Game Theory: Is A Shield Your BEST Weapon? (Assassin's Creed Valhalla)

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    I am super excited for Assassin's Creed Valhalla. This brand new world looks AMAZING! Plus, the footage shows so many cool weapons and abilities. In fact, one that caught my eye is the dual wielding. You are able to dual wield a wide variety of weapons. So many in fact, that I want to know what the STRONGEST way to fight would be. What do you use? Theorists, pick up your weapons of choice and get ready for a battle to the best combo!
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    Writers: Matthew Patrick and Zach Stewart
    Editors: Dan "Cybert" Seibert and Alex "Sedge" Sedgwick
    Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
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    1. Remus Lupin

      Dude, dual-wielding spears is lo-key broken af

    2. Edward Playz

      Best: *just assassinate your enemy*

    3. そなんですか?

      Valhalla is so historically inaccurate I don't even want to play. Sorry if my statement offended any Assassin Creed fans. Because I am not a fan of the Assassins Creed series. The word assassin originated from the Arabic word Hashshashin, which assassins in medieval times have nothing to do with Vikings, which assassins in the medieval times are describing the Saracen murderers, which are hired to murder East Roman Empire, Kingdom of Jerusalem political figures, nobles during the period of the crusades, so it has totally nothing related to Vikings. Vikings are just Nordic Scandinavians that are trying to survive due to poor weather conditions in Scandinavia, that raided Western and Eastern Christian kingdoms for food and money . I have no idea what Ubisoft is doing, and it doesn't make any utter sense. And also, why Assassin's Creed always demonize or villainise the Knight's Templar? They first did not explain the purpose of Knight's Templar, the purpose of Crusades, and started portraying the Knight's Templar as an evil organisation or something. Ubisoft has no clear understanding of medieval history or classical antiquity.

    4. Zachari Sincennes

      Hopefully the next Assasins Creed will take place in Japan. While Ghost Of Tsushima revolved around the samurai, I'm looking forward to what gameplay possibilities Japanese Ninjas could bring to Assasins Creed.

    5. Pebble the Sandwing

      I thought the "Odin is with us" was part of a movie until now...

    6. patrick hald

      may hel take you with her deep down to the jotnirs

    7. patrick hald

      and odin is never with someone like you

    8. patrick hald

      you should be ashamed calling that not possible using two weapons its diffrent which kind of battle stance that you want so nothing makes sense there of what you are saying

    9. Marcus The Fluffy

      Bruh, I didn’t know he watched CoryxKenshin!! That’s awesome!!

    10. jschlotterer


    11. Helly Fire

      I think dual wield is powerful exspecialy gun..its fun until both of hand dislocate because of recoil.

    12. Grafmec X

      I used to like mat a lot more before he started trying to be funny and filling the video up just to reach more than 10 minutes, videos feel so disjointed with some good parts connected with pockets of unfunny filler meant to unnaturally extend the video.. Mat have a different writer and narrator you are ruining the experience, have someone taking care of the quality of the videos and you can have the business side running but for the love off God.. You are not what you think you are

    13. sniper pro 2007

      Hmmm may did you forget one of the hero's in for honor they use a dagger and a sword

    14. FindMeAtDiscordYT 6

      Matpat: says that dual wielding overall is less affective the Regular wielding Boxers who have been dual wielding for centuries: “am I a joke to you?”

    15. augustus smith

      MatPat: Is there any world where using two shields would make sense Marvel: I know a guy

    16. Brandon Chuong

      Technically Captain America used dual shields in infinity wars when he went to Wakanda.

    17. supershawnodeseninja

      sorry but, no musashi didn't use a wakazashi in his left hand. he used two katanas. he talks extensively about this in the book of five rings.

    18. Ssteven playz

      Cant wait to watch this video 4 yrs later

    19. ᛏᚢᚱᚴᛁᚾᛋ

      YES. just what i needed thx Game theory

    20. Xavier Wolfgang

      (*slow clap*) nice skyrim reference MatPat nice one

    21. Gefca _

      Kasandra has Demi god blood

    22. Jeffrey Gao

      Better than the Samurai vs Viking vs Knight video but still not perfect. Dual wielding wouldn't be impossible but it was rare.

    23. missingindy

      He is a power armor unarmed build

    24. Barrie.2x

      I think you should voice eivor no offense to the original voice actor but you make eivor sound better

    25. Jonah Cruz

      Tell this to cap America

    26. Syifhus 590

      Perfect Viking

    27. Syifhus 590


    28. William Johansson


    29. César García

      Vikings can be cool yeah, but never at level of a Knight (Templars, Teutonics, etc), or Spartans, Romans, Saxons, Gaelics; those were profesional soldiers.

    30. Sam Boiii

      ครามีกระบอง อะไรวะ

    31. Smart Nusrat

      Vikings are the best dude

    32. Agent Smith 18

      Prove that this game canon protagonist is either male or female or both :)

    33. spicey FRIED-RICEy

      I think MatPat should just... not talk about medivial history.

    34. Cyber Wolf [Team Shadow Studios]

      Mans shouted out the GOAT CXK

    35. Mckenzie Grosskreutz

      I’m still waiting for an Australian based assassins creed

    36. Kleovoulos ALEXIADIS

      Bruh the assassins are hybrids not completily human

    37. Irish Coaster Fan

      steve rogers sends his regards

    38. Kai Prosser 2.0


    39. gaaralover09

      New Theory: Lance sank the S.S. Anne!!!!

    40. Nine Tails Gaming

      Actually in African tribes they do duel wield shields

    41. Skooterballs

      No. You're not decapitating people with an arrow. In the clip you showed, the dummy didn't have a SPINE.

    42. ChinsHyperBTW

      What about captain America, he uses only his Shield. Throws it you could throw it. Or use it to fight

    43. I-z-q-ill

      Didn’t kenway Dual Weald swords

    44. Nobody Studios


    45. SCP 05-[REDACTED]

      me, a viking, 0:57 seconds into the video: .... My voice ain't deep, we don't need deep voices to crush our enemeis and worship Odin.

    46. TunaFish026

      4:44 I think he has OBS logo on top of his head

    47. Julianna The Lioness

      Guys listen there is a war in ba Sing sey we have to get this out

    48. Heriberto Lopez

      8:59 is it just me or did you immediately think of the shields captain america uses in infinity war

    49. Oliver Layman

      mat pat: dual-wielding is not efficient because you can only use one arm at a time me: *spin to win* *spin to win* *spin to win*

    50. Filip Davitov

      im danish vikings go brrrrrr

    51. Robin De Wolf

      dual-wielding is used as a matter of balance, you can swing a weapon one way, and balance it out with another, even while potentially hitting other enemies around you. Take for example nunchucks.

    52. Pedrosaurus Mex

      Shay Cormac used what looked like a Shilelah with his sword.

    53. Murky Seb

      Did you do any research before making this or was this just speculation? There is a significant amount of incorrect information in this video

    54. Maodifi


    55. Warp


    56. Riley Barcikowski

      When I play this game it gets my ps5 remote controls wet and sweaty cause I’m in all these battles thinking I might get defeated GROSS

    57. tiffosi_yank

      The real theory ubisoft cares about is if they can make half the armor locked behind paywalls

    58. B Dubz

      I just played gorn vr and using two Shields is not good

    59. Abstract

      omg imagine a japanese assassin creed game that would be sick

    60. ShadowNGPF

      YUBIsoft :3!

    61. Ricky F

      Tate no yuusha

    62. JK Kraetona

      I don't know why I watched this a second time. It hurts. Please consult experts when you do this sort of thing!

    63. DestinedHero172

      ubisoft is milking the fact that matpat likes history

      1. steven the viking

        @DestinedHero172 he couldn't even research one easy topic

      2. DestinedHero172

        @steven the viking well he likes everything they are putting to the table

      3. steven the viking

        He doesn't like history

    64. J wal

      The "hooked swords" are known as the Shuang Gao Pronounced: Shoe-ang g-ow

    65. DMG Potato

      The romans made an arrow specifically for decapitating birds

    66. Nathan, a Hedgehog

      Makes me think about dual wielding lightsabers and their effectiveness, or even just 1 saber which supposedly is lighter than swords because plasma. Think we need a deeper look on the science of the lightsaber’s plasma blade and how it’s different than vibroblades or normal swords

    67. Nikorasu.

      Reminds me or vinland saga


      Mattpatt: if you wanna fight you must be good with defence and offence. *avor with two shields used for attacking. Mattpatt: "you weren't supposed to do that!!"

    69. Yozora Oto

      The hooked sword is a Keyblade in disguise. XD

    70. Mike b

      Why cant you take criticism when you get corrected after presenting obviously wrong information? Stop being a child..

    71. Dummy Gamer

      Ho man! I love your content from dbz (filmtheoey) till here, but here you try searching on a branch of martial art form called urumi. Check it out, it will make u rethink. (Kalaripayattu - a part of it.)

    72. Alex Bleyker

      A 50cal won’t blow a head off. How would a big arrow?

    73. amgK v2.0

      I’ve actually used a shield before and they make for extremely strong weapons. The smaller the shield, the better for mobility. If a shield is strong enough, you can counter blows from swords, spears, or any other blunt force or sharp weapon, to then throw punches or hits with the extremely hard nub that’s usually made of metal or another hard material. Even better if it has a spike. I would chose duel wielding two butler shields instead of taking a sword

    74. Itachi The legend

      Just cuz you can duel wield doesn’t mean you should Edward kenway:I beg to differ lad

    75. Alexander Holmgren

      One: Everytime I hear a english speaker say Valhalla I crinch. Two the nordic countis do not a prove of the voice acter for one reason and one reason only, he i s danish (this is a joke! If you know you know.)

    76. xKing DEUS

      I love the voice actor, very well done and talented. I dont usually listen to the dialogue if I can skip it but i dont with this guy

    77. AZ BEAST

      who else read the whole sub titles on 5:14

    78. Nolan Mcc

      heh, nice avatar reference

    79. Korekiyo Shinguji

      I love your ac videos

    80. Angela Gave

      What if captian American dual wielded his circle and his first shield

    81. Leighann Davenport

      why did they not put the sharp spikes on shelds like the metal parts of daggers

    82. Leo A

      9:00 "What if you didn't have a sword, but a SWORD AND SHIELD combo?" *Heavy Jocrap noises from afar*

    83. Knight's Templar.

      Block, Block, overhead bonk.

    84. Randomtexan Gaming


    85. Brendan Farkas


    86. Alex Jeon

      Captain America be like: 0_0

    87. Ibrahim_playz

      In the game eivor’s voice is *MORE* lighter

    88. Jabba The Hutt

      Gauntlet Shields are the answer you get a small shield and you can still hold something although you'd lose dexterity so no precision weapons.

    89. L3 K0

      Can't wait for the fusion of far cry primal and assassins creed sticks and stone: the stone age

    90. Matthew Wilson

      10:27 That battle is as tightly packed as the information in this theory is accurate. That is to say; it isn't.

    91. Matthew Wilson

      You know how every theory usually begins with a gag? 0:00 - 0:09 is the funniest joke of them all.

    92. Hero S. A. D. C. Devil

      Rising Of The Shield Hero S2 looks nice

    93. Creedgamer 223

      Dual shields on paper: eh Dual shields in game: somehow fairly decent.(briton/Morgan's guard combo at least).

      1. Matthew Wilson

        Dual shields in real life according to Skallagrim and the HEMA community: *"So you have chosen... Death."*

    94. HazmatFireHero

      I’ve been playing the game for about 3 weeks and I’ve pretty much only used duel wielding axes and it works really well. The shield doesn’t do a lot because of the dodging mechanisms

    95. FerretsForever94

      TBH, looking at the comment section is honestly more entertaining than the video. Like, MatPat should've probably definitely consulted some more experts on the subject, but so many people need to learn how to chill the frick out.

    96. Jump Ryu

      No one told me this is sheild hero

    97. The Diamond Gamer

      0:00 what is this song I love it

    98. Michel Christian Solbreux

      what's the bipping at 7:54

      1. Matthew Wilson

        I think it's the background music.

    99. Joseph Kim

      Is no one going to talk about the Shogun being in this video!?

    100. Matthew Wilson