Golden Buzzer: Nightbirde's Original Song Makes Simon Cowell Emotional - America's Got Talent 2021

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    Simon Cowell gives Nightbirde the Golden Buzzer after her beautiful performance of "It's Okay." Nightbirde chases her dreams and proves that she is so much more than her cancer!
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    Golden Buzzer: Nightbirde's Original Song Makes Simon Cowell Emotional - America's Got Talent 2021

    America's Got Talent

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    1. Mark Lyvers

      The Feels......

    2. Ernesto Gonzalez

      F cancer!!! i pray to god she kicks cancers butt. she's such an amazing person.

    3. Jakki Tinkerbelle

      ive been watching this for maybe 20x times and i still cry everytime....i have decided, I am happy now, no matter what.

    4. Eliel Boing


    5. Julio Cespedes

      Why do “bad things” have to happen to such beautiful people? She is BEAUTIFUL inside and out

    6. no name

      it's okay all right

    7. Gwar Richmond

      💄🤡🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅........ *I JUST GET SO EXCITED WHEN THE CIRCUS COMES TO TOWN !!!!* 😁😁

    8. Macoy Tv

      5:12 i Felt it.

    9. Ben Hurston

      I like her ears!

    10. H B

      5:12 got to me 😥 "You can't wait until life isn't hard anymore before you decide to be happy."🙏🏾🙌🏾 🙏🏾

    11. Official Devans

      I love her 😭😭😭😭😭😭

    12. Official Devans

      Wow 😍😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

    13. Kelley Eidem

      In addition to her many talents, Jane, a.k.a., Nightbirde is a wisdom machine. She has trouble opening her mouth without saying something profound whether she is singing those words or simply talking. Don't you just love how gently she said, "You can't wait until life isn't hard any more before you decide to be happy."

    14. Robert Brownlie

      Waaaaal I'm crying

    15. Faizan Badar

      5:10 the lines hit hard

    16. Mr z islam

      I really felt that!😢😢😢wow so emotional!

    17. SilkyTheWorm -

      This is going on the radio for sure

    18. Barry Martin

      Absolutely amazing

    19. V K

      "you can't wait till life isn't hard anymore before you decide to be happy."

    20. Lucy Luo

      Beautiful in every way. 👍

    21. Alex Fiore

      How someone dislike this video?

    22. Grace Wilson

      May God bless Dr. Umoru on ROfor who cured me from HSV-2 with his effective herbal supplements. You are a God,sent to me Dr. Umoru, I am so grateful!!!

    23. Danny Musique

      I love that the audience didn’t interrupt her while singing. And OMG, that few seconds of silence after she finished singing is everything

    24. phamcangam nguyengantuan

      The even excellent excited giraffe univariably wobble because australia thoracically bat out a pretty butcher. various, wise basement

    25. Michael Baca

      I love her energy and her message through music that encourages people that are struggling. People on here need to stop saying Jesus will heal you. It is no messiah or god's job to heal anyone.

    26. calvin L

      I never like Simon before but when I saw Simon's face after he heard " you can not wait until life isn't hard anymore to be happy" I change my opinion of him totally.

    27. monz Querubin

      6.4 k dislikes????? What the heck?????

    28. Naika Joubert

      NightBirde I am sending your way a lot of positive energy,

    29. Govy

      2% is not zero 2% is something and i wish people knew how amazing it is.

    30. vence toule


    31. Aprille Gabriel

      What's her name again?

    32. Hamza El Kadi

      Bro.. she´s the most beautiful girl I have ever seen WOW!!!

    33. Mark Scott

      She needs to get to a Med Bed! It will cure her fast!

    34. slimshady tv

      I wish 2% become 2000%..

    35. Magilla

      Awesome people do exist, wow 🥲 loved 🥰 it, and Simon, good man with a great heart ❤️

    36. The Lighthouse

      So beautiful within! Your courage and grace really inspires me!

    37. Patrick Munhoz


    38. SId Adams

      Can't stop watching it. I come in every day from work, and watch it. So inspiring. Just for those who don't really know if she is for real, you can see a little line on her right side just above her blouse. That is a tube from the port that they give her chemotherapy through. My wife had breast cancer and had chemo also and survived. One of the lucky ones. I pray Jane beats hers.

    39. Nathaly Cain


    40. Raymond Cariaga

      Jane is such a beautiful soul❤️

    41. 코코야

      Hope her 2% gets better, 50 years from now. I pray it continues

    42. krishna chaithanya

      We always think problems we have is only the biggest ones and we/nobody can't do anything about it......because of this silly problems we shout at people like they don't know a anything about it But look at her.... She's really amazing and I hope she'll be okay for another 50 years cause I wanna listen to all of her beautiful songs......

    43. Charlie Clark

      Your voice is unique its different your voice. God will see you though this I pray. Thank you!!!! Charlie and my little dog Sombra loves your voice so dynamic so soft so precious to listen to. Been playing all my life thank you.

    44. Jerry Adamek

      I am a tough guy(so l thought) but you make me cry l am not religious but if l will be l will pray for you every each day ❤🌹

    45. Account confirmed


    46. M. O.

      That was outstanding, and much respect for her outlook. God Bless her

    47. Jerry Adamek

      How are you ?? How you doing?? I hope you are still fighting beautiful person ❤❤❤❤

    48. Jerde Ashley

      The dirty stage separately shelter because tile encouragingly float off a furry furtive russia. lacking, lean bit

    49. Sense of Humor

      Guess what they got another golden buzzer story ......yippie

    50. Daphne Grass

      Only Simon asked her "How are you?"

    51. I'm not alone

      Simon has a fleshy heart after all .., huh 😊❤


      Idk why when someone get a golden button i start crying ( tears were always there) always. so beautiful ♥️

    53. Flávio Furtado

      Esse vídeo me chorar real... 🥺🤍🤍

    54. Drew Fam Vlogs

      Omggggg I’m crying she’s amazing


      I wish you to live many, many more years and make many of our days filled with your talent of singing and amazing voice.

    56. Mohcine BEN AHMED

      She is quite a person

    57. Jay Mapacpac

      I felt emotional, I love her song , its really touched my heart ❤️ more blessings dear and God is always there for us 🙏🙏🙏

    58. Stan Keebler

      She will sing for her father in heaven......

    59. auri Gamez

      It reminded me of the sweet November movie .....

    60. Adn Orthia Sho Park

      It's seems, Nightbirde will win in this contest

    61. The Rest & Recovery Podcast check out her other stuff! AMAZING!!

    62. Midnite hauler -

      This had my eyes watering…..I’m a cancer survivor… cancer is no joke, it absolutely devastates your body and the pain is unbearable. To get up there and give a performance like that is truly amazing. So proud of her. What a voice.. what a smile.and what strength. Consider me a purchaser of her first cd if she makes one. Kick cancers butt Jane.

    63. Isan Nanayakkara


    64. Zero S

      Beautiful voice. I like the song too. Great song actually.

    65. Omnipresent-smile

      It's ̶ ̶g̶o̶i̶n̶g̶ ̶t̶o̶ ̶b̶e̶ ̶h̶a̶r̶d̶,̶b̶u̶t̶ ̶h̶a̶r̶d̶ ̶d̶o̶e̶s̶n̶'̶t̶ ̶m̶e̶a̶n̶ ̶i̶m̶p̶o̶s̶s̶i̶b̶l̶e̶ OK

    66. bowen voowy

      She will definitely win this fight against cancer with her positive attitude god please hear her prayer and everyone who is praying for her in jesus name amen🙏🙏🙏

    67. isu udantha

      අරාගෙ කතාවෙන් ආවෙ ❤️

    68. Eugene Acita Padino (Huge)

      Authenticity and Faith that can move mountains of pain! Praying for your 100% healing in Jesus! Let the world hear your story!

      1. bowen voowy


    69. Priest Guardian

      55 yr old man with tears streaming down his face watching this (ME). Well done Simon :)

    70. Yoana Hillary

      She sounds like halsey fr

      1. Yoana Hillary


    71. Murai Thuks

      I love you Simon...

    72. Gill Garcia

      I am a grown Men ...I got allergy on my eyes... Why is watery

    73. Mod Sh

      Guysssss her smile 😔❤️‍🩹

    74. coffin kanserz

      that 2% of survival helps thank you

    75. Fun Anims Cartoon Comedy

      I already click the like button before the song starts

    76. Sins 1994

      Any sri lankans 🇱🇰 here...🙂❤

    77. Willow Pureworth

      I actully cried

    78. Jade Alden

      Beautiful soul 🌹✨

    79. thereds1959


    80. Jorge luis Romani

      Quien más Viene de Tik Tok 🥺

    81. angel




    83. Novita Seftha Qirana

      I love you Simon...!!! I m from Republik Indonesia...

    84. dani M

      God bless you. We pray for you 🙏. No worries everything will be ok . Walt .

      1. dani M


    85. Jane Gavin

      Everything is possible with Jesus Christ The Holy Spirit and God Almighty 🙏🙏🙏🙏 God bless this beautiful Lady and everyone who's suffering world wide with the same condition.All Glory To God Almighty 🙏🙏🙏🙏

    86. kaushalendra Nath

      May God bless her with a long life😇

    87. Lissa rodrigues

      Her voice sounds like Halsey

    88. Thanura Gayanaka


    89. Kelly Li

      I cried. After watching her smile, hearing her singing, listening to her quotes, I can face any problem now. 👍👍👍

    90. Cunha_BR

      Que saudades que eu estava disso tudo!!

    91. Yaarlini Mohan

      Bless her ❤️

    92. Omar Mez

      It's ironic from her to tell us " it's okay" cause she's the one who needs to hear that... but after reflection, guess that she understood life better than us, the ones who need to know that it's okay and it's always gonna be as long as there is life.

    93. LuAnn King

      Beautiful!! What a inspiring girl!!!!

    94. Joanna

      This sounds like a millionaire studio production and it's a live performance, that was ameizing!

    95. Travelling Angel

      Her voice is angelic, I really hope she wins this

    96. Sudath Fernando

      Very strong woman 💪👍 all blessing with you

    97. Mike Moomins

      Fenbendezole Fenbendezole please get this message out its an antiparisitic drug for dogs it cures cancer Fenbendezole. Look into it and share with anyone you know suffering and get the message out !