    61. Zachary Lamantia

      Not me vibing the entire time and THEN seeing the comment section

    62. Charlie

      ........wait once he added born this way it was actually fucking great also pitch-shifted all star is so surreal

    63. puresolus


    64. jeffrey

      anyone else here because they found out about this through scorpy's stream? lmao

    65. dgf2

      Griffin circling the Help button at 35:30

    66. Pornhub Intros

      We all gonna ignore the fact that by the end Griffin hovers over the "help" button like my creation has left my control.

    67. Jayce

      This just makes me want to make a warlock bard and his patron is Griffin McElroy, the minor chaos god.

    68. Eeeby Deeby

      listening to this makes me feel like i've unlocked a cheat code for the human mind

    69. MelonBottle

      I don’t know what you guys are talking about, I’m bumpin’

    70. puresolus

      this is so great oh my god i need more

    71. Steven Scott Dubrowski

      This is just what my brain sounds like lol

    72. TimTam

      As someone with adhd to apparently and entire comment section filled with people with adhd, turn it on 1.5 speed to see how neurodivergents hear this and feel about it.

    73. Encysted

      It's no Niel Cicierega, but it's something.

    74. murderousCroww

      i dunno i kinda vibe

    75. GriffinD

      absolutely no joke, this is the music i blast for the gym.

    76. DestinationD

      - Do it for the SEO!

    77. Bekah

      35:34 help

    78. Specialised Idiot

      Everything past the first four minutes are pure bops.If you say otherwise ur a coward.

    79. Mark Helms

      it's *MY* manic breakdown so *I* get to choose the music!!!

    80. Regina Nuccio

      I listen to this whenever I need a "pick-me-up" and it never disappoints. Griffin is doing the Lord's work.

    81. Morgan K

      idk what everyone's talking about, this is great. i'm getting work done while listening to this. oh, it's only people with adhd who think so too...? well

    82. Kash Mann


    83. Kash Mann



      this is honestly amazing

    85. Kindle

      So he was on mike the whole time?

    86. Zucchini Noodles

      only this man could get me to listen to all star for 36 minutes

    87. Garnet

      I've listened and commented here before but I had to come back because honestly, who needs Adderall when you have lofi smash mouth radio

    88. goji

      why does this actually rule, though

    89. Mamayatsu

      There's a fine line between genius and madness and this video doesn't so much straddle it, but rather zigzag back and forward over it at breakneck speed before grabbing the line itself and tying it into a massive knot which is then launched into the sun

    90. Andrew Overy

      Unashamed to say that this slaps

    91. Jeremy Wright

      almost forgot to watch this today

    92. Oddity Bloggity

      Okay, but can we acknowledge that a Griffin McElroy and Neil Cicierega collaboration needs to happen? I think these two could make something truly beautiful together.

    93. Hunter Ross

      rare footage of neil ciceriga making the mouth trilogy

    94. SnapshotOfASoul

      absolute tragedy that the killers song was not even used ONCE

    95. SnapshotOfASoul

      i have autism and adhd so i'll echo what everyone else is saying: this. this is incredible. never do it again

    96. Skullptures

      Griff is really branching out with the TAZ soundtrack, huh

    97. Cup and Straw Productions

      Why did I get a The Craving ad on a McElroy video

    98. KennAdrian Crescitelli

      sorry but it is horrifyingly jarring that the game audience is not singing along to smashmouth. it feels so wrong to hear a crowd of people when that song plays and NO ONE is singing along.

    99. Whale Sharko

      I think there's something wrong with me because this is the song my soul has been searching for my whole life And some people are saying it's evil?? Well, it is said that if we saw heaven we wouldn't recognise it

    100. Zed Linden

      Nothing but VIBES