Irish Guy PREDICTS Champions League Semi-Finals

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    Following my hideous Champions League quarter-final predictions, the Irish Guy has a go at the semi-finals between Real Madrid v Chelsea, and PSG v Man City.

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    1. Parth

      You probably feel like an idiot now

    2. BRJ 17

      There was a late Mount goal in the second leg tbf

    3. YT SUBBER

      THE IRISH GUY WAS RIGHT Pochettino shouldn’t have gone to big baby Paris, they throw so much! He’s probs vexed that his team are immature, everyone just dribbles money...

    4. Busharp

      Not only that, the super league would have games like these every week.

    5. Festus Cobblah

      5:31 Irish guy's spot on. Late Mason mount goal😂😂😂

    6. Mc Kim

      i mean why does he has a football channel? 1 final for chelsea? must have forgotten the 2008,more europa's? 2 europa's 3 ucl's

    7. Lazy_Genius 19

      damn that mason mount scoring in the last 10 mins was spot on

    8. The Happyness Show

      Chelsea were in 2 finals

    9. arpan bhattacharya

      Irish Guy forgot about the fact that this is Chelsea's third Champions League final (should have been their fourth but the referee for Chelsea Barca was paid off by Barcelona), while they have played only two Europa league finals. Get your stats right mate.

    10. krish Mahajan

      irish guy preditcs chealsea madrid draw 60 percent correct draw in 1st leg and a mount winner in last 10 min

    11. COD Addicted


    12. Welfare William


    13. John Billings

      Ha now you look stupid lol

    14. Darth R1k

      5:33 who’s gonna tell him that mason mount actually scored a late winner

    15. Channel Name


    16. La' JJ

      Can you please predict City to bottle it evey year?...please

    17. Yami Kushi

      Wow he actually saw the late Mount Winner coming

    18. Hugh Agnew

      5:44 I guess terry never slipped and cried then

    19. kacper kasprzyk

      These went well

    20. Dipanjan Datta


    21. Rhys Fyffe

      Chelsea have actually been in more UCL finals than europa league finals.

    22. Dillon Hosey

      He truly is cursed

    23. akhilesh

      so irish guy tipped man city to reach the final for 11 years in a row and the one year he says they will bottle it they make the finals. never gonna give you up never gonna let you down never gonna run around and hurt you

    24. anuj

      Well chelsea one was almost true Mount did score the goal which sealed the deal And we dont talk about city one

    25. Elvin Graham

      This aged well city battered psg and chelsea battered real madrix

    26. Smasher lol

      5:33 man he almost predicted it .....

    27. Steve Nyanumba

      He was almost accurate with the Chelsea v Real😂😂😂

    28. Mike

      Now who looks stupid

    29. CWE

      he got the Mason Mount winner inside last 10 minutes to be fair

    30. Madness

      he got 1 right

    31. Joseph Joestar

      Well Irish guy got one right

    32. Bence Imre

      How to bet : 1.Hear out Irishguy opinion. 2. Bet against what he said. 3. Get rich

    33. Big Johnny

      Please bet against us in the final

    34. The duck

      9:15 well that aged horribly

    35. ronaldo hutchinson

      This guy dont know nothing about football please never predict again

    36. Pradipta Ismail

      HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA bottlers? just stop watching football mate

    37. randinyom youki

      bottlers he said.

    38. bruno penandes tears

      This aged well

    39. Gerard Khachaturyan

      I just come back to inform the Irish Guy, that Man City goes to the final instead of PSG.

    40. Raka Fatih

      The legend is true. When irish guy predicts the results often be the opposite.

    41. Kidd Cash TV

      City to finals

    42. Issa Kami

      Who’s here after City won 4-1 on aggregate?

      1. Talinite


    43. jackson elite (Killer Machine)

      your prediction are shit mate

      1. Asani Wasabi

        Could swear every one of his predictions goes the other way

    44. C2mad

      Well urm...

    45. hp young

      Wow this guy is cursed please don't choose city to win the final

      1. Duval In The Wall

        He did, and they did lmao

      2. Mohamed Khalid's (MrMo)

        Please chose man city

    46. Becauze 789

      Here after city slapped PSG

    47. The Duck

      I'm going to say a man city win against PSG and a Chelsea win against real Madrid and all Premier league final for match City win on penalties and the second Chelsea will win 2-0 in the second legs

    48. Ben Smith

      Chelsea will win the champions league

      1. Ben Smith

        @the lets player was that even english ? You sound like a farmyard animal got hold of a phone . If you are foreign then this conversation has NOTHING to do with you

      2. the lets player

        @Ben Smith yes but city made the finles

      3. Ben Smith

        @ALI AHMED city are scum lol

      4. Ben Smith

        @the lets player real and Chelsea have 15 ish European cups between them and you think the team with ZERO European cups is the favorite because they have splashed some cash recently??

      5. ALI AHMED

        Hopefully now that man city are in the final

    49. Blue


      1. ALI AHMED

        @Future bass Future bass lol egghead is standing up for myself bein salty?

      2. Future bass Future bass

        @ALI AHMED saltier than angel dimaria lmao

      3. ALI AHMED

        @THE RISING KING oh is that your age range?

      4. ALI AHMED

        @Jonathan lol when did I say city weren’t going to go through. You’re such a 7 year old. Probably went to this video right when the game ended.


        @ALI AHMED 4-1

    50. Cory Verses

      Chelsea were in the 2008 final also. If it wasn’t for JT’s miss…

    51. Tony Liddle


    52. Super Jay

      if real madrid win the champions league, irish guy will butter your hair. Alright Madrid lets win on out from here

    53. Pie Guy

      These were trash

    54. Sean MacCallum

      And it was at this point PSG was doomed

    55. Aaron Horner

      Chelsea made the final in 08, when Terry slipped

    56. Idubamo Egba

      Who’s here after 2-1???

    57. savage239 galvan

      This dude opinion is as important as Ozil was for arsenal 🤣

    58. Adam AF

      Is he intentionally mispronouncing Tuchel?

    59. Jomo Goodison

      Wrong 😑 so far

    60. alagha dienipriye

      bcuz city have bottled dosent mean u predict they will always bottle dude wake up city r playing nice football and we have the second leg advantage we beat a Dortmund side with quality and u think we can beat psg let's watch and see second leg

      1. Jethro o

        @ALI AHMED cry

      2. Alddin Siebritz

        Bruh 😂😂

      3. ALI AHMED

        But that means the failiures will haunt them and you’ve got to be mad to support city

    61. randinyom youki


    62. Peyton Dagenais

      We love the Champion's League because it means something...

    63. George Robinson

      You realise Chelsea have been in 2 champions League finals right ??

    64. help me get to 1k with no videos

      Chelsea have played to champions league finals 2012 and 2008

    65. Michael Joel

      PSG and Man City are the 2 biggest bottlers in football right now I wouldn’t be surprised if Man City lose to PSG on Tuesday

      1. the lets player

        Not happening as mbappay is out with injury

      2. Night Owl

        You are just projecting your hope.

    66. Lord Bucket2036

      City won Lmao

    67. Ciaran O'Donnell

      Umm...Irish guy...Who did Man United beat on penalties for Fergie's second Champions League?

    68. James Smith

      Please predict that Nottingham forest will get relegated so that we go on to get promoted and win the Premier league Irish guy👍

    69. Robert Ouko

      well u talking without facts. chelsea have played man u in 2008 final and the one we won IN 2012. we have had more semifinals than any other team in england. nywae carry on.

    70. mcfcreinis _


    71. Mruga Diwan

      whose here after 1-1 and 1-2?


      I am waiting for his video after seeing man city v psg.🤣🤣🤣🤣

      1. Jethro o

        @Cobra Kai Never Dies lol

      2. Cobra Kai Never Dies

        PSG comeback

    73. Bryan Bobby (Random Edits)

      To be fair, it’s just the first leg. Who knows if this man’s made a correct prediction.

    74. Andorrasrevenge


    75. Jsquare 98

      I guess the 2008 CL final never happened

    76. Saif Nowroz

      thoughts on Kimpembe?

    77. Brian Firth

      Who’s here after Man City beat PSG 2-1

      1. Night Owl

        @Pedro Hoffmann And me.

      2. Pedro Hoffmann


    78. Mr Poggers

      Man city won the first leg

    79. Eyobel Hailab

      Who’s here after City won 2-1 💙

      1. Invictus

        here after we made it to the final

    80. Nation X

      This aged well

    81. Christian Wild

      Didn’t really age well😂🤣

    82. Allan Placencia

      I’m starting to question the reliability of your predictions

    83. minecraftpro3000

      2-1 seems like we did bottle it bottle it into psg net one game left let's go city

    84. aa 12

      who's here after city won?

    85. Comrade Pingu

      This aged well

    86. MoonMare

      Man City won the first leg I feel if this man tries to predict something the opposite will happen

    87. Harry Millwood

      Petition for Irish guy to get Foden’s trim if City win the champions league

    88. Matthew Veeran

      Irish Guy good stuff as always, but Chelsea have contested TWO Champions League finals. About to be three this year.

    89. Meelo the Great

      chelsea have been to TWO ucl finals, TWO

    90. Dawood Pervez

      We’ll win the champions league. Come on city 💙. This guy has been wrong more times than HITC sport has subscribers. His football opinion is as good as expired mash potato. City to win the UCL and the Irish guy to do what he does best again, get it horribly, stupidly, WRONG.

    91. Leo Hardman

      He’s messed up predictions again

    92. alec morariu

      Tuchel plays attacking football. They don’t score cause Werner is dogshite

    93. TakerKaneanite619

      Well, I guess this means that Real are winning the Champions League again.

    94. Matthew

      Irish guy forgot Chelsea’s played 2 finals

    95. Ban Wahlang


    96. It's Tee

      This actually the battle of Champions league bottlers, hard to tell who will win.

    97. Adam Czerepinski

      gets a dislike for praise of super league at the start

    98. C.

      I bet Irish guy still tears his hair out over Thogden having more subs

    99. Uday Singh

      Real vs. City in the final

    100. Anand Vardhan

      Chelsea were in 08 final, probably the 1st time Irish guy has got some serious fact wrong.