KSI | Joe Weller Carpark Fight, Saving a Man from Homelessness & The Sidemen | JHHP #3

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    ROfor megastar that is KSI joined JaackMaate, ImAllexx and Stevie on The Happy Hour Podcast to reveal all. He speaks about his off-camera fight with Joe Weller and also reveals which 2 of the Sidemen he'd kick out!

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    1. Jim Howson

      Stevie - I sent him a picture of crumpet 🤣

    2. Tink smith

      Ummmm ksi DOESN’T care about mental health. He just regrets saying what he did.

    3. That Jocularity


    4. That Jocularity


    5. Glimpse

      yall are saying this shit about drama like it’s a new thing. lads drama has been a things since humans even started evolving

    6. Emmanuel Christian

      The fact he hasn’t told anyone this is jus kindhearted

    7. AJ

      Ksi Is Sick😸

    8. Sam Dorken

      Dunno why he doesn’t just get a hair transplant the guy is loaded

    9. Nasheeds

      hes the kindest sidemen

    10. Nasheeds

      whats best about jj is he laughs at anyones joke to make them feel good

    11. Adi_plays

      0:22 Alex looking real creepy af

    12. AlmightyBollo

      Can we talk about how jack talked about this free stylers growth due to Ksi specifically overlaying the channel and telling people to go check it out, and that ksi didn’t just use it for his own content. Yet jack then proceeded to not link the guys channel at all or tell us where to go 😂 probs didn’t mean not to, just thought it was funny. Come on jack 😂😂

    13. Ethan Bradberry

      JJ plays up his KSI persona for ROfor but if you hear about the things he does for people he's actually a great dude, and he doesn't brag about it. He definitely acts like a rich douche on Sidemen, but he doesn't brag about the good deeds he has done in his past. JJ is actually hands down a very good lad.

    14. George P

      I met ksi in the o2 about 4 years ago, it was david haye’s comeback fight, saw him at the bar area and said ahh love the videos etc, he said ill get your drink, i said its fine im getting my pals one too, he said fuck it and paid for them all! Top bloke

    15. shivnethran

      imagine putting ksi on the title and still get less views

      1. 光

        800k dam that’s so less views

    16. Liko Ironherron


      1. Alpha_Omega 14


    17. Laurence Barnes

      Drama a trend? Like he doesn't do drama vids LMAO

    18. Gqwh

      35:58 is where the rent story starts

      1. keaneisabean 12

        my fucking king🙌

      2. Emmanuel Christian

        Thank you

      3. Schweezle news van


      4. Umair Choudhry

        real nigga

      5. Vick Menon

        My G, the legend we deserve

    19. Isaac Garcia


    20. kaun

      jj still a legend

    21. zach sutton

      It blows my mind when people are like omg this celeb or athlete is a nice person. Well no shit lol people forget thst what we see is only a fraction of their lives and personality. People get so wrapped up in social media and different platforms that they forget there is a real world outside of all this.

    22. Twinned with Jim

      I’d be interested to know if Deji has done anything like ksi did for that guy who shall not be named *cough* JT *cough*

    23. Fuck Youcovid

      What a guy

    24. Dummy Tummy

      Crying hearing that jj put his friend from Xbox payed his deposit and rent him a place then puts him In a sweet

    25. Mathew Holman

      The idea of Happy Half hour mentioned needs to happen please. This is such a missed opportunity for both the creator and community

    26. Dom Joseph

      Alex sucks

    27. nemii

      People are so determined to hate on ksi here

    28. Izabela Phung Tuan

      You need same lights in there! 💡

    29. ahsen saaim

      amazing episode

    30. Matthew Bell

      40:25 "Did you hear what he called me on that bridge"

    31. SPANK TIME

      That Alex guy is just not funny

      1. Dom Joseph

        He sucks

    32. no

      weeeeeeeeeeeee wonnnnnn

    33. John Doe

      its so dark- are they tryna hide ksi or sum???

    34. Shroudey Strife

      Drinking game, watch back every Happy Hour podcast with Alex in, and take a shot every time he says "Me and my mates"

    35. Xysseus

      Mental hearing charlieissocoollike, I think he was the first British ROforr to hit 1M, he wasn't really with the Zoella lot as they came after him but now he streams on Twitch now and then. Don't think he fell off but just stopped making content. JacksGap are more Instagram and activism now more than anything. But damn JJ has been doing this for a long time. It's cool to see how things have changed from 2010's ROfor, to now. Sidemen have changed the game in the UK and are now carrying with a few other people (Beta Squad, Yung Filly, HP, Bambino Becky, Tommyinnit) UK YT is making a name for itself, couldn't be more happy about that, fr

    36. Xwisdom

      His name. Not so sure the halo clan would agree with that. I assume he's an alright person I just don't like the cocky persona he has and videos.

    37. ellie

      At the start did JJ say he went on Instagram as joke and said hed fight malfoy 😂😂

    38. Micro PEN15

      alex ruined a good ep

    39. Alex Woeppel

      2 years later, 20:43 absolutely MAD joke from Alex. Had me spitting my drink.

      1. SmellLikeSteve


    40. Sam pullan

      Is this really from a year ago

    41. Ben Carter

      Stevie looks like Rasputin

    42. Pikachu Butter

      40:30 How times have changed

    43. Lewis B Gardner

      Alex is annoying

    44. BMarley

      As much as I realise JJ is a nice guy, the mental health dig at JW was low, what he said wasn't even funny, he just had a go at Joe for being on anti-depressents😐

    45. st3w

      Obsequious fannys

    46. Madeline Kahl


    47. hazard

      ani, ani wow.

    48. shammila george


    49. JZZYNZ

      i like that both ethan and vikks podcast episodes have more views than jjs

    50. Carrot

      People don’t realise how good of a person KSI is. In his videos he has such a loud personality that people overlook him and all of the good things he’s done, like helping this homeless guy and the hype man from the sidemen videos. And he never talks about it we only ever know because of other people.

    51. B TIC

      36:30 we love him🙏🏾🙏🏾, we roast him because we love him, but we still love him🙏🏾❤️

    52. George Hedley

      Alex is so Annoying

    53. Palmer Perspective Podcast

      I still dislike that these 1 hour podcasts dont bang as much. Like these episodes deserve at least 1 mil views

    54. Neve Broadley

      ksi describing jacksgap as “the pretty face twins” 😂

    55. harvey skinner

      theres no fuckingb way alex is 19

      1. XoxoNiamhxoxo

        He started happy hour when he was late 18 early 19 so yeah he’s 19 in this

      2. pogandswag champ69

        He's 21 or 22 I don't remember

    56. A Mackem Speaks

      the fact that KSI isn't totally insane by now is a massive testament to his character. big him up tbf

    57. M40 SPNX

      30:59 the editors of this are so shit.

      1. Lee

        @Tonio Shiraishi nobody was being rude so stfu you’re like some short tempered little kid. His channel is 6 years old, it says 6 years old. Fuck knows where you got 11 from.

      2. Tonio Shiraishi

        @M40 SPNX 11 years stupid fuck

      3. Tonio Shiraishi

        @Lee r u fucking dumb 2020-2009=11

      4. Lee

        @Tonio Shiraishi 11 years?

      5. pogandswag champ69

        @M40 SPNX 21*

    58. Koala

      wow that story with jt made me shed a tear

    59. Basicallyabush


    60. Madsies

      I never realised how nice of a guy jj is oh my god

    61. CT83 Old account

      I’m just wondering how much jack paid ksi to go on the podcast 😂

      1. Abhay Manoj

        he didnt imao jack wouldnt have had him on if he had to pay

    62. ssss

      Fun fact this is uploaded on jaacks birthday

    63. Presley Goodridge

      "He's blushing"... umm...

    64. *MAR 1*

      He did the same for brosheb crisp in 2020

    65. Vex

      Normal conversation: Alex: me and my mates

    66. Pranked Kids

      Is this podcast not on Spotify

      1. lil palmtree07

        it is

    67. Xen

      JJ is real. People have issues with him but I can see that he is a good man.

    68. Gaming Is Fun


    69. Dev S Joseph

      jaackmate in full narudwar mode

    70. Avisoh

      35:09 sub for that

    71. Maxyng

      Bet his phone book is fukcing stacked now

    72. Rodrigo K


    73. Ben Robertson

      Honestly I love the idea of the happy half hour I’m a small youtuber and have been for a few years it would be insane if someone would give me a chance or a helping hand growing my channel.

    74. Zakariya Miah

      who’s here from a tik tok 🥺

      1. pogandswag champ69

        Everyone here who says that they are from tik tok are actual cunts

      2. lauren hetherington

        what was the tiktok???

      3. Cyril Kumar

        Someone get it on his Reddit

      4. CrispyCharcoal

        What tiktok

    75. Marko 907

      ImAllex is so different watching this in 2020

    76. Hamed Ali Khan

      Lovely podcast

    77. Ruuuby0

      it’s weird watching this while waiting for joe and jj to do a podcast together

      1. LilBoujee

        They just done one

    78. Leo Guidi

      That JT story genuinely almost brought me to tears. I’ve always liked JJ and watched his content but seeing this has genuinely changed how I see him.

      1. brandon _17

        @John Lavaka 35:35

      2. John Lavaka

        time stamp?

    79. iAMyoungjb

      Im alex, you should know who inabba is..... Bruv you forgot you little melt

      1. pogandswag champ69


    80. Lee Stevens

      KSI laughing at imalexx is a weird crossover I didn’t expect

    81. ShaneCrazy

      Good guy JJ

    82. H Hussain

      Who's here at this time

    83. Jonah Tindall

      First podcast I’ve ever watched fully, loved it, good work jack and gang

    84. Lewis KC

      id love to be on this pod cast but i'm not very interesting

      1. emily r

        iCorpsE good luck

      2. emily r

        iCorpsE haven’t watched all of it yet mate I’m currently watching it and going through the comments, my apologies but this was also filmed over a year ago too ha.

      3. emily r

        They only do more popular people :/

    85. driller hazy

      I’m Alex is the biggest pussyole of all time 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 allways shits himself infront of people he makes vids on

    86. Veedog

      Podcast with ksi’s eyes and teeth

    87. Private

      This is when he had burn't chicken tenders on his head.

    88. Hamzah

      When do they talk about the car park fight

      1. ebenzo

        @Hamzah ah thank you

      2. Hamzah


      3. ebenzo

        @Hamzah wait when do they talk about it?

      4. Hamzah

        Never mind

    89. Joseph Stoneham

      Proves that you don’t have to share everything with the media just if you have a good heart you will do it for the care of other people

    90. Zain filippe

      How'd you get Wil Wheaton on the podcast?

      1. Vayull

        Wil Wheaton would do anything to stay relevant lol

    91. Phatz Lindo

      Wow....never knew that story about ksi thats mad ....this guy's a fuckin legend

    92. MAVERICK 42

      2:40 Does that kid not have bottom teeth.

      1. Amir Khazan

        Someone bit them off

      2. MAVERICK 42

        @Tom Neale Yi guess you didn't know i was taking the piss.

      3. Tom Neale


    93. KaneO_YT


    94. Ajay Khela

      big up coventry, idk why but yeah

      1. Ajay Khela

        @Billy Williams it's calm I agree

      2. Billy Williams

        @Ajay Khela sorry to insult your town but I hated it hahahhaa

      3. Ajay Khela

        @Billy Williams I live there mate I know 😂

      4. Billy Williams

        Went to uni there , it's a shithole

    95. Shane

      Dudey > alex

    96. keirbvb 11

      I think JJ has two cups in each other 😂

    97. MMM A


    98. Lud88

      too fucking dark