Lil Nas X - MONTERO (Call Me By Your Name) (Lyrics)


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    1. FutureHype

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      1. FBI


      2. Em b


      3. Stl_Flowz


      4. NIM GAMING


      5. Chelsey!!

        5 or 8

    2. Mini Militia -Denilson

      Call me by your name

    3. FeLiX gaming


    4. Areen Jwan

      I’m starting to panic !!! Call me nowwwwww

    5. ليالي كيلاني

      في حدا عربي هوون 😂😂😂😂

    6. RIOZIC

      this song is a straight up bop

    7. Bushra Aziz

      Oh so satan is winning and humankind is failing...bravo!!

    8. Lionel Da Costa

      Like like

    9. K M

      I'm here because of tik tok lol

    10. Priscilla B

      Old town road feels like 10 seasons ago... .. ..cAp..

    11. Discari

      idk bout y’all but I ain’t watchin that music video again

    12. ZARA



      hgd [hd lk jd; j,; ugd fjs ,f`hj ugd [dldk ,i, ugd hykdm `d dgh

    14. Joez

      The song gets real when he said *romantic talking”

    15. Farrah Nansi


    16. Spongie Virgo


    17. super nadir ronaldo


    18. Syarta Gashi

      This song is dedicated to Ace only wattpad readers know what im sayin

    19. Mirae

      I don't like the mv, but the song is lit. 🤷🏻‍♀️

    20. JKO Nossnoj


    21. R D

      I would never have heard this song if it wasn't for the gaggle of homophobes crying their eyes out. So thank you this is a great song

    22. Bryan Moore

      Hmmmmm hmmmmm hmmmmm HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

    23. nick kontogiannis

      He really called the song by his name😂

    24. A Frasier- Jones

      im nine and i love this song BAHAHA

    25. hachima -san

      thanks to all those tiktok edits, i discoverd this song

    26. Dex

      I feel so wrong watching this at 12 am. 12 am is a cursed hour.

    27. Barack Obama

      I like this song but the music video is too weird for me

    28. Megan Andrews

      I only watched to see what he said at the end and they didn't write it


      1000000000000 i rate

    30. Mia Armas

      When have y’all heard a gay song and when has it ever been this fire. It’s hype, it’s narcissistically passionate and the form of lyrics was just fucking genius. 10/10. Gay songs like this better become a normality cause straight dudes say the same 4 or 5 things in the same 4 or 5 ways & it’s getting old.

    31. Landon Finnerty

      This song is good but the music video threw me off

      1. Stygian

        The music video is just weird and expressive, but the song is good regardless of the opinion on the video, its his choice, you can always peep the audio

    32. Dubstepper

      Is it so only by me when I don't hear the lyrics I understand nothing sees lyrics l understand EVERY SHIT

    33. fabioplayzfortnite yeet 2

      The real vid is so disgusting

    34. YEETxJayden


    35. Joslyn Coleman

      tell me why im doing homework while dancing sdfghj

    36. aqila difa

      wow this sound so hot help


      the only thing that creeps me is the lil nax mantereo video and the shoe if u the true stroy it will give the chills

    38. Xxsunny Melon

      10/10 I LOVE THIS SONGG 😙😙

    39. Bima Satria

      Wow, this song just came out

    40. Johnlei Maverick Madrid

      we went from cowboys to satan lap dance

    41. Kiosy Hartman

      I like this song but I dont like the bad meanings in it

    42. Drew Durnil got that drip

      The book club won't like this

    43. Mighty Melvin

      My question is how is this song still available like wth this is such a disrespect it's like mocking God and like nas likes the devil if ur a Christian u will understand me bcs I'm a Christian I'm so angry at lil nas x

      1. Juli Jim

        Nobody cares, not everyone is Christian

    44. Susan Msoh

      Listening to this song two hours continuously 🇰🇪🇰🇪

    45. Khaled Dawoud

      If eve aint in the garden you know you can

    46. Ivana Popović

      God song🤣🤣

    47. ANDREI Niță

      TORA | | KarmaDavid=)

    48. Phillip Juice WRLD


    49. Kayla Mitchell

      # as a openly lesbian 🏳️‍🌈 woman I love this tune 10000 per cent

    50. Kayla Brown

      iTunes dosent allow this song anymore lol 😂

    51. Lucas

      I never realised how much innuendo is in this song like damn for eg”shoot a child in your mouth while I’m riding” woah he is wild

    52. xXDaddy PoolXx

      If eve ain't in the garden.......oo

    53. Natasha Walker

      1 just to much

    54. ThatAngryScott

      I’m not gonna let the song have satanic visuals get in the way of the actual song and I’m Christian so it’s saying a lot cause the song from my perspective isn’t about satanism

      1. Stygian

        yeah its a banger

    55. Danna Chaux


    56. Jesus Shuttlesworth

      The gay lyrics are a no for me. Not bashing just changing the dial

    57. Captain

      This song sucks

      1. iBlueberry12

        Now that’s just wrong

    58. Necro HZ4

      who else is here cause they dont want to watch the video

    59. Aᴄʜɪʟʟᴇs FF

      Call me when you want, call me when you need call me in the morning, i'll be on the way

    60. Eddy Diaz vargas

      I don’t like the message but it do hit hard

      1. Yo Dante

        You don’t like that he’s accepting himself as a gay man?

    61. SkeletauR

      I came here bcs i dont want to see the music video. not in my religious server.

    62. AttackToaster


    63. KloutSurfxrツ

      Some people's bibles are Adam and Eve, and some are Adam and Steve.

      1. Midzy Itzy Stan

        @Stygian thank you!

      2. Stygian

        And? Let people do what they want. I'm christian and I genuinely don't mind. This song goes hard

      3. Stygian

        @Midzy Itzy Stan cool username

      4. Midzy Itzy Stan

        Um ok? Lmao

    64. Davit Magradze

      0% nudity 25% drugs 50% sin 75% fire 1000000% will get a man to hell

    65. ??


    66. Broke Filipino Boy

      POV: you’re here because the song was taken down

      1. Stygian

        yeah lmao sad

      2. Josh

        It wasn't taken down lmao

      3. Midzy Itzy Stan

        Yeah ):

    67. Terven James

      I'm not the only one disgusted by this not this. This man needs help he said he is battling mental heath issues and this song and the things and a small number of people rant doing him no seeivce by encouraging the mass delusion.

      1. stoned lasagua

        @Terven James bro can’t even spell heathen right lmao

      2. Terven James

        @Midzy Itzy Stan You are probably one of those clout chasing hethens who go with whatever the flavour of the week is with no moral judgement whatsoever and it shows.

      3. Anna Smith

        Terven James just shut up . Nobody care about your opinion anyway.

      4. Midzy Itzy Stan

        You’re probably one of those god lovers lmao

      5. Midzy Itzy Stan

        Get over it

    68. Unwashed

      So much better without the video

      1. Anna Smith

        You're probably one of those god lovers 😒

      2. Anna Smith

        Shut up

    69. Kali Ferrer

      Idk but i love this song rn😭✨

      1. Anna Smith


    70. Psycho savior

      POV u screen recrding this 🥺😔

    71. Damian Sharrer

      He says he only fu**s the ones he envy and he technically fu**s satan

    72. robert loera

      cocaine and drinkin with your friends

      1. Midzy Itzy Stan

        You live in the dark boy you can not pretend

    73. Klep Trep

      This sounds like a more hardcore version of Sanctify by Years and Years. By which I mean that they're both bangers about the main guy bragging about fucking dudes. I'm surprised it's as 90% as is.

    74. Flippy's Seggsy Bitch

      so I've just been singing nonsense for the last few weeks? nice

    75. Nicholas Lyles

      lets go this is not taken down

    76. Amber Veronique

      I have the confidence level of 0 but this song makes me want to be a stripper honestly

    77. Noor Ali

      They shot a child yesterday when he was in his car with his mom and his siblings were injured. So this song encouraging sins and crimes.

      1. Noor Ali

        @- amie by the way the song is satanic. He’s having sex with the devil. This is no good. I ask god to open his eyes and see the truth before it’s too late.

      2. Noor Ali

        @Yo Dante what does it mean shoot a child in your mouth ?

      3. – amie

        @Yo Dante ya they don't get its about sperm

      4. – amie

        @Noor Ali okay, but call me by your name isn't one of those songs you are talking about. If you didn't understand the real meaning of the lyrics nobody can do anything to help you if you want to see a song about drugs and shooting children.

      5. Yo Dante

        @Noor Ali "Shoot a child in your mouth while I'm riding" is LITERALLY a sexual innuendo?? You know??? God, your mentality focking hurts-

    78. Adina Alexia

      I love you Music

    79. BusyPlayer _

      I caught it bad yesterday*

      1. Midzy Itzy Stan

        You hit me with a call to your place

    80. SLIME GAMING_940

      It’s the “hmmmms” for me

    81. Movie Trailer TRL

      when i saw the vid of this song i was like: this boy can do a split?

      1. Midzy Itzy Stan


    82. Movie Trailer TRL

      what my mom said: mhhhhhhhhhhh........... what my grandma said:THIS SONG IS THE SONG OF A DEVIL. what my brother said: -_- me: CALL ME WHEN YOU WAN'T, CALL ME WHEN YOU NEED, CALL ME OUT BY YOUR OWN NAME, I'LL BE ON MY WAY

    83. Jessica Laird

      Screen recording this before it gets deleted RIP

    84. Carissa Perriott

      haha only lil nas x himself knows what he said in the last part

    85. Jayzification

      Personally the song is great, the music video just scarred me.

    86. LOL God - sfr7411

      This is the best song I’ve ever heard, thanks for uploading this because the original video has Lil Nas X having sex with Satan

    87. Bri-Chan

      I just realized he's supposed to be Adam when the serpent said if eve ain't in the garden you know that you can

    88. Huseyn Quliyev

      Salam dosdlar🤣

    89. Urbanz

      i think im going to hell for singing this song lol

    90. Aaron Holland

      ngl love the song just never ever watch the music vid exept if your wierd

    91. Lynnae McGrath


    92. Holo

      Lel i know it's "Cocaine and drinkin with your friends" but my friend just said "cocaine and chicken with your friends" and now i cant flippin unhear it😂🐔

    93. Dank Hill

      I love the fact that the conservatives are all up in arms about “satanic imagery” but I haven’t seen one person criticizing “shoot a child”. 💀 I know it’s just sexual innuendo, but I’d assume those words appearing together in a song would be like 😬 to those people. 😂

    94. Princess S

      0:39..Ur wc.

    95. Maria Delannay


    96. Midzy Itzy Stan

      I LOVE the part when he says “romantic” the way he says it is amazing-

      1. Midzy Itzy Stan

        @Vee I’m glad someone agrees with me! I thought I’d be the only one😅

      2. Vee

        I know right!

    97. acidcret - Topic

      They shall come when thy least expect it to

    98. Vee

      “Romantic talkin? You don’t even have to try” this part tho!

    99. mrjfox1000

      I'm not even gay and I like the song , a good song is a good song !

    100. CyBro GyPsY