Here's Why the Ferrari Portofino Is Worth $250,000

Doug DeMuro

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    The Ferrari Portofino is the latest Ferrari -- and it's amazing. Today I'm reviewing the Ferrari Portofino and I'm showing you all the great features -- and I'm also showing you why the Portofino is one of my favorite Ferrari models.
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    1. skylind -

      Short answer: because it a Ferrari

    2. fred fredburger

      If I ever won the lottery my charred corpse would be found in the burning wreckage of one of these cars.

    3. R E

      I know two 20year old blondes that are 9/10 on the beautyscale, 46kg xxxslim and 156 cm tall: they would fit perfectly in the backseats. I would buy this car if i could + installed high end stereo in it. Also got someone in mind for the passengerseat :)

    4. 5h4k35p34r3

      The window buttons aren't a quirk. Mercedes have had that on their SLs for decades.

    5. Godza Bomni

      11:30 imagine if you rest your head there! Yeah its "safe"

    6. Andrew Schmidt

      I want one of these!

    7. matt tim

      Doug is impressed with the operation of the trunk and convertible top when my 2009 M3 has the same operation. BMW definitely had that first... Ferrari stole that engineering from the Germans

    8. Hermès-stan LV U

      GTA V predicted using the Carbonzairre

    9. Taylor Caforio

      Peep that fish at 2:55

    10. Osean Fallacy

      Looks good, sounds good, I'm gonna buy it! Wallet : how about no.

    11. myluxurylife. net

      Great video,, great ROforr. Thank you. For the luxury or fashion stuff, I choose to shop at hqreps. Great quality and lowest price I have ever seen. Just grab yours now.

    12. Brandon Nielsen

      I'd give this car 10/10 for cool factor because of that amazing convertible hood mechanical change.

    13. Brandon Nielsen

      I want a model kit of this particular car where you could pop the hood in and out of the trunk. Dang it...

    14. Brandon Nielsen

      THIS IS THE BEST CAR FERRARI EVER MADE!! Absolute perfection.

      1. _

        Nah bruh. 250 gto, old California, gtc4, 812, laferrari

    15. Alexandru Macedon

      how is this a 2019 portofino and the video is uploaded in 2018 ?

    16. folle2

      Not Feuuuaauuuii! FeRRRaaaRRRiiii! :-D

    17. George Lime

      Sheldon Cooper reviewing a ferrari

    18. Ardhana Hariwidagdo

      Leone on wheels.

    19. Ed Manzetti

      I love to see that smile when u hit the gas

    20. Ed Manzetti

      Doug you get so excited about the power.

    21. Mo

      Best looking ferrari

    22. EpicRaptorMan

      I'd rather have the 550 or 575 tbh...assuming I can afford any of these

    23. Danny Balboa

      The hard top operation is the same as the E89 BMW Z4s


      You talk too much too fast.Cool it

    25. The Lone Leopard

      Who's the idiot who pays that much money for this bumpy crappy ride with no tech and cheap plastic interior?

    26. Cubemaster - YTPs

      9:38 "Most people don't leave their cars idling for so long." (8 minutes) _Drive Thrus_

    27. enrique rios

      Start/Stop button/Key thingy SUX JUNK

    28. Microsoft Mutt

      Ferrari thinks the people sitting in the rear seats don’t have legs.

    29. David Priest

      Doug, I hope you will review the upcoming Portofino M. It is even faster and is supposed to sound even better if that is possible!

    30. Dr. LA

      What about that plastic bumper in the back?

    31. yhootoob

      13:55 Entry level Ferrarri, INDEED. Just look at the textile gloves. Absolutely appaling. ....i'll take the Pagani Huyria with Kashmir gloves (thank you, very much, thank you, VERY much).

      1. _

        You'll take neither lmao

    32. PONY BOY

      I just dreamed off driving my brand new ferrari. Lost my sleeep And here looking for the specs are okay convertible or normal should i take..

      1. _


    33. sukhy068

      Couldn't help but laugh about comments about Doug, more intersecting than talking about the Ferrari lol

    34. amir khan

      What's the fascination with the car roof function, even my old BMW 335i Cabrio from 2009 had a two piece hard top split folding roof with same style two way trunk mechanism as this. There are far more innovative aspects of this beautiful car to spend time on. Would have liked to have seen rear headroom with the roof up and suitcase test for the trunk with roof up.

    35. Roger Burn


    36. Richard's World

      Doug, the kind of guy that can record a convertible Ferrari and make it sound like a Toyota Prius.

    37. yves2075

      The ideal shape for a convertible is a straight, horizontal line from bonnet to trunk. Like 30-40 years ago. Think Mercedes R107, Mazda MX-5, Jag XK8. Fat-@ss silhouettes are for the rich & tasteless. This looks like a glorified Opel, Renault, Peugeot CC.

    38. savedJedi

      8:40 good lord! XD

    39. SpaceX Tesla Roadster- Gaming and More

      Ferrari Portofino

    40. Lucky Albanotti

      "Cool factor on a Ferarri 7 out of 10" Really?

      1. Brandon Nielsen

        I know, right? The hood mechanics and plenty satisfactory performance make this car 10/10.

    41. Benny Do

      This Portofino looks wonderful and its beautiful hardtop is also practical for driving in any season compared to the soft top of a Porsche 911 convertible ... 🤗👍

    42. Toax

      I don't like the Portofino. Not because it's a 'fake ferrari'. I just think it's ugly.

    43. C&D Gaglia

      The perfect car [ weather permitting ] with the top down weaving through the Back Bay.

    44. Alan Partridge

      No better than an F type. And bone ugly, like nearly all new Ferraris these days. So uninteresting that most of the comments here are about the reviewer, not the car. Lazy, computer reliant design. And those rear seats?

    45. Richard Drouaillet

      Didn't corvette do this 10 years ago with the zr1?

    46. Jonathan

      I don’t want to sound bad or like I’m flexing but but my Camaro SS has more power then that Side note I modified the fuck out of it so thats the reson: this part is just for the ones who went to look it up but saw that these car only make around 450 Horsepower I think

    47. Samuel Deckelbaum

      “It feels very tight”

    48. Diego Mendoza

      Review the roma!!

    49. geoffrey keating

      Here's why Tesla Roadster is worth 200,000 (0-60) 1.8 secs, no maintenance, RIP /ICE vehicles 🤑🔥

    50. Zac Mich

      8 mintes idling and it turns off? Cooome on, how do you warm up those 14 liters of engine oil!

    51. Bentley Asnis Channel

      Loved your video. This is my favorite brand of Ferrari! Hope you like it.

    52. Alexdaboss 29

      22:41 It is gorgeus in the mold of simple old Ferrari and gets 8 out of 10.Wth???

    53. squand3r

      now please Ferrari: fuse the Portofino with the F12 and you have created a dreamcar for the ages

    54. Hudson Donnell

      Now that Doug is in the back seat, somebody put the roof up, lock the doors and take the key!

    55. Brian Roman

      Doug looks like Randy Quaid.

    56. Mani Alizadeh

      He reminds me of Sheldon from big bang

    57. The Fading Theory LLC

      “Two windows, one switch. It’s a strange quirk” I beg to differ, it is a very nice “feature”

    58. Luis O.

      Doug is the type of guy who cleans his hands before peeing

    59. mavallarino

      A sports car isn’t a sports car if you have to adjust cabin settings with the infotainment system. Such a disappointment. This is why I go vintage.

    60. shahiran safian

      When Doug was driving, the roll bar line sometimes connected beautifully with the driver seat line has my ocd thanking you.

    61. MisLead

      The one thing about the Ferraris which i love against the Lambos is that they make Hard-top convertible only, unlike Lambos, who make Soft-top and make that a bit uglier than the Coupes!!!

    62. Chung Kang

      Doug is the type of guy to read the owner's manual!


      is it me or the Ferrari themselves even don't care about this car i forgot it existed it just doesn't have any good amount of advertising going for it, I legit forgot it and it's 2 years old.

    64. Deepfried

      Looks like that carbonizare which i had for 7 years from gta online

    65. Dan Everton

      The engine in this car is the same engine in Ferrari's flagship models. I think the 488 maybe?

    66. Aaron Sethre

      Doug is the type of guy who would read the owner’s manual of all his cars to his family

    67. not a deleted account

      19:00 just another Karma getting towed away

    68. Forgem Nos

      Love it

    69. Ian Benet

      Imagine driving this thing with Doug gently breathing down your neck

    70. Gallagher Talks

      1:41 all i could think about was doug getting in the back seat

    71. Turk

      Why is putting a key in the ignition considered bad to these companies? Shit worked flawlessly for 100 years and now we have to rely on key fob batteries that you probably have to take to a dealer to change and transponders.

    72. Quint de Gourd

      The automatic rooftop is really impressive.

    73. Quint de Gourd

      These cars are bought for private museums or for sale in ten years at Christie's . for they may well be the last of the ICE supercars. EV supercars outdo ICE supercars in every aspect, every single one, even sound, if you would like that.

    74. Joe Johnson

      Doug is the type of guy who would pitch a tent next to CNC motors

    75. K Dee5681

      I think the 2 rear seats makes the insurance cheaper ? They weren't intended to really be used ?

    76. Kian 989

      bruh 199 mph can u not go 1 mph more so i dont fell trigered

    77. Tips 4 truckers

      Doug is the type of guy to wear a t shirt to a wedding.

    78. Jack Cameron

      Wa-hey! NZ tshirt! Nice taste doug

    79. Justina Greiciute

      I'm getting Sheldon vibes

    80. Allien Maryam

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    81. Nd Co

      19:01 what is the name of the white car on the right next to his head?

    82. Albert The Scientist

      Doug is the type of guy who would wear a satchel. lol

    83. Albert The Scientist

      Doug is the type of guy who would give his neighbors a Doug score! x) LOL

    84. gammaraider

      I'm not convinced any car "is worth" more than my house.

    85. Wade R

      tesla beats this with 1/3 of the price

    86. DasGood!

    87. Wun Tun

      Infotainment system for adjusting simple things is such a distraction while driving.

    88. limewithsoco

      Doug is the type of guy to call his son "slugger".

    89. limewithsoco

      Doug is the type to drive around with a picture of himself next to the odometer while blasting Danger Zone by Kenny Loggins

    90. Tay Tay Ippo

      Free Penny Lane Ippolito from DHS in fort Collins co

    91. DarkHaven

      It would look much better if it had the same tail lights as the new f8. 4 tail lights looks a lot better then 2

    92. Jude Omo-Irabor

      Gta vibes

    93. netweed09

      17:02 For the actual front of this car people. Yep, it's the only point in the whole video you see it =0

    94. netweed09

      1:18 Lol, the hell is that kid's contraption? Thank God for the modern designers and tech today that allow such beautiful expressions of craft and engineering like this new car. Love it!

    95. akanishta99

      There better not be anyone in the backseat when those roll over bars go off. It looks like it would take their head clean off.

    96. youchris67

      This Ferrari model of Ferrari has a massive depreciation! I'd rather buy a 488 or the new F8 Tributo being so close to the entry price for both of these alternative cars that you could afford if you can afford the Portofino! Sorry, too gigantic a depreciation for me to ever buy a 250,000 car that I am going to loose my shirt, undershirt, pants, underwear, socks, and shoes on. Nope. Not for me.

    97. F. Mazz.

      I just love the Ferrari steering wheel. By far the nicest steering wheel ever made

    98. Brutal Gamez

      11:30 1 question I sometimes go fast with my amg that 4 of my wheels get airborn for a sec , there is this perfect place with perfect angel and I do it going slightly fast...So will this cause that ?? If so this is stupid ..

    99. David Hauser


    100. statikreg

      more than meets the eye...