Game Theory: Video Games Will NEVER Be The Same...

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    Our world has been reshaped by this pandemic. Instead of talking about all of the terrible things, I thought for today we'd focus on one of the silver linings of this horrible event. Video games. Well, the video game industry. We've all been turning to old favorites and new adventures to escape and comfort us and it SHOWS. Look at Among Us and Fall Guys. Small games that may never have had the hype they now do . In fact, this is probably the BEST time to launch your own game and I will tell you why!
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    Writers: Matthew Patrick and Justin Kuiper
    Editors: Pedro Freitas, Dan "Cybert" Seibert, and Alex "Sedge" Sedgwick
    Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
    Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

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    1. Neo The One

      Game stop be like:

    2. NeoArashi

      There is LESS entertainment now? I wasn't aware that game were disapearing? Don't you mean less "new" forms of entertainment? Because new games still releases every weeks

    3. BeyondGalaxy

      Promote yourself : I'm in middle school and I have coding as a hobby. I'm currently working on my dream game in Scratch with my irl friend. I have a part in the writing, game design, and coding section of the game. While my friend has a role in doing the art and also coding section of the game. The game is an RPG (the graphics is planned to be pixel art, but it might change). The mechanics in the game is a mix of mechanics of the games I like.

    4. Daniel Blaga

      Promote yourself: I'm a budding game designer and I've now started geting into game development as well. I love creating lived-in worlds with fun interactive setpieces everywhere. Lately I've started to learn game development to bring my ideas to life, but progress is slow. I can also 3d model and create PBR compatible textures. If you're someone more coding-focused and interested in game development I'm sure we could make a great team.

    5. 13th

      at 0:28 I thought he was talking about the Dominos pizza place not a ripple effect lmfao

    6. Smoking Gamer

      "promote yourself" I'm an aspiring developer who recently, with a friend who is a coder, has begun work on a project we've been talking about for a while now. To put it simply it's an RPG with lots of freedom in character builds, that takes place in a randomly generated but largely unique and everchanging dungeon, mixed with a few social element mechanics. The two big emphases we have in terms of themes are randomness and freedom. I guess the question I'm asking is if anybody would be interested in actually playing something like that?

    7. Lana Omer

      I wish matpat never made this video......

    8. Ink Sans

      This virus isn’t fake people are dying from it but some of the deaths died from cancer but they had COVID ok so I am just saying some deaths are just people that have COVID but they really died from cancer

    9. dat gamer boi

      I've been learning and 2 years later hopefully I could make game

    10. 「It Just Works」

      I hope the pandemic somehow contributes to a second video game crash. This industry is in desperate need of a reset.

    11. Grim Reaper

      I wish development would stay slowed down a bit then we might get even better games than we already get

    12. Ninjapizza8247

      Oh that's great "When they said to flatten the curve they ment the X axas (I don't like the American accent because I can't convey my words to speak to text. I just want to say axas not access)

    13. Glossy

      Promote Yourself: I've always loved writing and have hundreds of files filled with stories that I wrote or ideas I had in the past. The most prominent one has become a script I wanted to make into a movie or TV series. I haven't had the money or chance to reach anyone because of corona.

    14. Choci & Katt

      "Promote yourself" youtube channel, im doing animation pixel art with microsoft paint :) and then my sis does gacha life and gacha club stuff its a channel for both of us as a hobby but we also hope we can make some people smile :) also theres some story over here- **cough** sorry got somethin in my throat : ]

    15. The gamer

      make an old world vid? like what is under the fog of war.

    16. Grimmace

      Pretty sure Xbox plans to XP their already released games, turning out DLC for as long as the fans are buying. It seems the direction MS needs to take to take the newly purchased Bethesda out of their Game Pass lawsuit, and all the small Xbox developers have started buzzing excitedly the past few months.

    17. Expldcreeperyt 2

      Matpat has predicted March 31st 2021

    18. Saida Abdille

      Promote yourself: I'm a 12yr old girl with no life hi

      1. Emma

        Hi don't mind me just a friendly piece of advice- maybe don't say your age on the internet? Especially at your age I can speak from experience so please trust me, k?

    19. Gravity Games

      Promote yourself: I uh, like make book. Seriously though, I really want to make a sci-fi or fantasy book but can never find the motivation (or time)

    20. the cultured refrigerator

      0:01 hey its me vsauce here

    21. Dominite

      nobody talks about roblox i dont know why :/

    22. Loretta Angiolino

      "Promote yourself" Well, I'm super late but might as well! I'm a Game Art student in my first year and I'd like to help out with something (preferably 2D) while I'm stuck inside! Best at 2D art, but I have basic knowledge of 3dsMax, but I like to learn more! I also like writing characters if that's any help.

    23. Account

      "Promote yourself" I'm a german highschool student and have been working on small never finished games before. Im not very good at drawing but pretty well known to programming with GMS 2. I decided that I need some fully working games for my portfolio in the future. If anyone is interested in making any kind of 2D game (pref. using Gamemaker Studio 2) or has a good idea for a small game please comment

    24. Niko

      Not me dying rn gen z needs a new game to kill-

    25. IceBreaker

      i was triying to make a game here on quarantine but i remembered something i dont know programming languaje XD . i wanna know if someone wants to talk here is my discord iseVraker#9516

    26. Chubit Tugade

      If i were to make my own game i will make a 8bit girl with a magic rainbow umbrella, kinda like super princess peach, or mary poppins but she has the power of colors and emotions. Then, Mario, Q-bert, Pac-man, and other colorful teams of the rainbow will bring back the emotions and colors back to their games. Kinda similar to Wreck it Ralph's style of famous games... too bad im not a indie game developer, im just a 10 year old girl. Hope someone else will make it true. Dont mention me please

    27. Chubit Tugade

      I spotted one of the viruses from dr mario in purple as corona at 2:48 lol

    28. Sanprx

      next console PSAX8263 XBOXCZ7192872

    29. Mello Phone


    30. VV969

      I actualy work on an concept for Windows 12 on scratch

    31. Alex Lee

      I like how he's giving indie devs a space to promote here :) Promote Yourself: Release my first game in Early Access on Steam last year - Dream Knights, a 2D platformer in an illustrative style of art. Developed using Construct 2. Currently developing the first update and preparing for full release out of early access. Going to be developing a 3D first person walking simulator with a horror theme in Unreal Engine after this. I am also a musician that plays keyboard, bass and guitar and I'm thinking of getting into developing a new animation when I have time. When I'm not doing any of this, I also paint with oil or acrylics on canvas.

    32. Distrar Subvoicar

      "Promote yourself" I'm a translator and indie dev, looking to translate other people's indie games into Spanish and Agirowen (my favorite languages), since my indie game is taking a long time to make due to having to program a complex system from scratch and I want something easier and productive to do during times when I'm mentally stuck regarding programming my own game (I'm way better at translation than programming, heh)

    33. Muhammad Ayman Rahman

      Ah yes mat pat theory simulator thank god I have a switch can't wait!

    34. Tree

      The KFConsle even killed mario, on March 31.

    35. iRoc Von JamminStien

      Michael Jackson’s ghost called and he wants his jacket back

    36. CrossoverWorlds

      Relating to the promote yourself thing: I've actually gotten a fanfiction i'm writing on Wattpad, but currently it's on hiatus due to lack of motivation and other irl stuff. The fanfiction is planned to come in a trilogy, with perhaps a 4th book if people enjoy the first three. Currently i'm still writing the first one and it's still on hiatus again, due to lack of motivation. It's called Crossover Sagas and you can find it on wattpad (If you want i can post a link to the hiatused story.) Crossover Sagas Status: hiatus Official Book titles: Book 1, Hoperise (on hiatus) Book 2, Fatalshot (not out) Book 3, Title to be determined (not out)

    37. The man in the airplane Costume

      raycon bad

      1. The man in the airplane Costume

        check out dankpods

    38. GenJko _

      If the virus is so deadly (and all due respect to people who have died to it) then why haven't all of the anti-maskers died yet? Surely they would be since it was mandatory to wear them by the federal government for risk of exposure or transmission. So why aren't they all dead?

      1. Emma

        It's more deadly towards elderly people. And most people recover from covid-19 Like not everyone who gets it dies lol Also wearing a mask doesn't protect you, it's meant to protect people around you. So in theory everyone will be protected. So in a public space where everyone else is wearing a mask, the anti maskers are spreading it to people (I'm not a doctor just a person with some knowledge)

    39. Melani Choco

      Promote yourself: I’m a college student who does ROfor videos where I react to scary videos, say yes to the dress, and I theorize what would happen in some marvel movies. My hopes one day is to make it on the big screen and be a big actress, and have about 6Million subscribers on ROfor before I turn 21

    40. MrBlue TheSoap

      WHAT A TRANSITION nice transition Matt

    41. pokebrouserkat

      got to 9:25 and remembered "Xbox button but its everywhere" by Xbox

    42. pokebrouserkat

      I haven't started watching yet, but I already agree.. my ROfor notifications agree too, seeing as Nintendo has sent basically 0 notifications my way

    43. tantthetank

      My Brother worked on a game whenever we were at a place that is out vacation home. I really liked the game idea and it had Multiplayer. Although one year he didn't and found out all the progress for the game was gone even though he only really worked on it at vacation he did quite a bit. He had a story for it... Map ideas and more... I have been wanting him to continue it since 2019...

    44. tantthetank

      14:08 The guy on the left looks like Stupendium...

    45. wafi wadud

      people will be lazy once the covid is done because they're used to being in home

    46. aea ea

      Here are the promote yourself comment: ⬇

    47. Brad Evans

      Hay mat uhh I like trains so ROfor thinks ima baby and I got a ad that had your symbol and said unstoppable also I’m ten it was your among us What a second I’m still a boi

    48. Jeanicia Sparkles

      Is it weird that I actually want to play MattPat Theory Simulator? 😂 Also I never knew Necrobarista was done by some of the Theorist team. Glad I have it! 🥰

    49. A. Reyes

      A recap of the fall of the internet

    50. WatermelonsIRL

      You should start a new channel, sports theory

    51. Nathan John Palao Gaming

      Promote yourself I beat the ender dragon

    52. Andrew Morrow

      Why did Fauci tell people not to wear masks at the beginning of the virus?

    53. Free Sun shine

      is it just me or does matpat gets more edgy when he become a cardboard man

    54. Penguin 228

      Promote your self I'm a indie developer in the middle of creating my first and dream game

    55. IAleG

      Nice video, i think i've learned a lot!

    56. Ryguy 5407


    57. Crabbit

      Promote yourself I am a game developer and a youtuber impacted by covid 19. I have published my firs video in almost 7 months last sunday

      1. SuperJumpBros

        aw man my reply got deleted

    58. Carl Coyoteleg


    59. Daniel Fouche

      “Promote yourself” I have had a chance to create a podcast with a friend of mine over the past year called Play or Pass. We review Xbox Game Pass and the games on there every week. We really hope to grow a great community someday.

    60. Ketora Does Gaming

      I am not currently working on a game cause I am 14 so I can't start game development yet, But I am working on a terraria mod called Anthos it aims to be a large expansion and overhaul of the base game, currently it's just me :/ and a musician so I'd appreciate any help

      1. Crabbit

        Whenit comes out I will get it bro

    61. SportsKid 0-0

      Matpat: ITS SUPPOSED TO GO TWARDS THE X NOT THE Y Me:Thinks of graphing

    62. weapse

      grandkids in 2080 hearing about the year 2020 with a pandemic, multiple game awards, multiple large influencer's arrest: *_what the hell happened here?_*

    63. Cooleo Cash

      *Promote yourself* Eh may as well take the chance. When quarantine started I started a ROfor channel for the heck of it.

    64. Dan Kouzo Productions


    65. Virtual Val

      Promote Yourself: I'm an indie dev and I've started making a game, it's called Dungeon Escape (name is a WIP) and it's a 2d top-down dungeon crawler in unity.

    66. Nires Trash Dump [OFFICIAL CHANNEL]

      "Promote yourself": well, i'm a kid who wants to make a Fnaf Fangame, 'Dr. Sunshine's Funny Sunny Circus' weird name I know, i've been making books for it as for now. (On a kid-friendly website 'Book Creator'...y'know..i'm a kid.) And I'M REALLY, REALLY, excited for this, but of course. I'll need to make the characters, i'm focusing on Books, and the character design.

    67. Rocket

      I like face I want to see more face not the pic face the moveing face I wana see face

    68. Emma Watkins

      The switch in Australia had a bit line when people preordering them. This included controllers! At least where I was. It was amazing.

    69. SP Inc.

      Promote yourself: I am an artist/writer making a medieval, high-fantasy adventure comic, and I would love to get it published. I also do art commisions.

    70. Ashden124

      Promote yourself: I’m a super small indie dev working on a game. Currently just a team of nobody but me lol. I’m working on a game called leaf man 2 which is a first person shooter. I currently put all my games on

    71. sharpshot2899

      Heck I'll try it. Im learning how to program to make a tower defense game. If any artist or voice actors are interested send me a reply and I'll send you an email with the concept. We can talk price after you take a look at it

      1. Moonmunk

        I'm 100% down. Send me the details? My email should be on my channel

    72. Moonmunk

      Hell why not. Anyone need a voice actor? I'll do just about anything other than NSFW stuff

      1. sharpshot2899

        Hi I just commented details if you're interested.

    73. FEESH MAHN

      We started out strong when little nightmares 2 came out

    74. Lil Savage446

      Ik this is 2 months late and that im not the only one stating this, but the correlation between among us and fall guys was that they felt like party games. Games that can be played with a group of people. Its why fortnite was so popular a while ago too, and I've been looking for a 4 player online multiplayer game for a long time. We've played practically every style of game on the ps4 from survival (minecraft, the forest, etc.) to tactical shooters (rainbow 6 siege mainly) to battle royales (fortnite, pubg, apex) to the aforementioned party games (fall guys, among us) to sandbox (rec room, roblox, etc.)

    75. kd the Shadow King

      Real theory it’s real lol

    76. faiq

      2023:the oasis

    77. recsterio

      hey vsau... wait a minute!

    78. Snopple Wopple

      I thought it's meant to be Theory not Fact

    79. Real Flareon

      Wait, if you remove the s in esa, what do you get? EA

    80. harrison banana

      Mat pat: just put a fnaf Easter egg in every vid from now on. K? Lol

    81. Adrian Miller


    82. venomouscarnage

      I really hate among us It's just not a game I like or respect. XD

    83. King Cameron

      Dream has been the most successful during COVID-19. Strange 🧐🤔

    84. Asuto

      “Promote yourself” Well here goes, I’m not exactly massively talented with a lot of things however I’ve had this idea that I’ve always thought would be a great idea for a game, it’s based on life experiences but not a play through of my life, basically you play as a boy or girl (up to the player) and you go through life from a child dealing with parents breaking up and being used as a weapon to attack both mum and dad from both sides to a teenager that’s survived through the pandemic physically but mentally lost yourself and everyone you know until, at the age of 19, ends up taking their own life, I know, sounds dark, but the core message is about mental health and suicide prevention, I’m thinking of calling it, “inner demons” or something like that if anyone is interested I can go into much more detail, just message me on discord at Billy1712#8612 Or alternatively if you don’t have discord, reply to this comment with how else to get in contact and I will Thanks for reading

      1. Benjimon


    85. ironking09 T.D

      The rise of Valheim explained :v

    86. The Ones

      ive got an anime I'm sort of working on the concept art of

    87. Game Breaker

      Me: clicks on mario video ROfor ad: mario game ad! Also me: >-> interesting

    88. Brabbs

      "Promote yourself" I have an idea for an arcade game yet i have no idea where to get started or to do things I also build stuff in ROLOX and have ideas that could be helped by a team

    89. Vuk Vukanovic

      "Promote Yourselfs" I am working on a Scratch project, although I want to keep it a secret

    90. worldssmallestfan

      15:50 bad omen for March 2021.

    91. Ahmad P0w3r Gaming

      I have been thinking about my game's story. The game named as "Anti Devils" where you're supposed to defeat dangerous robots and people with op hardware. The game is about "Shahbaz Khan" a Pakistani who has the dream to finish off evils. He has a unique personality, a weak arm and a robot which can split and get on his body as well as wear off from his body and become a robot able to punch pretty hard. I am a 15 YR old who wants to make this game as soon as he become an adult, so do that I'm trying my best to learn coding and game development but meh I have the shittiest pc so I'm stopped for now. I'm trying my best to make the game but I'm not financially strong enough rn.

    92. worldssmallestfan

      5:30 if enough tax breaks and incentives for stocks happen it should hopefully increase stock values.

    93. Sarah I Guess

      Me just seeing that one part where quackity was playing jackbox

    94. Lubie Spyder

      Come on matpat your a smart guy. There are too many things that dont add up about this "pandemic" and how you couldnt even say covid 19 online. Dont tell me they bought you out because it just makes you look stupid.



    96. EpicBear

      I know not a strong description but am new to game dev i thought maybe someone could help me out a bit :)

    97. Dennis Bolles-Pearson

      You probs should play the event to know what i’m mean cause if you skip it you’ll be missing what I mean

    98. Dennis Bolles-Pearson

      And one of them is the introduction to the spiral assassin in fortnite

    99. Dennis Bolles-Pearson

      And yeah I’ll be looking for theorys for you matpat

    100. Dennis Bolles-Pearson

      The name’s Josiah