I Built a Gas Station That's 100% Pure Insanity - Gas Station Simulator

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    I Built a Gas Station That's 100% Pure Insanity - Gas Station Simulator - Let's Game It Out


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    More about Gas Station Simulator (from Steam):

    Buy an abandoned gas station and restore it to its full glory. Renovate, upgrade and expand upon the offered services to keep up with your clients demands.

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      1. Tyler's Imports

        lmao already am watching this video on operagx

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      This guys voice is very amazing

    12. Sylvia Rusty FæThey

      You dont actually overcharge them when you overfill their tanks; you just give them free gas

    13. oui

      Tmartn2: proper gas station LGIO:

    14. AxelVendron

      I love how the one time Josh genuinely tries to help someone, the game throws him in the other direction lmao.

    15. Jane Bolinger

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    16. Kamarul秋本

      seeing josh laugh makes the video even better

    17. Cattie the cat

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      Just a question. I was relooking back on some of your vids and watched a lot with Anthony and you. Will Anthony come back anytime soon, like do you two have any plans together?

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      in the intro it kida look like you shot a car out of a broom

    21. Zord R.

      When did Elon Musk become a gas truck driver 😂😂

    22. SpyroGames

      XD yes please more

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      hey josh why dont you play "amazing cultivation simulator" u can literally do anything in tht game

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      1 day later?! Holy shi- my PC would totally blow up at that point.

    25. Ro- doods

      im currently watching this on gx, its actually good. been using it for two months

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    41. Bread Box


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      first time I'm intrested in a ROforrs adread

    43. Greatest Ever

      i like how all the cars are front wheel drive

    44. LazarLazarBeam

      Gently gently proceeds to breaks the laws of physics of time and space

    45. Under A Bridge Too Far

      12:24 OMG I'm sure even the devs watching went like WTF how did he do this. ROFL

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      0:49 Bruh.... nice specs, but GEEZ THAT IS SO DUSTY. I bet the dust in there is gonna catch on fire lol

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      I can tell you from experience, this is exactly what gas stations are like in Oregon.

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      Why is "gas station simulator" even a thing? 😆 Nonetheless, I fully enjoyed it

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      Waited so long for a new video bro. But waiting is nothing before the satisfaction

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