Game Theory: The Deadly Physics of the Falcon Punch! (Super Smash Bros Captain Falcon)

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    We've talked a LOT about Super Smash Bros over the years but one thing I've always wanted to touch one was Captain Falcon. You know, the guy with the fire punch. It is a killer move and I've always been curious about it. More so, I've wanted to know if you would REALLY punch so hard that you light your fist on fire. How would that WORK? Well Loyal Theorists, today we find out!
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    Writers: Matthew Patrick and Alan Baker
    Editors: Tyler Mascola, Dan "Cybert" Seibert, and Forrest Lee
    Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
    Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

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    1. J -quaza

      Are we not going to talk about how mat pat says "crossing all the i's and dotting all the t's"

    2. Nuni Nuni

      Best intro

    3. Black Sheep

      "---what did you expect?" Me: *FNAF*

    4. Gregory Mirabella

      i still remember back in the day when you chose to analyze the hookshot over this.

    5. Bruh

      I was worried I didn’t know how to spell Falcon in the intro

    6. sky duavit


    7. newquinken

      There's actually another explanation outside of Speed, and the Champion belt... it's his ride, the Blue Falcon, basically in F-Zero lore these crazy gravity defying super cars use special engines that literally contain a piece of the big bang... not sure how you can contain a piece of an universe creating event... but that's the lore... and apparently F-Zeros racers are connected to their engine telekinetically... so he's basically drawing energy from a piece of the big bang to ignite his fist

    8. Rebirth Phoenix

      Simply put: The F-Zero GP Legend anime isn’t canon though an alternate universe supposedly Captain Falcon never possesses fire-bending qualities in the actual F-Zero series The Creators in the Champions Belt confirm there’s no universal forces (no Dark and Light powers) though this part still doesn’t really make any sense to me atm since they still create anything so there’s kind of universal forces at least for them? Wouldn’t work out anyway again like Mat said since Captain Falcon never wears the belt anyway. The whole Creator thing wouldn’t matter either because Black Shadow’s Master mode extra video practically confirm all of GX is a movie. That also means that F-Zero and F-Zero X are both comics like they’re implied in the manual and title screens. And Captain Falcon in Smash Bros still takes place in a kid’s imagination thus why he has all the fire abilities he normally would not be able to possess. Course this is all speculation that probably has flaws here and there but that’s how I simply put the whole thing but still it’s fun to speculate! You can agree or disagree or point out anything as long as you do it appropriately I don’t mind.

    9. R3KT7

      Feels like an Austin vid

    10. sky duavit

      The hand is on fire!!!

    11. sky duavit

      CaPtAiN fAlCoN sUcKs

    12. Eden Zurlent

      Whenever a person does a "falcon punch" they ain't going fast: so we're doing a warlock punch ;-;

    13. don't fall for scam links

      Next he’s gonna say that doom slayer is a demon wai- But seriously the only reason is because he is faster then sonic and more powerful than king k rool

    14. Jeanette Armstrong

      The painful november practically notice because fireman socially please lest a absorbed texture. animated, earsplitting top

    15. CaputCaputtus

      Best Punch ever? Kirbys Falcon Punch :D

    16. The_Milkman

      At the end you disregard the fact entirly that the speed of his punch is already known and jump to a new conclusion stating what the speed the punch needs to be to create fire and say that is the speed of his punch which is isnt its just the speed needed for fire. The real punch speed is already known?

    17. REDD

      We need a new captain falcon anime

    18. Conor Warembourg

      I was watching your video with raycons

    19. Wario Waluigi


    20. The Gold Mario


    21. B J

      Idk why captain falcon having to punch 3 meters long at 1375 miles per hour all in .05 seconds was so funny 🤣🤣

    22. Plasmariel

      Welp, now I know the correct way of spelling Falcon Punch is "Falcon Paaaaawnch"

    23. OzzyMacGamer

      I love the theory but the thing that bugs me is that falcons punch sets on fire before he punches. You see in the training mode fire goes around his hand, so I think it’s more an ability then speed. I may be wrong, if I am prove me wrong.

    24. 노승호

      So... What prevents time mages from catching on fire when time has been stopped? Shouldn't the friction cause their entire body to explode into flames?

    25. DarkHydreigon

      You spelled falcon paaaawnch wrong in the title.

    26. Michael Cantor

      me lfes ow then gndorfs punch tares atoms

    27. carson whitney

      No we don't deserve kirby. He loves everyone

    28. Dab Monstr

      Phalcon pppppuuuuuuunnnnchhhhhh

    29. BattolDoom

      The 16m/s->134.22 mph is inaccurate

    30. MerlinCross

      Couldn't Falcon have a different glove material that has an easier time catching fire(And thus possibly lowers the friction needed and thus speed needed)

    31. Oliver Johnston

      If link battled ganandorf again he should just hire falcon

    32. Anthony Matias

      it's pyro kenesis cause the knee does not explode or go on fire unless he hits u and if he does he can just jump in mid air again like how ness levitates and do it again regardless if that is not canon to other games i'm pretty sure one of the games describes him as pyro kinetic in the trophy description... 30 Capt. Falcon [Smash] Captain Falcon Trophy (Smash 2).png Up & B: Falcon Dive Falcon uses his Falcon Dive to grab an enemy in midair and fling them away with an explosive blast. He can do this technique repeatedly without landing, so it can also be used as a recovery move. so throw your equation on momentum and the conservation of energy out the window and and shove it he's pyro kinetic ! lol but hey Matpat that's just my theory ! a game theory ! that you were probably so wrong about n i'm probably correct cause he shapes the fire into his signature a falcon shape ect like pyro from x-men i dunno i'm jus sayin big fan tho !

    33. Anthony Matias

      I'm quite sure it's psycho-pyro-kinesis as he can do the fire with no momentum and he can even jump off the explosive momentum stopping him from falling . as stated in his move list in smash melee. Up special Falcon Dive 5% (grab), 12% (release), 6% (breakout) Leaps upwards, a recovery move that can also grab the ledge even if Captain Falcon if facing the opposite direction. Normally makes him helpless, but if he grabs an opponent, he releases them with a fiery blow and will be able to use the move again. Down special Falcon Kick 15%/13%/9% (ground), 15%/13%/11% (air), 9% (landing) Rushes forward while performing a fiery kick. If he goes off a ledge, he continues dashing forward. If started in midair, he kicks down at a diagonal angle. Restores his midair jump, making it a useful move for horizontal recovery at long distances. regardless if that is not canon to other games i'm pretty sure one of the games describes him as pyro kinetic in the trophy description... 30 Capt. Falcon [Smash] Captain Falcon Trophy (Smash 2).png Up & B: Falcon Dive Down & B: Falcon Kick The Knee Smash, used in midair on foes in front of you, is slow and has a short reach, but if it connects, it'll send foes flying a long way on a low trajectory. Falcon uses his Falcon Dive to grab an enemy in midair and fling them away with an explosive blast. He can do this technique repeatedly without landing, so it can also be used as a recovery move. so throw your equation on momentum and the conservation of energy and shove it he's pyro kinetic ! lol

    34. Voidking

      show me your moves

    35. Super Bowser Bros. Ultimate

      Matpat: air is a fluid. Me: and I thought you were a scientist.

    36. Aidan Banks

      Remember how Death Battle calculate this....

    37. Garrett Swearingen

      It's Billy EyeRash

    38. N24 gaming channel

      SSB appear before gx it's not the belt that is connected to his power but rather it's the blue falcon because the blue falcon has the fragment of the big bang and plus the 2nd captain falcon punch black shadow so hard it can be seen in space

    39. Aeryn Axtell

      Yeah, but at the start of the animation of falcon paaaaaaawnch he rubs his punching arm against his other hand's leather glove so he might not have to move as fast because it already generates some heat right?

    40. Jae Rane

      this is wild......

    41. Unju Jon

      Doesn't he also have a kick that goes on fire?

    42. Kage

      I wish i was just as good as spelling as you dude 😅

    43. the Daimhin

      Revalis theme is the best theme ever I dont care about ur opinion

    44. Error Studios

      Falcon Paaaawnch!!!!!!!!!

    45. Peter Matthew

      Captain Falcon still has a terrible ascent

    46. Julia Wara

      Does smash work in ps

    47. Medaka-chan Kurokami

      I like how Monkey D. Luffy can use Falcon Punch

    48. Shikido San


    49. Stew H

      Nintendo should really add a sonic boom each time a falcon punch is launched

    50. Neelam Malik


    51. Xander Bucket

      Ok so I just noticed that when Matt says fire it sounds like how ness says fire

    52. D Smart

      I love game theory

    53. Gaming EnderDragon_6

      I click this video because I love this channel

    54. Nidhal Bessassi

      U forgot about his taunt

    55. DJcelda 01

      Couldn't he vibrate very fast to ignite his punch,? That will also cover his up b.

    56. Mr Minecraft

      Why did you put an add in the middle of the theme song!!!!

    57. Pawdy Furry 12

      Falcon Paaaaw-nch When you realise that Captain Falcon is a FURRY..... can't relate.

    58. Defultyboi24 playz

      Me use ing raycons while watching this. Im 4 parallel universe ahead of you

    59. ehTrotcoD

      Starting at 6:57, there are two errors in the displayed graphics. The initial equation correctly writes it as 3/.05, but the calculator image has 3/0.5. Right after this, you correctly note that the result is 60 m/s, but the graphic on screen says 16 m/s. The miles per hour is the correct conversion for 60 m/s.

    60. UmbraDragon

      Hope this gets on the next theory on this topic Captain Falcon vibrates in his victory screens (for reasons I don’t know) so that could be a source of heat needed to use his fire attacks

    61. AidanBlue

      Was I the only one that was glad that he used the Brawl model of Captain Falcon at the start?

    62. BigMacBobby

      He wasn’t one of the original 8...

    63. Kermit Coddington

      Billie irish 😂

    64. Elion Bela

      Olso the oner of the show

    65. Elion Bela

      He regd the game that's he's porkner Stefony

    66. sanu bello

      "Billy Irish"

    67. Атлас {[1]}

      Maybe I’m missing something, but 1375 mph is not Mach 2.8, it’s not even Mach 2. Maybe he meant 1.8

    68. Queenster Sarpong

      He always sounds so smart =D

    69. JJ JBJ

      MatPat: "Captain falcon is one of the original 8 fighters in smash" Everyone else: "Well yes but actually no"

    70. Random Stuff


    71. Tripp Clarke

      Heavy for Smash

    72. Raheem B

      Plot Twist: Captain Falcon is secretly a fire bender

    73. Conek

      this title reminds me of old GT I hope this video is good

    74. Steve Lucky

      From the first game, but is the only one who doesn’t have any more representation.

    75. Mario

      Falcon:I have the ultimate punch one punch man comes in I take that as a challenge

    76. TY M

      Matpat: FALCON SYSTEM America: wright that down wright that down

    77. Skipper

      Capitan falcon is my favorite character of smash

    78. Richard Whatley

      What about Luigi misfire

    79. negrita

      Sonic should be dead then right?

    80. Official Certified Idiot

      "Air is a fluid." I WAS TAUGHT ALL MY LIFE THAT AIR IS A GAS

      1. GigaGaming 08

        Air is a fluid. A fluid is not exclusive to liquid. A fluid is anything that can change its shape to the shape of its environment. If I put a cup of water in a box it will collect at the bottom. If I put that same water in a bowl it will change to the shape of the bottom of the bowl. The same thing with air and all gases. If I put helium in a balloon it will expand to the shape of the balloon. The same thing with air, carbon dioxide, smoke, steam, etc. So yes gasses are fluid, thus air is a fluid. :) Thank for coming to science with Carson. Hope this clears that up for you!

      2. Kite tenjo [gallade knight/toshiki kai]

        How many more lies I've been told by the Council

    81. W D


    82. Nathaniel Chen 1

      Maybe Captain falcon has pyrokenesis or gloves that ha e some sort of ignition system built in.

    83. Natnat 24

      8:43 its just pitched-down yoda

    84. ToxiCastigator

      I really love to a see a video figuring out the exchange rate of Pikmin 2’s “Pokos” (the currency of Olimar’s home planet)

    85. Rick Sanchez

      So, falcon's punch is a ghetto version of guy sensei's attack in Naruto

    86. Name Other Name

      [sees title] No, it’s Falcon Paaaaawnch

    87. Boomer Remover

      The fact that I main him *I THINK THIS ALL THE TIME*

    88. W.D GASTER


    89. Zdechły kot Zezol

      Are you bored?

    90. RovRoving

      mat that's not how frames work in this game...

    91. Lucius XV

      0:52 He just got it right because he played Smash Bros.

    92. Shidoo Tanaka

      im sad he didnt use pink guys song

    93. Pineapple Panda

      How big is captain falcons fist I want to use the falcon system

    94. Luca Dynamo

      Matt says 60, yet the graphic says 16. Hmm...

    95. Jonathan Jones

      I would love to take a class if game theory had one lol

    96. Ian The Cool Thief

      Just ask Johnny Cage lol.

    97. Toxik Dubz

      11:22...that's not Cap...that's his clone Blood Falcon.

    98. Toxik Dubz


    99. K.O.G.Fanstarks1610

      Could you do a video on The True overarching antagonist of Astonishia Story?

    100. Edgy_ Pack

      but matt patt death battle said that he can make fire punch's because of his car things reactor might