Game Theory: Among Us Lore, You Will ALWAYS Lose!

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    Among Us has been ruling the internet for a while now. That probably means you think you know the game pretty well by now, huh? You can SUS out the Impostors from the crewmates with your 900 IQ strategies. Except, no matter what you do, in the end we are ALL going to lose to the Impostors. That's right, I figured out the LORE of the Among Us universe. Loyal Theorists, this game is DARK. We are all doomed and the proof is in the game itself.
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    Writers: Matthew Patrick and Justin Kuiper
    Editors: Tyler Mascola, Dan "Cybert" Seibert, and Pedro Freitas
    Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
    Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

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    1. Slogo Fan

      Well this is probably my favourite theory

      1. Aww Man


      2. MartPlayz


      3. jennifer jain

        Wanna know how to avoid this theory? Just don't fix the reactor sabotage. BOOM! Everybody dies. Happy ending.

      4. Cyborg—fizz 12

        @Kevin Mendoza you’re not alone pal.

      5. Big metal man boy Oooo

        Is it because the imposter is sus😳😳😳

    2. Josephine David

      Amungus is just the name of the name of the game so when you kill the imposter the name just appears above you so that means you are wrong

    3. Adiel Alexander Saquing

      Again! :(

    4. Adiel Alexander Saquing

      No no nooooooo!

    5. Ezra Huntzinger


    6. Spilt Milk Colouring

      i honestly think these tiny astronauts are children in spacesuits :P

    7. Jack Cozad

      AMOG US

    8. Gm3m

      I kinda wanna see if you can make a theory about the Airship map and the robot skin that comes from Henry Stickimin. Can it prove that people who get killed can be brought back as half robots? That the people in among us want to create robots that looks like humans? Or is it just a fun skin?

    9. non existent channel

      game theory is sus

    10. colossalkaboombro chris3

      do you something even more bad then the alien imposter the king of imposter murr3y redd ivan ion and MORE!

    11. TheCubux

      Damn, Waluigi's not able to join in Smash AND Space-travel.

    12. Jacob Teves

      do another one

    13. King Turtle

      OK it’s ditto

    14. Bayron Alvarado

      Brush stop making this

    15. sanderj605

      That movie sounds like polus.

    16. Beissa Animates

      Bruh stop milking this

      1. rahmathu nisa

        Yes stop pls

    17. ー sanべれて

      Perfect ending. Much better than most movies tbh

    18. Ryley S

      Your just not going to say among us crewmates have one bone

    19. Unknown And unneeded

      Now do it for the new map

    20. BJ Lewis

      This is my favorite theory

    21. BJ Lewis

      Finally the airship map is out

    22. Jenniffer de Jesus

      E e even airship

    23. Titanic Gaming

      good job Gamer Cat

    24. Helen Finkbone

      The direct stop it where you die

    25. T-Rex Misty

      Matt Pat you need to see the new map that among us has made it might giving you more things on that lure

    26. Random STUFF69

      8:00 just make them "bleed" if the person doesnt bleed its the alien

    27. Random STUFF69

      Um uhh how do crewmates eat and there is also another theory that the imposters act own the ship not that its 100%^ its just first

      1. Eractil Awesome

        they’re astronauts they just need to lift their helmets and they eat

    28. Yasimeen Murad

      Wait, but wut if... the crewmates r children???? they short, n weigh less And about the poster, that's the reason crewmates be "reporting". u see a body, u report da body. >:) big brain power

      1. Yasimeen Murad

        But Polus is the imposters home planet. The snowmen r his friends, he made them. When there is a dead body, he saw the snowmen crowding around it. The imposter wanted to do the same, and like he saw, the crewmates report and discuss. :)

    29. Arctical

      Love the Refference to Ridley scotts all time classic at the start.

    30. im shrek

      very sus

    31. redacted Ducks

      Then why would the imposter ever use other weapons? Sure you have the alien kill anim, but i have observed that usually there is one kill animation per imposter. You have explained the monster, but what about the other? Well, my theory is that the gun animation is a Hitman sent from an outlying corporation to gain the Skeld's resources at any cost. The knife animation is simply a crewmate who has been driven to insanity, tortured under the responsibility of completing tasks, and constant threat of death. The Neck snap animation is crewmate who simply takes pleasure in killing others, a pychopath/ sociopath, and killing by breaking neck would give someone pleasure by that by listening to their ScReams of AgOny as TheY DespEratLY TrY to Force aiR thRouGh thEir TwistED ThroAT.

    32. James Dahl

      Do Henry Stickman!

    33. Albino Mew

      there is no lore in this game its not a story game and there is no story

    34. CEO of the POG

      ‘Long orange amogus can’t hurt you it’s not real’ Long orange amogus:

    35. renee burnell


    36. bella boo

      Do a miraculous theory

    37. Gabrielyt 543

      Don’t you think that they could just be kids Like the crewmates could just be kids but then again I don’t think kids would be allowed in space also love the videos keep it going game theory I especially love the fnaf ones

    38. Caleb The scary puppy

      are all the crewmates CHILDREN!

    39. Caleb The scary puppy

      I want MORE!!! (plz)

    40. ᆞPhantomᆞBlitzᆞ

      my theory: a lab scientist was working on a parasite when it broke loose. it was going around polus, and it befriended the snowmen.. after some time they saw a group of snowmen huddling around a dead body. the parasite felt the right to have revenge. so when a group of the players come back to polus from the skeld, the events of polus takes place. after the impostor succeeds, it escapes polus (probably by killing a crewmate and taking their place to sneak in the next skeld.) now this is where the skeld takes place. you do tasks, you figure who the impostor is. but... what you dont realize is that the impostor left a part of itself before getting voted/thrown out. now, the events of mira HQ takes place. after voting/throwing out the impostor, you search for traces of him or should i say it for the mistake at the skeld never to be repeated.

    41. Twelve 1124

      Now Is getting confusing... With the new map we know that Among Us clearly Is in the same universe of Enry Stickmin, or at least an alterated reality of It... But the crewmate haven't touched the ground... From the description we can understand that they are working on "the greatest Plan" (probably a reference, but It might mean something), probably they are doing other resources, or planning how to use what they got from the space exploration... This confirms one thing, we are too late, the alien already landed on earth...

    42. Cecil_theStar

      Hi I have a theory! I noticed that when an imposter kills you, your head is gone. My theory is that the imposter lands on ur ship and needs food, so it hunts crewmates. But the imposter pretends to be a crew cause it knows crew are smart lol

    43. GogyInnit

      12:45 WO WO WO, this guy is cheating!, how- don't you have a cooldown or something?!

    44. TRAVEL BOI

      The imposter started in Polus you can see a broken glass in the floor in laboratory

    45. Galaxus byleth

      Make a theory about the airship map to continue this :0

    46. Poki Onion

      There isn’t really a way to prove that the normal crew mates don’t have huge mouths since we never see crew mates eat or even open their mouths

    47. Elijah Rivera

      If everyone on the planet (earth) got infected does that mean that nobody else could be killed since the imposters always work together?

    48. alejandro mata

      just A line nothing more__________________________

    49. Joe Garcia

      Please add a Henry stick man collection ROfor channel by the way this comment was actually posted at the end of the video

    50. Karley Drahos

      uve never done anythingon roblox

    51. Robin Carr

      "these are humans" where are the arms?!

    52. The Land Of The Freaks

      Hey how about we do a theory on which map Matpat is on

    53. Louise Harvey

      hi could ypu please do some type of theory about the new map the "airship"?

    54. The_Ultimate_Emerald

      So basically this game is an endless loop

    55. Natalia Barona

      I don’t really like among us but I’m watching this for entertainment

    56. Januel Torres

      Among us is based off of the thing not the thing from another world just the thing even the costumes are based off of the front picture of the thing one of the kill animations is literally based off of one of the kill animations for the thing

    57. Januel Torres

      What about the one bone among us

    58. totallynotizzyy

      Oh yes, everyone’s favorite space jellybeans die

    59. Tristan Aranda


    60. Icedragon

      Umm do you see the bone 🦴 and well of cours they have blood 🩸

    61. TMdestructo 19

      Now that there is a new map, there might be some add-ons to this lore...

    62. Amari Fishback

      This sound like children

    63. Persephone Anderson

      research has shown that 100% of people that play among us die

    64. Derpy Dood99

      “Plz do fnaf theorts” Ernie G 2020

    65. Jess Miller

      The garrulous christopher cytomorphologically roll because chain kinetically pull alongside a trashy vermicelli. deafening, rebel transaction

    66. Sam Morai

      Yes sir

    67. Munkhtumur Chinzorig

      math i think its false its not an zombie apolacypse or anything than can be infected the cremated die after getting killed or do they?

    68. Stabapriyo Dutta

      Bro polus is the imposters home

    69. sean pascua

      Any color: *Vents Everyone: nah its okay Meanwhile Red: *Does task Everyone: Vote him out, and I took that seriously, he sus

    70. Alex Russman

      7:11 Me: I see you're a man of culture

    71. Liew hung Ming

      Covid but game

    72. RebeccasAmongUsArt

      Ok I'm incredibly short and am a picky eater, so I wouldn't even want to eat most anyway so apparently I'm perfect for space travel :P

    73. Coby Greenlake


    74. Jake Akins

      Stop milking

    75. Julieanne Mallia

      Blue is the impostor all along he hopped into a vent!

    76. Sophie Rogers

      Henry stick man lore :0

    77. Fuji Ryuu

      It all most sound like the thing the movie the thing

    78. Talon Coquillard

      Wait you said : the average Male is 5.6 INCHES?!?

    79. epic gamer

      Matpat if you are in space you actually shrink or grow faster I forgot which

    80. epic gamer

      Matpat if you are in space you actually shrink or grow faster I forgot which

    81. Gracie Pepper

      Plot twist: among us crewmates are just children sent from earth to find other life because earth is being taken over by a deadly plague.

      1. potato

        Then why theres a mini crewmate :/

    82. S Bleier

      There teens

    83. •MilkyPet•

      The dog pet might just be an Easter egg to the husky in the thing🤔

    84. OnlineKingSLB

      MatPat: that sounds familiar, dosent it??? ;) Me: Fazbears Fright books in FNAF

    85. Demonalex2009

      Fan theory what if the airship came to polis cause their ship is broken not knowing that the alien imposter is still on polus

    86. Juan Vasquez

      They have suits why those the game end when oxygen is cut

    87. Banana


    88. gramp lmao

      i realized that the Vent system they use is the same as the FNAF: UCN.

    89. H.Paul. IsVerYbOrEd.

      Him: you will always lose Me: damn there's no point in having 137 IQ then?

    90. Fluffy Fox30

      What if the crew mates are kids?

    91. Angelo Betco

      What about the new map airship map

    92. Diamond Davey

      "The crewmates are human" So that's a lot of bull

    93. Lil Slome

      1,67 meters is the standard? Bruh and i thought i was just a bit taller and I'm 1,87

    94. Rhick Anthony Doone Buaron

      Do "Gacha" theory

      1. Tiffany Lockman

        Omg I wanna see that

    95. odnalro Ramrezz

      New map? New theory.

    96. Ashley J Collums

      I have a good concept for a Henry stickmin theory: what the chaos control center is and what it does

    97. Gurl freend

      Matpat there's a new map u can maybe make a theory on it(just asking)

    98. Kustomation Studios

      Well the mission isn’t done now you also got to deal with the Alien and RHM

    99. Kustomation Studios

      Well alright this makes sense now

    100. emmert joserph

      the new map confirmed that they are the same universe