Genetic Engineering Will Change Everything Forever - CRISPR

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    Designer babies, the end of diseases, genetically modified humans that never age. Outrageous things that used to be science fiction are suddenly becoming reality. The only thing we know for sure is that things will change irreversibly.

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    - Radiation research:

    - inserting DNA snippets into organisms:

    - First genetically modified animal:

    - First GM patent:

    - chemicals produced by GMOs:

    - Flavr Savr Tomato:

    - First Human Engineering:

    - glowing fish:

    - CRISPR:

    - HIV cut from cells and rats with CRISPR:

    - first human CRISPR trials fighting cancer:

    first human CRISPR trial approved by Chinese for August 2016:

    - genetic diseases:

    - pregnancies with Down Syndrome terminated:
    ( 1999 European study)

    - CRISPR and aging:

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      1. Paul Warren

        @Amr Adel The grate filter is about to rear it's ugly head the earth is in agony we are created from it as caretakers instead all we seem to do is continually take all life and existence for granted, our greedy want for power has opend Pandora's box

      2. Rishi Pattar

        You may want to take a closer look at the caption at 2:51 …

      3. Amr Adel

        This is one of the most important sciences that we must spend on and take care of as soon as possible, but there are threats that will come over time. The leaders of the great countries must be warned about them so that they can deal with them (I may have a view of something that you do not have)

      4. Xentalix

        I heard that you could naturally edit your own genes at some point, is that true?

      5. Paul Warren

        Your videos contents are very informative and explained to understand easier thanks to your team ⭐⭐⭐

    2. apicspaco

      Ok but can we have like a no white designer babies for the first like 8 generations

    3. Theodore Bradley

      I love the Rick and Morty cameo!

    4. Quang Huy Nguyễn Đặng

      I hope that gene-seed will be invented someday

    5. Boto EZ

      this is unnatural i dont like it

    6. Wise Duncan

      This is amazing! I pray to God to help us all.

    7. Just Sdk

      Knowing this this, can crispr beat covid-19?

      1. High King Trasher

        Crispr was used to genetically engineer the Rna they use in covid 19 vaccines, so yes, crispr can and has been used to beat covid 19, and now the only problem is dealing with the stupid people who won't get the vaccine so now we have to mandate the vaccines.

    8. Rekjaboi

      How long would it be until the all-grown-up designer babies start believing that regular humans are inferior beings and no longer needed? Hitler 2.0 will eventually be born. As it's said, history tends to repeat itself. It will be another catalyst for a group of people who believe themselves to being superior to others to want to destroy everyone else. It will take someone with the courage, grit, and determination, of which no amount of genetic modifications could produce in a human, to write those wrongs. Nature/The Universe/God/Fate (pick your poison) will correct it one way or another.

    9. ExiledToBronze

      Elon must see this XD.

    10. metall

      People: I don't like how fast we got yhr covid vacine. It's not not natural! Crisper: so I'm too amazing to be trusted?

    11. Ardine Stilloe

      Genetic engineering is wrong. We are not gods.

    12. shawn carlson

      GMO and humen are the"O"

    13. shawn carlson

      This made me think of the story of Miranda in M. E

    14. just a person

      I also want a tentacle duck

    15. Harout Torkomian

      Super saiyan Goku at 10:04

    16. Dretch

      We could engineer a virus, then produce a 'vaccine' to distribute the mRNA Cas-9 to the masses to make whatever changes we want to the world.

    17. Mr Kittkat

      Whats greybot doing here 6:51

    18. Yung Mutt

      I don’t know, the ability to cure cancer and other diseases is amazing, but at the same time it feels wrong. What happens if there’s an oversight that the scientists miss that we are stuck with forever? It’s just one of those things that’s so game changing that it’s hard to internalize

    19. james w

      What a satanic idea

    20. J Y

      Just like the internet, there will be a twisted version of this. Prostitutes with 3 tits, mob bosses with bulletproof skin, or criminals with acid spit. Never mind. All of those sound awesome.

    21. Weary Man

      Oh man, that duck poster at 0:20 - 0:25. A perfect encapsulation of how much less interesting culture has become. First poster: HE DUCK! Dramatic lighting, cool sword, awesome hero duck with great hair and cool costume. Second poster: Adventure Duck. Flat coloring, No dramatic lighting, sword is crappy with chips in it, duck is nondescript androgynous, and has booties and a Balaclava, making them look utterly non-heroic. Almost makes me feel sorry for Millennials and Z's who missed out on all the awesome 80's stuff. But hey, you have TikTok and Spy-on-you-phones... So... yay? /oldmanrant

    22. Damosmash G

      I find that discomfort and existential crisis very odd. Like imagining if you would cease to exist if we allowed free use of genetic engineering is extremely bizarre to me. They don’t kill imperfect embryos or make identical human beings…they just fix what is already there. Asking if genetic engineering would make you stop existing is like asking if having perfect vision would make you stop existing, if you as you are would cease to exist if you could do better math and pick up concepts faster, if you would stop existing if you could put on muscle faster. And the description of intelligence, muscular growth, and enhancing your senses as vanity items is 😱, like what would you be absent those things? If you had no muscles, intelligence, or senses you would be a meat bag. If you have better intelligence, muscles, and senses your experience of the world is exponentially enhanced. It is immoral to reject the advancement of humanity in this way and restrict people to being dumb, weak, unhealthy, and unable to properly perceive the world. Sounds like something a dictator would want rather than a forward thinking humanitarian. Genetic engineering is the way forward unless…you know…you prefer cyberpunk.

    23. ABirbdoes ?


    24. Tedankhamen Bonnah

      Good overall, a bit dismayed by the need for a "smart billionaire" to solve problems. That is exactly the problem...

    25. Jim McDaniels

      Such an amazing technology with so much potential for good.

    26. leonardo alexis

      Or a pandemic! Yay

    27. AtomicDragon

      Imagine getting your kid a cure for cancer but don't like needles "I don't want an injection" "My generation had to suffer either way, just get the injection you ungrateful pri-"

    28. CODE7x✌︎

      Maybe we are the First generation who becomes immortal Now after we achieve multi planatery species we dont need to worry about lack of space and resources we can just live a anti disease and healthy life with u nlimited food and resources

    29. Reuben Manzo

      12:36 Check your kid for... Invisibility What's wrong with that?

    30. Magnus Magus

      is this guy stupid?.. He speaks about genetic engineering its like playing God, its too much power and it will be used against Humans sooner or later you idiot.. Stop genetic engineering. Dangerous Video.

    31. Wattles

      0:27 Adventure duck? What happened to adventure time?

    32. Dustin Olsen

      If you think that everybody is going to be a part of the whole "heal the world" faction you are blind, how our health and human services have been ran especially during this pandemic should tell you exactly how this will all go.

      1. Karl Felix

        You seem to not have watched the video, because it warns exactly of abuse of CRISPR.

    33. Shane

      This narrator is just a legend ay'

    34. aljawisa

      M RNA vaccines to shut down your immune system.

    35. Janet McNutt

      My husband has a condition called blue cone monochromeacy that gives him visual impaired and color blindness. My daughter carries this on the X chromosome she got from my husband. If she throws his X than her son could have the same condition my husband has. Hope they can someday find the flawed X and stop the condition.

    36. 𝒮𝓉𝒶𝓇𝓁𝒾𝑔𝒽𝓉

      I don't think we should go down the route of "Never Aging". I know it may seem cool but imagine going through the pain of watching EVERYONE you've ever loved die of old age while you are stuck all alone. Suicide rates would probably sky-rocket and people may just go crazy from knowing that they will outlive everyone that they've ever loved. We should just stay human and let old age come for us.

      1. 𝒮𝓉𝒶𝓇𝓁𝒾𝑔𝒽𝓉

        @insert name still.. nah.. if you your loved ones were immortal they would get depressed knowing that you're the only person who wont die like all the others and they'd most likely get tooooo attached to you and basically dependent on you for their happiness which of course isn't good

      2. insert name

        So if your love ones were immortal as well would you be fine with immortality?

    37. Critical

      Hmm… Anime Girls can come true? Im down.

    38. Michelle Lee Howard

      I think as in all experiments there needs to be mutual consent, and a test group (community) first. Let the complacent consenting percentage of society try it out! I can't wait to see their results. So far I am only down for spidersilk teeth or something like that.

    39. Malphite

      Parents able to customize their character is the weirdest thing I've seen today.

    40. Connor Thompson

      I’ve read crispr isn’t 100% effective or precise when I was looking to invest in the stock

    41. Christoffer Brandel

      The only unethical thing is giving birth to defect babies. May it be disabling disease or unwanted appearances.

    42. Niv Burshtein

      Buuuuuttt if you make the population live forever the world will over populateee

    43. Benz the Protogen :3

      furries: it's free real estate

    44. Dustyn

      I just want full hair.

    45. Nonof Yobusiness

      So you’re saying I can be buff with wings? I’m hella down for that

    46. brethnew

      Give me that Adventure Duck poster

    47. Yassuo Legend

      COUGH COUGH jeff bezos now

    48. Aditya Pradipta

      If a mother can choose to abort their kid, the same ethic value will permit gene editing

    49. Black Water literally no one gonna talk about the *HARRY POTTER BACTERIA* 4:27!!!!!

    50. Kshitiz Thakur

      humans are so relentless that they even want to create babies with some super power . Well this proves that when they say you are best in the way you are is a complete lie . We all know they will use it for their own interest . NO AI or NUCLEAR BOMB will kill us , we will do that by ourselves .

    51. Bailee

      Yeah we need to find a way to colonize other planets because we’re gonna destroy this world with overpopulation when we delay aging

    52. Minh Nguyen Duc

      engineering baby sound like Krypton home world of superman

    53. Hanya manusia biasa.

      "Welcome to genetic baby engineering shop! What do you want to add for your baby, sir? 1. Intellegence - $15000 2. Endurance - $20000 3. Strength - $25000 4. Eternity Life - $95000 5. Kind - $22500 6. Immune to disease - $30000 7. No food / drink advantage - $2500 8. Louder sounds - $2500 9. Deeper sounds - $300/0.3hz 10. [ BETA ] Flying - $100000 Starter Pack : Intellegence + Endurance + Strength - $50000"


      And ppl still won't get vaccinated like its safe just read the research karen and bogart.

    55. Galaxyionlact %

      Did anyone notice Rick and Morty on 13:40

    56. Joshua Smallwood

      Couldn't gene editing modify someone's cells to be immune to strands of the coronavirus?

    57. Nikodem misiejko

      By the way supersoldiers will exist.

    58. ghady 14

      90 percent of all animal testing does not work on humans now tell me again how kice saved millions of lives?

    59. a a


    60. a a

      3:04 最高の皮肉やな

    61. John Lee

      Jealousy. Current population will be jealous of people with gene mods that can only be done in the embryo stage. Ugly low intelligent people will fiercely oppose designer babies.

    62. SeñorPõtatõ

      Bruh if this already existed I wouldn’t be alive probably

    63. IsabelleTheStoop

      Me right now: Genetic engineering? I wish Me in the future: Give my baby cat ears

    64. Judith Lobo

      I have no problem with eliminating problems that are fatal but overdoing it to make someone beautiful doesn’t seam like the best idea.

    65. My 7th account

      Genetic engineering research like this needs to stop. Seriously there is absolutely no way this ends well. AI research has better outcomes for god’s sake. Once this barrier is broken what even defines a human? There won’t be anything that can. We’ll sell our humanity in the name of blind progress. Then you got the common concerns like literal pay to win mechanics in real life and such. Best case scenario we remove a few diseases, worst case scenario we end up in an absolute dystopia, with a fully set in stone hierarchy borne from genetic manipulation and enforced by legions of genetically modified superhumans. We will literally create the Imperium of Man from 40k, with none of the cool parts of the Imperium of Man.

      1. Glend Junus Lodo Li

        Lol,imperium sucks

    66. よろしくおねがいしますねこです

      旧:メートル級の人間がものすごい丁寧にナノメートル級のDNAをいじる 新:ナノメートル級のタンパク質ロボットが自動でDNAをいじってくれる

    67. Melting Colors That Don’t Blend

      Yo dude I’m still waiting until I get eternal life

    68. Its Just Me

      I'm fine with aging cuz I know where I'm going where I die do you?

    69. TwinEndymion Delta

      So basically , we are creating gods

    70. TwinEndymion Delta

      Did i see rick and morty in this video

    71. 최진혁

      I don't want my baby born as a disabled

    72. Just Gotflipped

      All thanks to Dr, Umoru on youtube who cured me of herpes with his effective herbs. I am so grateful sir.

    73. Charity Vee

      I finally got rid of herpes infection after using Dr. Tigo herbal on ROfor with herbal medication

    74. José Andrés Ramírez Ochoa

      i want LIVE FOREVER

    75. Charles Hampson

      *Sometime in the future* Everybody else in class: *Tall, perfect eyesight, strong, no acne, enhanced metabolism* That one kid whose mom is a karen, and didn't use genetic engineering: *Normal, ew*

    76. Random person

      "We could maybe even borrow animal traits" Normal people: "I want wings so that I can fly!" Me: Yooo Pokemon fights might become real!

    77. Goldig Salomon

      Wtf, and there you go 2021, Vaccinations with mRNA, they call it unethical not to do it. Hope this Experiment goes well 🤯🙃

      1. The Squee183

        Yep. No bueno

    78. Jordan Huang


    79. Bun_Bun

      This got me thinking about prometheus, What if we were the actually only smart thing in the universe and in the far future we start going around and spreading seeds on planeta that automatically start making species to adapt to that planet.

    80. Ronin Al

      2:58 and weak dumb people.

    81. ꧁Spicy Meatballs II: The Spicening꧂

      1:41 birth of plantgang

    82. The Tank On Crack

      Pets that live just as long as you would be amazing

      1. Arid Sohan


    83. Anonymous

      The click bait is immense. Crispr isn't about creating an android of a baby. It's about using the tech to improve and or eliminate disease.

      1. Glend Junus Lodo Li

        @Arid Sohan it already happen now

      2. Arid Sohan

        One day being short will be considered a disease.

    84. D B

      Tampering with biology will have consequences in the future. It will cause a butterfly effect.

    85. Emilio

      If you need to design baby you either ugly or your second half is ugly. Business targeting very ugly people lol.

    86. maggiemea

      And this will be the end of all humans 😱

    87. Ankit Sharma

      Well - this is nothing less than watching a sci-fi movie, rather better since we know all this is actually happening. What a video guys - hats off!

    88. Monkey Pie

      So I guess the Olympics will ban CRISPR babies from competing

    89. Kurgans R us

      It blows my mind how advanced nature is, we copied the system from bacteria, think about that for a second

      1. ꧁Spicy Meatballs II: The Spicening꧂

        Human progress is advancing at a faster rate than nature though also

    90. PURE MEME

      Nobody: Kurzgesagt: "designer babies" My mind: Orochimaru?

    91. Connor Strachan

      \ pIcKlE rIcK

    92. CruddyAnimations

      So basically the whole of this video comes down to: I can make my kids look like anime characters and prevent them from ever getting dieseses. I'm down

      1. ꧁Spicy Meatballs II: The Spicening꧂

        Kids looking like anime characters makes me glad abortion is an option

    93. Mohammad mahdi Zeynali


    94. Timra

      "I don't want a shot it's just a little cancer" Thats so true like if we have a bacterial infection from a cut you just use an antibiotic and we thinks it's no deal but, in the past having a cut would be fatal, the same would happen with a cure for cancer, a disease that if a doctor says you have it your life is changed forever.

    95. HIRED7DAYS

      Who would want to live for 1000 years and tolerate more millenials and their kids??

    96. Sydney Bailey

      Super cool ideas about genetic engineering! Reminds me of “All Tomorrows”

    97. Nate B

      The clone wars have begun

    98. Hat_guy 2007

      Does that mean I can get my own cat girl

    99. Charlie Avila

      Then, go ahead and modify the covid virus for good...

    100. Charlie Avila

      Don't forget the universe Creator !!!...