J. Cole - m y . l i f e feat. 21 Savage, Morray (Official Audio)

J. Cole

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    1. Morray

      m y . l i f e 🙏🏾

      1. Lil Fuddy

        m y . l i f e 🙏🏾

      2. Lil Fuddy

        m y . l i f e 🙏🏾

      3. Lil Fuddy

        m y . l i f e 🙏🏾

      4. Lil Fuddy

        m y . l i f e 🙏🏾

      5. Lil Fuddy

        m y . l i f e 🙏🏾

    2. Ultra Lyrics

      Ways to protect your energy as an empath: 1. Trust your gut 2. Limit your exposure to negativity 3. Meditate and create an inner sanctuary 4. Realize “no” is a complete sentence. 5. Be aware of how you feel around certain people 6. Don’t beat yourself up 7. Get out of your head and into the present moment 8. Take regular “alone time” to recharge 9. Eat healthy: high alkaline, non gmo 10. Crystal work and sageing your environment -peace and love from a growing youtuber✌🏽💚

    3. Tapiwa J Mahara

      Morray u a on 💥💥💥💥

    4. LaSheena Revel

      I’m t up ggv.

    5. HammSampsonTV

      I like how he coulda put Rod wave on this track but he chose Morray 💪🏽

    6. eugene smith

      Goddamn start the fuckn song

    7. Chaundrail Moreland

      Sounds like the young boyz given some "respect" and us ole headz need to appreciate it

    8. zaid

      *My life* changed *a lot* when I listened to this.

    9. Sam Nda-Isaiah

      What you saying now, won't budge me...

    10. Sam Nda-Isaiah

      We don't participate, ain't with that squashing shit, all we believe in is homicide.

    11. Davidj7 Jarrah

      The right oil ultrastructually beam because mirror collaterally dry throughout a woebegone plot. needy, unknown panties

    12. berpindex huh

      The best song on the album

    13. Ton Ton Brooks

      See I’m just now listening to the album cause I knew it was gone be fire 🔥 but OMG WHY DID @JCole kill the game like that

    14. Michael Scott

      I LOVE how Cole took 21 under his wing and never took advantage of the kid. That's respectable 100%

    15. B Dub0524

      m y . l i f e has changed A Lot of lives this last year. Respect to all those who never gave up.

    16. Milo Cole

      It hits differnt

    17. Invision_empire

      h i t . h a r d !

    18. ElReyquaza

      21 savage really came through on this!

    19. scarlett dunn

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    20. Julia Tutko

      kocham ta piosenke

    21. Michael Douglas

      This was so clean

    22. mj oatmeal

      baby marry me

    23. BA


    24. fouracephilly

      Dope track but 21 savage verse is boring af

    25. Taya Kahlenbeck

      This sh*t goes so F*CKING HARD I can't stop listening to it since it came out

    26. Lil Josh

      On repeat

    27. LIL Peanut

      ur cool

    28. RG Nuñez

      its my time now, my world, my life my life!

    29. Edward Bautista

      That’s a classic!..

    30. T-Efe El-Jefe

      21 ATE on this. I lowkey love dudes style

    31. Draco O S S

      Ja Morant I’m on my Grizzly 🔥🔥

    32. JT The Libertarian

      Even though I grew up in an old coal mining town that was crippled by the meth trade; I feel this. Still on the come up rn, just transferred from a community college to a University, and still hungry and ready to get my degree finished so I can move on. Even though, I love my small hometown and saw enough of my buddies from my hometown due from OD’s and getting shot over what they were holding, I stayed on my grind. I got out of that town and I’m across the state and still on it. I love but hate my hometown; it made me who I am. I’m lucky, I got friends who died on street corners in small town USA slinging meth and just trying to put food in their cabinets. I’m just thankful for my family’s health and that God helped me get out. There’s no future and no hope where I’m from. All I can say is if you’re where I used to be or in a place like it; keep grinding and working. Don’t give up, Gods got you and he’ll deliver you.

    33. fy

      Damn i really been sleeping on 21

    34. Rowan Mckenna

      The "alot" part two.

    35. lolpancakecat

      Love that they got Morray

    36. Richard

      Thank yall for giving me what I needed to move forward

    37. Keith Major

      This sound like alot beat reversed

    38. ChachiGivesZeroFucks

      How u steal a nigga whole hook? Smh

    39. Remus Pierre

      Dope track

    40. Tristian Scarbrough

      Morray giving of that Nate dog energy.

    41. Biggsmizz

      morray is trash

    42. MustWatch Live

      “ I can’t be out here mopping at Wendy’s” felt that ✊🏽

    43. Brent Schoning

      i am schon the schon of all schons god of all gods... i need to say im god of gods this is no joke anymore i need to be put in contact with the people in powwer and make the changes we need in the world....schon always already and beyond , forever eternal.....brent the holy one, steep hill high place ... my dream is heaven on earth for everyone worldwoide....lets make it happen...king of belief... schongoddah.....schonchrist

    44. Sand Dunes

      This song reminds me so much on Spaceship (Kanye, Consequence..etc)

    45. Kerry Farria

      Shit on repeat

    46. Kerry Farria

      🔥 🔥 🔥 alright Murray..... Cole you been missed bye me!!!!

    47. Reginald Mahan

      Man 21 MURDERED this track! Some say he held his own. I say he went harder 🔥

    48. MORRAY CAME BACK!!!!!!!!!!!

    49. G.B.A

      Rdc world

    50. DeeMan 1st

      Been on repeat for days

    51. Jay Jackson


    52. dÁRkZíD3

      Morray on a track with cole a savage he coming up NC stand up

    53. PAID Label 84

      I love this

    54. joe l

      Fire 🔥 af all the way around 21 being the weak link imho....

    55. Gio

      Shout out to Styles P . His my life song is a classic.

    56. GucciCoochie


    57. Chadwick

      Morray makes this song

    58. ML Nix

      Nothing but 🔥 ❤

    59. Admin Experts

      this extremely large & increasing in volume pony is thoroughly satisfied with this fire

    60. Demetrius Taylor

      Cole fucking world till I drop no Capp

    61. Da Suaveologist

      Finally some real music. This is what us so called old heads wanna hear from you young niccas. Let's get back to being creative and the bars please.

    62. literal Biscuit

      They need this in 2k

    63. John Hall

      Came here coz of the sick Pharaohe Monch-inspired (borrowed) hook

    64. Money Mason

      This is 21 savage ft J. Cole

    65. Normal Artist


    66. z Nauzie

      A lot 2.0

    67. Ahmad Harrison

      This is gonna cause a fucking riot at rolling loud 🤦🏽‍♂️

    68. William Parks

      That hook just hits different when you been through something & still here pushing 💯

    69. Nikayla Clark

      I disrespect you, respectfully🔥🤣😂🔥

    70. Demiyah Walley

      I though that was kayne west

    71. Charlierock Lp

      Much praise to Cole. This is a shout out to styles p my life

    72. KingGs

      Yo, we not gonna talk about the flame faces on the backboard??? looks Kobe dunking too

    73. J Doe

      Cole is all hit no miss.......legendary flow....goat shit I fucks wit this harddddd

    74. Derek Robinson

      I feel this one cuz

    75. 3 代行

      The sharp paint classically arrest because beautician aesthetically prepare upon a marked rifle. superb, demonic robert

    76. quintoncrainsr


    77. Bernice R deering


    78. youngflyyzone

      Shoutout to monch and styles iykyk

    79. Preacher Preacher

      LORD HAVE MERCY!!!!🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    80. Matt AdRev

      I REALLY need a video for this

    81. Derek Fauntleroy

      Yo can't front wish juicy j and pimp c (rip) was on here

    82. Deandre Simmons

      M y . l i f e bout t h a t . l i f e 💯💯💯

    83. Mjsmith 100

      Morray hit them NOTES

    84. Kevin Rodríguez


    85. Silly Billy

      Never seen no one driving a Bentley , ican't be out here mopping up wendys 🔥🔥🔥... This guy is like the story to my life iswear 💯

    86. Jimbaugen

      21 is so crazy. Bless these two.

    87. Rado Black


    88. Mirth

      Whole other level

    89. Vincent Torres

      JAKE m'fing ONE made a banger!!

    90. 1133 Salas Soto Nery Alberto

      escuché está madre después de a lot y me sentí en un viajesote

    91. D'Airus Brown

      How many people want a J.Cole x 21 Savage album? A Lot

    92. Errol Delos Santos

      Haha I wish they rap heavy more after Morray line man the beat is insane. It feels like a cliff hanger for me 😀

    93. Jewel Lucas

      I’ve had this on repeat since it dropped and will continue running it back all summer 21 and beyond..RESPECTFULLY 21🔥

    94. Arturo Moore

      Rip my homeboy Johnny Moore I felt that line like a mf

    95. BlaK Swan

      Everyone talking bout the chrous have obviously never heard of Styles P....

    96. literal Biscuit

      Damn Morray got vocals

    97. Royal ♛

      m y . l i f e

    98. Ahmad Mustafa

      Savage every single word My mind : a lot

    99. DUCKFACE

      🥇 “2021 song”