Game Theory: Did Dream FAKE His Speedrun? A Final Analysis.

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    There has been a controversy brewing on the Minecraft side of ROfor centered around well known Minecraft creator Dream. He's been accused of faking his speedrun and it has caused a lot of stir. I'm not here to point fingers or accuse anyone. What I'm doing today, Theorists, is going over the facts of this situation and why it is a lot more complicated than people are making it out to be.
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    Writers: Matthew Patrick and Justin Kuiper
    Editors: Dan "Cybert" Seibert, Alex "Sedge" Sedgwick, Forrest Lee, Tyler Mascola, and Koen Verhagen
    Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
    Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

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    1. Durban Shisanyama

      MrBeast buying everything in the background. 😂

    2. M Rose

      Skip this video and search karl jobst dream. You're welcome.

    3. Among sus Playz

      Matpat was going full Ein Stein on robert


      there is another channel name The game theory ._.

    5. Kereem Mohammed

      Robert : I am a scientist . Matpat: I am a ROforr. Robert : ok . Matpat : says all the 300 iq math laws . Robert : mind blown and eyes shattered

    6. Zachary Prinzbach

      That’s not how you pronounce latex (Knuth wanted lah-teck where the x is a Greek chi) but who cares Ily Matpat

    7. NeonMCPE

      “You won’t understand” Me: people say impossible. dream says slightly not that impossible.

    8. Adam Young

      Who is Dream.

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    10. Shreyas Bhat

      Just wanted to say, its pronounced Latek...

    11. Fabrizio Morales

      This sucks i hate this chanel

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    13. XxCorrupted_MangosxX

      Can we just stop to appreciate how much time and effort this man puts into his video, and he uploads so often

    14. Bashful Bug

      7 in 10 times

    15. Datsany Vutthikrai

      Can talking so fast sounding smart so we believe that he's right

      1. Datsany Vutthikrai

        He is actually smart though

    16. Legendary Hunter

      I am kinda late here but a Minecraft world will have the same barter rails regardless I don’t know if that is true

    17. Megamiᘛ⁐̤ᕐᐷ

      We should have teachers like you , using game to show how things work in real life and how it doesn't work in which will give student excited to learn so the can tell there friends something cool with can improve them actually learning as a 12 year old I really don't pay much attention in class most of the stuff I know is from game theory which is concerning*ps your doing a great job game theory*

      1. Reaper 123

        ikr, i'm 13 and i pass my science tests because of shows online that actually are interesting

    18. Shiwoo Sung

      Bruh, matpat just saw the evidence, and knowing he cheated at the speedrun, decided "yea, he cheated, but he's my friend... you know, they can't accuse him of cheating at the minecraft speedrun, if there weren't minecraft speedruns."

    19. Shiwoo Sung

      Can I just say, the quantum astro biologisticle nuclear particle physisist Dream hired wasn't only wrong, but the website he supposedly got him from is a website about job applications.

      1. Reaper 123


    20. Rehaan _BPlayz

      if the dream army arises your channel is under the ocean

    21. Dbd Killer main

      Bill nye wrote that he is not cheating

    22. TSS_gameer Yeet

      M halfway though primary school and this channel has actually taught me something for school with the main video being the dissection of Kirby teaching me about cells when I was really struggling to learn cell division so this channel did help me. Thanks

    23. Justin Perez

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    24. Rubi Xu

      Wait so all this over Minecraft? 🙃

    25. jon bones

      poor dream.......................

    26. I'm a balloon

      Why would I waste my time filling a coin 100 times

      1. Shake before usage

        Yeah like I could be flipping it 1000 times

    27. Azebu :3

      This video has 30k dislikes. It's probably Dream fans who didn't watch the video.

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    29. THEREAPER 8793


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    31. THEREAPER 8793

      Before I even watch this I’m gunna say that the bumpkins don’t add up so yes he cheated

    32. EP1CTeam

      bro if he cheated then he would have only shown one attempt instead of tons of work that was completely a waste of time

    33. The Bedrock Mask

      If you flip the coin 100 times and get heads 60 times it is more likely to be gotten than heads 7 times when you flip it 10 times.

      1. Reaper 123

        or atleast i don't think it is, so explain

      2. Reaper 123

        no it isn't

    34. James D Griffin

      All this time to make this video and u half a$$ it... nice job

      1. Reaper 123


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    37. DogeTheGamer X

      Lazarbeam right now :(

    38. LoserMC

      Geez friends, why do you even care that much. Why can’t we all just watch speedruns for the satisfaction of fast progress making instead of who made faster progress faster.

    39. Magnus Juul

      Why not ask the actual creators of the game instead of gamers who think they're experts in a game just because they're playing it?

    40. Fortnitengamema FVX

      flipping 10 times and getting heads 7+ times I think

    41. flamedark power

      Dream:'plays minecraft and speedrun it' All of the community: yeah thats alright When dream gets luck for the ender pearl and blaze rods: 'happy dream power' All of the community: HE'S CHEATING The most fastest minecraft speedrunner: 'walking slowly'

    42. Vaughn eats ICE

      dream did to get attention and worked

    43. Ariel Trucco

      He Did not say. looks sus

    44. George Orwell

      The worst Video on the case, even dreams video is better

    45. Kolo

      I flipped a coin 10 times and got heads 9 times and tales 1 time

    46. Sun Raider

      100/60 times

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    48. Jaxon Murphy

      7 times

    49. Red Impostor

      0:13 Rare behind the scenes footage of MrBeast challenges

    50. Padwan*Bam*Adam*


    51. Logan B

      he never promised an answer. adjust expectations. he's asking a question.. asking YOU a question

    52. SOBA OxSpY

      For your concerns, Dream might be extremely lucky. But Mathematically speaking, he's too lucky for that. You make the debate but for me, the 1 in 2200000000000 is too big for me to ignore. I'd call him out for it.

      1. The Mar

        @Oumar Bah thats for the manhunts not the speedruns

      2. Oumar Bah

        But I thought dream said that he made multiple videos to find one that was good enough for it to be posted?

    53. Desmond Johnson


    54. von conrade

      Ok even tho the contraversive is over i did a test with 20 gold from a piglin he didn't drop ender pearls i did it again but with 21 ender pearls with a different one and he drop the pearls on the 21 gold ingot he received



      1. dizzywyd

        He did

    56. Rhett

      2 0:02

    57. Misha KLIMOV


    58. rahel haile

      dream doesnt cheat actually i some times get more luckier than him i once got pearls from trading with piglins 3 times in a row its just a matter of luck he doesnt cheat

      1. The Mar

        now do that for 24 hours

      2. dizzywyd

        He cheats

      3. roxanne jorelin

        lol outraged dream fan

    59. Iyke Torino

      i found this vid on the ROfor TRENDING PAD

    60. Austin Donle

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    61. NinjaVinnie 9

      100 times

    62. Joel Whitmore

      60 times

    63. Traveller

      I was wrong ;-;

    64. Traveller

      50 50 chance so it’s neither

    65. Ansel Joseph


    66. Ansel Joseph

      100 times

    67. ECraft95

      For those who want the answer: HE CHEATED, it’s obvious at this point, there’s tons of evidence, all these youtubers just don’t want to upset the great and powerful Dream by admitting he did.

      1. Jidechukwu Ezeonyeasi

        Dream even makes a vid showing that he didn't cheat.

      2. Jidechukwu Ezeonyeasi

        Dream didn't cheat,tapl is lucker than him.but that's my opinion,plz dont gudge.

    68. millie may

      both are likley and also your epic mat pat

    69. xXSnøwy_LeopardXx

      8:37 Red button? All i see is a gray one that says "Subscribed" 👁👄👁

    70. Sarah trin Lycan

      After going to dreams speed run accusations class 😂I now know the answer to all of these 👍

    71. Bergen Klein

      No, he didnt fake it

      1. Elnard Bruhified

        He did

      2. Weed Ghost

        He did

      3. l v

        He did

    72. wow guy

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    76. WowItsFrosty Games

      not to be a matpat stan but jeez this comment section is quite possibly the biggest gathering of braindead people ive ever seen.

    77. Andrea Paulino

      Flipping a coin 10 7+heads

    78. Grape

      Anyone eñse think mqtpqt is going crazt

    79. The Duck21

      Me still waiting for rap map's mixtape

    80. E Boiii

      Answer two

    81. Darkninja27

      Matt pat could teach all subjects and would be awesome

    82. Familie Strkljevic

      By the Coin I think it's the second

    83. NickToysReview

      this is too smrt for me hed brin

    84. Lindsey Ingram

      In the background you see mr.beast holdin a lot of fool. LoL.

    85. Weekly HowToDraw

      I love how Mr Beasts just buying the whole store

    86. Vaibhav Shembekar

      0:54 matpat knowledge nuke

    87. RoseFlower Playz

      0:12 - 0:16 : Mr.Beast buying stuff in the background.

    88. Jalapeno Serrano

      Guys, i set off the sus alarm

    89. Thabang Nkopane

      For all those who said he didnt give an answer . He stated that theyre likely using post-dicting meaning that the answer is Now . They likely cherry picking data so its Up to you to decide so i think its a No

      1. Woodymc

        I don’t think they cherry picked data because wasn’t it streams over 6 consecutive days.

    90. Thabang Nkopane

      60 times

    91. Aqua Cat’s Animation

      Why are we getting all mathy on this.. we went all the way back to fnaf 1 in relation to barbecue and somehow dream is somewhere there I think ?

    92. Nicky Weiss

      10:13 Freddy!!!!!!!!!!

    93. Galaxy orca

      if you have a device with high contrast mode, go to 9:18 and turn on high contrast mode. it is trippy

    94. Galaxy orca

      is more chances 60

    95. Solange Klaverweide

      ppl are lying about dream ceating there editing dDreAM CheATIng

    96. skycreeper

      Did dream cheat? Matpat: Mario is a sociopath!

    97. Asriel Dreamer

      In the shop backround there is Mr. beast

    98. Mike Smith


    99. MadaMadagirl Plaz/more

      Just watch Karl jobst video