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    My name is Julius Dein : ) I'm a 27 year old magician from London, travelling the world and blowing people's minds with street magic!

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    1. Troy Staunton

      I’ve had severe depression for years now, and I’ve been seeing a therapist regularly to deal with it. But this video was so amazing it gave me the strength to finally end it all.

    2. نهله تاج

      Ha Ha Ha😂😂

    3. Madridista


    4. deize costa

      Oh my god jeyk binet ay oyuro ok vest haha

    5. ‏محمد البلوشي🇰🇼


    6. jonelo gemao


    7. Thabang Bopape

      Yeses JULIAs

    8. Thabang Bopape

      Yeses JULIA

    9. Somran domasian

      OMG they are so Savage 😆😭🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 so funny

    10. James Tom

      Last year my doctor said I would never walk again but this video gave me enough strength to jump out my window 🙏 🥰

    11. 언니 사랑해❤


    12. wELcOme

      Nice vedio 👍

    13. wELcOme

      Nice vedio 👍

    14. Văn hâui Trần


    15. Kavyansh Gupta

      That’s why bad made 🤣🤣

    16. para flipar

      Menudos montajes, son una mierda

    17. Alim M

      Заимели эти актеры без Оскара )

    18. Mahadev Lengti



      U guys can't play with anyone life

    20. Aanusuiya Agnihotri

      very funny prank

    21. ⓋRai star


    22. ◕‿◕ ガブリエルさん

      Stop please

    23. Matias Zarate

      Tqn relocoas

    24. Dangerous boy V

      This is funny for you but if you did in india nest second u r in hospital

    25. LimitLess Thoughts

    26. Aditya Bhaskar

      You know its funny when comments make you laugh more than video😂😂

    27. Вадим Алексеевичь

      Мужичок красава не на орал не чего. Просто посмеялся. А пранк сам ржачный)

    28. F Mclennan

      That was so so mean

    29. Matias Mignone

      me da pena

    30. Jorge Moura

      A Globo está perdendo vcs

    31. jorge vlogs de cavalo

      Essas trolagens não tem graça não

    32. The Daily Doggo

      Thanks should have the storm nows

    33. eldont099

    34. KeherGamerYash

      this is not exactly a prank

    35. Mohammad Ali

      ع اساس هو مش عارف عمين تتخوتو

    36. ahmedearthman atxbsh. fhsgshs. eheyeywtetw. egaq

      Hahaha so funny it me Athman

    37. Isaac Saavedra

      Bromita 🤭

    38. kuchipudi sree


    39. WORD MAN

      It was so funny that I forgot to laugh 🤣🤣

    40. Beluga

      The satisfaying

    41. まるもさん。

      haha♪ 面白いですね!笑

    42. Opposite one

      Why u always show ur face in middle of the video...pls dont show...i dont like that..

    43. Kobe Gambill

      No I want to be laughing I'll be ready to fight

    44. حبة الكرز


    45. O KOUALA

      Quem dorme de peito pra cima???? Em uma praia?????

    46. QuiS_EsT

      Такой хуйни я никогда не видел

    47. NOOB GAMER

      Friend : This is just a prank The prank😶

    48. Ashok Jangir

      2 min silence for those who are thinking this prank real..

    49. Wulfi Wulfi

      Надо было за яйца привязать

    50. 공돌이.


    51. Deepa bindra


    52. Umesh Nazkani

      Oh my God so funny I can't stop laughing

      1. Nikhil Monga

        If this is funny I don’t know what funny is then

    53. ErikAziz

      "This is the most amusing thing I have ever seen in my lifetime. I laughed so hard I shat myself, sprained my ankle running to the bathroom and faceplanted the toliet breaking all my teeth. None of that matters though because I laughed all the while doing it. I'm so inspired that I quit my job and dedicated my life to traveling the globe spreading the word and teachings of this prank to everyone. Thank you so much for your contribution to the world."

      1. Crxnk

        I honestly laughed more at this comment than the vid

    54. Maxamed Xassam


    55. Lino Raphel

      You all do that and he doesn't notice it you are a legend

    56. Jaynur Ali

      Nice video

    57. kranti biradar


    58. Daniel schorrecke de Oliveira

      Mentira da porr kkkkkk

    59. Emilio Vázquez

      Que casualidad que no siente

    60. Tiloki Yadav


    61. Ricky Sanchez


    62. melon stars

      he is not sleep hes dead

    63. Yuva nesh

      Obviously he knew what they're going to do. 😂😂😂medical student Malaysia

    64. Shorts yt

      Algum brasileiro vendo essa mentira tmj🤟

    65. Norahs junk

      Him:how much cap do you want Them:YES

    66. Newclear woods


    67. Tanvir playz bd


    68. 권기홍

      주작질좀그만해라 2회차

    69. faizan

      I thought he was dead

    70. Zsomsza


    71. gm 511

      أسخف من اللي معنا والله

    72. Abraham Mofu


    73. Alex and ant BIllmeyer

      How did he not wake up

    74. Alex and ant BIllmeyer


    75. ちびネコ好き

      消防士さんにAEDの講習をしてもらったとき、胸毛ボーボーの人にはAEDのパットを一回無駄にして良いからパットで脱毛してくださいって言われたよ😅 胸毛でうまくAEDの電気が通らないんだって😨

    76. Raj Shinde

      That lady is very pretty

    77. Николай Казаков

      Лепса видели?

    78. Rased islam


    79. PrAPti

      Thinking about the pain 😖

    80. 이은정


    81. Jesus Morales

      It's a real slob insane CRAZY false

    82. Андрей Иванов

      Чтоб так спать надо выжрать литр водки

    83. tomura shigaraki

      Eso sí duele 😢😢

    84. Elif Kar


    85. Adgegs Iyhkde


    86. Informational Tv

    87. Daniel Balarezo

      This a lies

    88. Rory

      This man just discovered KT tape

    89. PK-

      Good action of creation ~~~

    90. عبدالله القحطاني

      زق الفيديو

    91. Nikos tlps

      I am tired... I hate tik tok and his community... If you read this and you have tik tok... Just go find a life 😊

    92. The Useless

      It has 6.3 mil likes I'm crying 😭

    93. Асхат Галяутдинов

      Такую херню ты снимаешь.

    94. Filippos Manos

      This will hurt

    95. Татьяна Маршак

      За лайки шерстью пожертвовал

    96. Nebula

      Before they race off,before I see the resultes,I'm thinking it might rip his skin off

    97. أحمد التنين🤙Ahmed the dragon

      أي حد عينه جت على الكومنت ده روح ربنا يجبر بخاطرك💔 حتي تفيض عينك من الدمع فرحآ💛 #اشتراك في القناه_فضلآ♥♥

    98. Andika Arya Dwi P.