Game Theory: Minecraft, STOP Punching Trees!

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    There are a ton of interesting things in Minecraft, but one that stands out to me is the fact that to cut down a tree you PUNCH IT! You punch a tree! How does Steve not break his hand? Loyal Theorists, I want to find out if you can really cut down a tree with only your FISTS and not injure yourself... too bad. Don't try this at home Theorists, let me do it for you!
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    Writers: Matthew Patrick and Justin Kuiper
    Editors: Alex "Sedge" Sedgwick, Tyler Mascola, Dan "Cybert" Seibert, and Marc Schneider
    Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
    Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

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    1. fanof war robots h:zd Henry stickmin

      Well, how strong are mobs are? Just 1 damage?

    2. MrWildFox

      This video helped me with my school work to name woods

    3. fadedomega

      So you're saying it takes 1600 rocket thrusts worth of power to punch through a cubic metre of wood?

    4. Dr. Dabria Amadis Loralai Reznikov


    5. Gangsterjan

      Steve is able to hold multiple Universes so that's no Problem for him

    6. Minnie G

      Hit refresh!

    7. Plagg the camembert king

      Steve doesn't have legs his pants are pure packing pockets with packing peanuts

    8. Official gamer Vihaan

      I a Saw a baby at 00:35

    9. quinten van ginderen

      at this point i feel like the one punch man music should replace the minecraft theme song when you're punching trees XD

    10. Kasia Keen

      Balsa is clasaflid as a hard wood

    11. Noah Alberts

      Steve vrs kool-aid man. who will win?

    12. newheat nyc

      The fabulous skirt intrinsically polish because glider optimally nod minus a deserted rubber. stingy, wide-eyed bench

    13. mr Lauro

      Wait... so how strong is hero brine

    14. CodeAndGin

      Coincidentally that's why I left, I enjoyed the look at game mechanics and how they match to real life science more das jus me doe

    15. nili rani shikha

      The lacking bengal timely enjoy because mitten gergely cycle besides a cute soy. befitting, breezy wool

    16. Vincent Solsona

      Steve is like hulk hi is taller than a door. Oo next theary how do you respawn in mincraft

    17. Phillip Waxler

      he didnt notice that it only takes away HALF a heart from alex/another person.

    18. 123DJ321

      Conclusion: Dont punch trees

    19. Googoo idk 3


    20. Jungle The rainwing

      I don't think steve feels pain

    21. Su Su Han


    22. Evil Boyfriend but Hes a savage.

      Best channel top 10 fnaf channel of theory guy who needs PATtS

    23. Yugo

      F for matpats hand

    24. chong hon

      Steve vs saitama Saitama:finally a worthy opponent

    25. Rayden And friends studio

      Don't punch the wood but you punch the wood

    26. xXRacer9000Xx

      Game Theory: Minecraft, STOP Punching Trees! / Game Theory: Minecraft, Stop Using Diamonds! looky there, it's one of those A/B tests to see if you get more clicks from a capitalizing the word stop. woa

    27. Ramdom

      0:46 What a ugly logo lol. (not realy,Just its looks strange...)

    28. Connor the Weeper


    29. Fishy Cat

      He is strong.. But then.. What about the Mobs?

    30. Chong Jia Xian boi :D

      In Soviet Russia, you don't break tree, tree break you.

    31. Eviluincorn 6666

      not how Australians sound

    32. Bryan Leavitt

      i think it easy to say that steve is going very very very very very very easy on living things

    33. Matthew Christensen

      New KSP challenge: Get to the Mun with an SPP SSTO rocket. (Steve Punch-Powered.)

    34. Pepsi Man

      Keep in mind, this is without haste

    35. Olivia Darling

      0:22 the yellow spikes aren't aligned with the black cross thingy.

    36. Hello Jesus

      It juSt a GaMe mAn

    37. Triinx

      5:57 OH F- .. great.... so good .. wacha gonna say matpat ?

    38. StormDeathReaper

      Hey just wondering is the speed of time in Minecraft is counted?

    39. Rhys Johnson

      Ha dudes got his math wrong He said 4 punches in a second 3 second's to punch down one block and then said 16 punches when 3*4 is clearly 12 so dude you might want to do the math again

    40. Lauren LF

      Question do you have a good day today

    41. Loz D

      Thank you MatPat, for the Australia trees thing because I live in Australia

    42. Muhammad Khan

      steve vs thanos who will win

    43. Dan Slater

      you forgot to account for the fact that Minecraft days are way shorter then irl days, so it's actually taking steve 3:36. that's still superhuman, but not nearly as crazy as you calculated.

    44. Graham Hernandez

      9:28, By the looks of it, Steve actually does use a right hook (i am left handed so I am very offended) MAKE SOME LEFT HANDED PLAYERS IN MINECRAFT MOJANG

    45. Rio and mom's vlog

      "unless steve is superhuman" literally has the capacity to fit the entire world in his pocket

    46. verlyn vicente


    47. Memerboi69

      ouchy tree

    48. AleksWoo993

      Steve: Punches with 274 million pounds of force. Mobs: survive multiple punches.

    49. Plague Plays Games

      I tried to chop a tree down by hitting it with a branch, it didn’t work.

    50. Ali Chehab

      "In Australia, even the trees are hardcore." This aged well.

      1. MACY ADAMS


      2. [insipid.vapid]


      3. Alden Chavez


    51. Ali Chehab

      Superman: *saving the planet with his great strength* Steve: Pathetic

    52. Ali Chehab

      “Unless Steve is super human” literally puts the whole tree in his pocket after he finishes punching it

    53. Princeton Ho-shing


    54. Bria Hargle

      Was that a jojo reference


      Ok it make sens cause one minecraft is 10 minuite

    56. Rogelio III Avante

      Fun fact:Steve is secretly is saitama☺️

    57. Flamezz

      5:56 Matt almost Said it :(

    58. Julian Hernandez

      Does anyone want to learn about the Bible

    59. Sun and Moon

      I think that steve isn't actually that strong i just think that the time in minecraft is much shorter than in the real world, if one minecraft day takes us 20 minutes to play but the day for steve lasts 24 hours then 4 hours punching down a tree wouldn't actually seem that long to us

    60. Youssef Kareem

      Did he just say Soviet Australia?

    61. CarlytheQueenofChaos

      Dark oak is Black Oak in German or let's say it less but actually more confusing Dark oak in Minecraft with German as Language selected is Schwarzeiche which means black Oak and not dark oak actually in English so we can use that as evidence that dark oak in Minecraft is Black Oak and you can use black Oak as a measurement how hard Dark oak is in Minecraft. So even if matpat just took the most accurate lookwise he was right with his choose there.

    62. Gorilla Gaming

      You forgot to factor in how long on Minecraft days. three real life seconds is longer than three Minecraft seconds

    63. Aslhax

      I mean.. to be fair, it does feel like an eternity mining a tree in Minecraft without an axe, but then again it only takes a literal second to chop down a tree in Minecraft with an axe. So is the question really, what is *time* in Minecraft? Then wouldn’t we have to include in game ticks to the equation? Idk just my thoughts.

    64. Justinfn

      4 seconds = 4 minecraft seconds so mojo got did a good a job of making it realistic

    65. The Gemini Twins

      Bro that intro was gold

    66. Edric Ryan Encallado

      The real question is, is Steve stronger than Saitama

    67. spook bag

      i mean i guess the 4 hours is accurate time is sped up by

    68. Jake Barclay

      *Ruining your child hood since 2011* love that

    69. CC Subzero

      Doctor Who can :)

    70. Fuzion Gamr

      No wonder why mrbeast kept planting trees; because Steve keeps breaking them

    71. Mitsu Forith

      I need a permanent loop of that tree punching scream

    72. tutacat

      The four channels were clearly planned from the beginning

    73. Zennith Zephyr

      So. While I will still say it's a ridiculous concept, Steve isn't pulverizing or even destroying the trees. He's breaking them down into parts he can carry and what he's using. So you really need to know how big the "usable" pieces are, how big the pieces he's breaking the tree in to, and go from there. And in that case it's much more manageable

    74. Zennith Zephyr

      Maaaaaan but if you need hardwoods (or wood in general) do NOT got to home depot or lowes unless they are significantly more convenient than lumber yard or you only need a small amount. I legit go to home depot every day for work and projects but their wood is way more expensive than a local lumbar yard

    75. meme commenter

      0:37 i never knew that i was older that game Theory

    76. liquid fire

      5:53 it's ok he signed an nda lol

    77. Muhammad Musab Asif

      02:21 yup thats better than most of my builds

    78. William Barter

      cant lie tho steve is underrated he can frikin punch down trees for goodness sake and feel no pain

    79. Finnish Hunter

      Humans cannot punch through trees, think what would happen to your arm? Even if you can punch with a force of 1000 lbs, that doesnt mean your fist is made of metal.

    80. Melody Kagle

      10:50 ha ha, funny Jojo reference

    81. 97 Bonnie&clyde

      Steve puts onepunchman into dust

    82. Fox Bros

      i will never stop punching trees in minecraft.

    83. Albon Mendoza


    84. Funtime Foxy

      Rotten tree

    85. The WonderSmith's Forge

      Eyyyy! Love that Kingdom Hearts reference! And the one to Destiny!

    86. That’s a bit big

      When NASA see this video NASA:...we need Steve

    87. Hapz_

      im gonna do whats called a pro gamer move, and tell you that you need to timestretch that 3 seconds to be the real life equivalent, given that a minecraft day is 20 minutes

    88. J-Plays

      "Can you punch a tree" Well yes anyone can, the real question should be, can you break a tree

    89. Koyal Deuskar Chhatre

      I just realised that this video is before covid

    90. ultra apple

      How Steve can punch down 1-4m trees?

    91. Abbigale klene

      anyone else from Australia

    92. Cookie Ketchup

      I thought that the Grey Birch was going to be a paperbirch..

    93. Roblox Kids

      P u n s a r e b a d

    94. Just Lauren games

      Your 1st video was before I was born-

    95. Brittany Crosson

      6:09 LOL

    96. KiKiCat7

      RLCraft got it wrong...

    97. alfa et beta

      Steve is not punching a tree, its like we said that steve is punching potatoes to recolect them

    98. havelpants

      This is the most annoying minecraft series

      1. Aldrich Enzo Sauquillo

        SHUT UP KID

    99. Natasha Eddy

      They should also talk about how the trees just stay floating when you take out the bottom block

    100. Birki gts

      If you ask a woodworker, he will tell you hardwoods are above 1000 on the Janka scale, and soft woods are below 1000. It's not technically true. But that's how we distinguish them within the furniture industry. Janka Hardness (resistance to denting measured in Lbft at 12% moisture) also isn't the only factor. Modulus of rupture (how far it bends before it starts cracking), elastic modulus (resistance to bending before it snaps), and crushing strength (how much compression the wood can stand parallel to the grain) all play a role in the wood overall durability. I would argue the modulus of rupture would be a far more relevant number to this theory than Janka.