Game Theory: FNAF, The New Breed

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    The original Five Nights at Freddy's spawned many sequels and sister games. Over the years I've played them all and through that stumbled upon the phenomena that is FNAF fan games. Games so loved by FNAF fans that those games have ALSO created their own universes - some linked to the original game and some all their own. These games have gotten so big that it's a wonder they haven't been struck down by the copyright powers that be - and there is a VERY specific reason they haven't. You see, Scott Cawthon has learned one thing that most game companies never have and likely never will - community.
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    Five Nights at Candy's 4 -
    Popgoes Evergreen -
    One Night at Flumpty's -
    The Joy of Creation -
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    Writers: Matthew Patrick and Justin Kuiper
    Editors: Tyler Mascola, Pedro Freitas, Alex "Sedge" Sedgwick, and Dan "Cybert" Seibert
    Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
    Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

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    1. William martin PD2\ham goblin gamer

      thay ran from a egg in the intro. A EGG

    2. Matthew Hernandez


    3. Иван Ганев

      2:51 glichtrap or Vanny

    4. Alejandro Fernández Lobato

      If nintendo keeps shutting down fangames, is going to boom back at em, i already see it, internationally famous enterprise nintendo shut down by fans XD

    5. Alejandro Fernández Lobato

      Scott is an example of how to act in videogame enterprises, i also want to make a fnaf fangame, not there from now, wait like 5 or 6 years XD lets hope fnaf is still alive there

    6. 512

      7:24 that's a shanty there buddy

    7. asa bb

      remember that one time when some guy snitched to nintendo about pokemon brick bronze and other pokemon games on roblox with millions of visits? when they got taken down because of copyright? yeah, that's nintendo for you

    8. AK 22

      The jar of pickles is fearless

    9. Karl The Karl

      You could say Scott is giving gifts, and giving life to these fan games 😉

    10. Pirate fangirl

      I have to tell someone because omg! My godmother’s brother is Steve Ballmer and I’ve met him in person. I had to do a spit take when MATHEW PATRIC said the name of someone I PERSONALLY know. I mainly know him as the loud bald guy related to my adoptive aunt so hearing his name come up in a ROfor video is one of those wtf moments.

    11. Amiel Marl Canete

      the first part was kinda funny ehheeh

    12. amari jolie

      hayyyy ain't this the guy who thought that mrs afton is ballora reply yes or no

    13. xXKing_ChaosXx Rojas

      Imagine people had to ask Scott in order to draw (INSERT INAPPROPRIATE THING HERE) of his characters lol

    14. Starcrater21

      Why did this make me laugh lol 11:30

    15. Alyssa Van Der Klift

      in a way this turns both his fanart oopsie up-side-down and helping small fandevs by doing this making it a win-win for everyone

    16. Isaac Mahoney

      Okay but like what was the point of this video?

    17. Gustavs Beļskis

      Scott: so, what's your idea? Candy's dev: CATTE

    18. Directed by Robert B. Weide.

      I love how golden freddy is still there in the intro cuz he cant move

    19. 4CreativeCrazy Girls

      No no no no no.. Matpat solved FNAF. Just see that ALL of his videos explains 1-2 books in a video, it’s a puzzle piece. He keeps on solving parts of the puzzle and continues to. Unless Scott stops making FNAF Games.

    20. Mega Frost

      I have always been a HUGE fan of fan art, fanfic, etc. If I have recently watched something new and love it, I immediately want more. I go to Fanfic and DeviantArt, and I applaud them. My brain goes ninety miles an hour coming up with fanfics of my own [I literally have a journal overflowing with ideas I haven't even written yet! I just wish there wasn't always this looming threat to tear it all away. For me personally, I don't do it for money, I do it for entertainment purposes only. Because I love the original content so much, I don't want to leave the world, the characters, the experiences. I love just love fandom

    21. Lizzy Marie

      Also we are the definition of cancel culture

    22. potadoDOGE_yee

      I'm loving how much E was said In this video.

    23. czytacze

      15:56 Stand user:Scott cawthon Stand name:sonic the hedgehog

    24. fire smile

      T H A N K.

    25. koldkutgirl

      scott is just funding them. i dont think he would try and claim anything the creators do from now on. he appreciated the fan games, and also possibly reminded of himself in early game developments. he just seems too humble (and still in shock in my opinion) to try and cancel his fans creations. i do think that technically he could try and claim ownership of the fan games/characters. but this seems like he could also be trying to protect the best fan games in some way. fnaf 1 was his last ditch effort to be in the game industry. and him seeing all these people love his game so much to make their own game? he seems honored and wants to help them.

    26. Slug

      It seems matpat is ranting on about Disney and Microsoft let’s encourage him by giving him an remote shock

    27. apexGaming

      ha I thought the title was "the new bread" lmao

    28. Sakuya

      0:29 what about the Exotic Butter?

    29. 「It Just Works」

      I wonder if Toby Fox is taking notes.

    30. Q

      No offense

    31. Q

      Is this a fnaf theory

    32. Maining the Pootis

      Honestly I really like the outcome of this video. It makes me happy.

    33. αngєl


    34. Eonbree

      i love nintendo and all but boy they are gross

    35. Willie pena Pena

      Boo Nintendo go sega and fnaf

      1. Willie pena Pena

        Not really I love Nintendo

    36. Nickster891

      jar of pickles?

    37. Ethantheskeleton

      Look at undertale and it’s community for example most of the community is alternate universes of undertale created by fans

    38. Kailey Surden

      I find it interesting that people are just now talking abt one night at flumptys while I’m over here remembering it from five years ago

    39. kairo2sis

      I have now more reason for hating disney

    40. Rhonda Travis

      Game theory , ruining your childhood since 2011 , Game theory

    41. Troy Boeken

      i think the crying child is alive because phone guys first call said at one point it is amazing how you can live without the frontal lobe.

    42. King Kong Fan

      1:16 And I discovered sans upon pillars of salt.

    43. daniel c seifert

      He forgot fnati

    44. Twig

      damn he really did microsoft like that

    45. Cuyo Historiador

      Or like SCP?

    46. Drakainequus

      Haven't watched this channel in years, but it's admirable he's sill using the exact same picture of himself from years ago.

    47. ZekeYT

      I'm confused, why didn't you talk about the lore?

    48. \\ Joovies //

      We used to use internet explorer when we were in kindergarten for computer class! Brings back so many memories 😔

    49. Mike From Ice age

      Scott is gonna be on his death bed and explain the whole story then just go "But hey thats just a theory, a GAME THEORY"

    50. P&T Commentary

      Please do phasmophobia

    51. Meowman

      Microsoft: DESTROY THE COMPETION!!! Scot Cawthon: Give to the comepetion :)

    52. David Loye

      *JAR OF PICKLES* We need a theory of the jar of pickles

    53. Abdulaziz Khan


    54. McNite

      One Day.... Scott is gonna make a real restaurant.... *But with the EEE*

    55. Botond Simon

      That man seems way too kind to be making horror games with lore this messed up

    56. purple guy

      I know fnaf does seem over-extended sometimes, but I just love following the lore of the franchise. It turned out to be something my nine-year-old and I have in common. In fact, he took over my whole google profile, changed my user name to purple guy, and changed my icon accordingly. Last year I almost lost my life due to illness, and vowed to always pay heed to my childrens interests from now on. For now I research fnaf through the likes of MatPats vids, but hope to be in a physical condition one day to play the games myself. Main point is, this franchise is great, and long may it last. Hats off to Scott Cawthon, he has given us something to write home about. Also thanks to MatPat, for giving me so much insight, which in turn brought me so close to my son.

    57. ThiccBrz YT

      Love the jar o pickles

    58. the Irishman

      Day 16 of asking you to organise your fnaf videos

    59. Griffin Herrera

      I really like how this was mostly a huge love letter to Scott. He totally deserves it too. I wouldn't be mad at him even if he did shut down fan games.

    60. Jimmy Nguyen

      I would like to play Super Mario Friends, that game looks cooler than the original game itself.

    61. Michael Tanoos

      4:30 “Did you just call me a rodent? I am a proud mustelid!” -Popgoes Edit: Yes, weasels are mustelids Ike otters 🦦 and honey badgers 🦡, not rodents like mice 🐁.

    62. Seth Beatty

      Embrace, extend, and extinguish is what ray croc did with McDonalds too.

    63. Rebecca Rushman

      Dude, that's so cool. Imagine if you wrote a fanfiction for Harry Potter and JK Rowling gave you money to write more of your fanfiction and then promoted your story.

    64. Jacqueline Grizzaffi

      The sharp rate coincidently name because ink supply calculate along a ruddy modem. godly, abrasive venezuela

    65. QuietWyatt

      you would be a great lawyer

    66. Voidiky

      *allow me with my nine million fnaf ideas*

    67. Squish Fern

      So we’re not gonna talk about Xbox having Badonka Donks at 2:54 ...ok then

    68. Keir Major

      Hey game theory idk if know this but behind nightmare freadbears voice there's a mother voice.

    69. Da Monsta

      I Think hans is danish

    70. I Am Sam32

      What I learned from this game theory video about fnaf: Matpat has a lovely vibrato!

    71. Lobster Toes

      Very funny from sister location 😹

    72. rohan kumarlal

      Whats with the photo frame at 1:05

    73. patato guy

      He talked so much on Disney and Microsoft that I forgot that it was on fnaf

    74. chitego

      The intro feels like the Toy Story scene when they're discussing the birthday party

    75. Sauce SauceSauceSauce

      yuck censoring

    76. Spych0

      Smash community kinda proved Nintendos point...

    77. ZomWasSlained

      Scott is a great guy

    78. nagoL

      If I could be any character in the FNAF roster, it would definitely be the jar of pickles.

    79. QueenOfFreaks

      So like do you breathe

    80. Maximus Disterdick

      Swear best intro song gives me chills every time

    81. Big boomer Titos 6753

      Vp= very. __ Person Not important

    82. Braxton Voeks

      I think we need more evidence but it makes sense that he is Evan. The book hands us a part of a puzzle but the other parts are somewhere else is the lore you just have to look.

    83. BestBoy

      another joy of creation game would be very interesting

    84. Jonassau

      when they begin to talk about microsoft: Ad comes up: Ad is about microsoft team me after the ad: is this magic or am i just seeing things?

    85. Cherry

      Flashback to when I was in 5th grade working on coding for my own fnaf fan game called “Diamond kittys death date” and gave up halfway through because my friend who was helping me stopped being my friend so I deleted whatever work/art I had for it God dang I wish I finished it-

    86. Voodoo one Vipers on station

      Honestly the joy of creation is so cool, I love the look of the burnt toast animatronics

    87. •White Lie•

      I love how this went from Five Nights At Freddy's straight to Microsoft demons...

    88. Adsititous

      Whos eggbaby?

    89. Alexander Gonzalez

      I like how the pickles and golden freddy didn’t disperse from the new breed reveal intro because they have no eyes.

    90. Alexandra Taraoi


    91. Kristoffer Taal

      Game Theory:That's a bad move Nintendo Nintendo:Their making fan made games without my permission!!! (I'm siding with GT,not Nintendo)

    92. SaSHa Pony

      if only every company had the decency to do what scott is doing. majority if not nearly all the game and tech giants are disgusting with the way they try to control everything

    93. Ink! temmie

      Im codeing a game right now! And I'm so young! its a horror

    94. Alex Schaal 2

      Top 10 reasons why I love Scott

    95. Will Claytor

      Just a head's up, Nintendo doesn't cease and desist Mother Series fan-projects.

    96. Rev enant

      Golden Freddy: Literally the scariest Spring trap: A corpse aka a zombie in a suit

    97. Jeffrey Robinson

      I'm willing to bet part of what's driving him to do this is his past struggles as an indie dev. His first few games were absolute flops, then FNAF obliterates the doorway to the mainstream stage and has parked itself onto the forefront of the horror scene with almost no budge. The absolute downpour of fan made spinoffs of his concept are essentially one huge compliment to what Scott has built. And he sees that.


      I have after the things that Nintendo has done to some many fan games from their ip’s, I’m surprised and thankful they diden’t get ssf2.

    99. Acro Dance

      At 1:00 it would’ve honestly been funnier if GF just disappeared like he does in FNAF 2

    100. Silvertipstudio

      When egg baby runs from egg man