🔮Footballers Predict CL Semi-Finals!🔮 (Real Madrid vs Chelsea + PSG vs Man City Champions League)


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    1. 442oons

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      1. Benjamin Mathew

        Assessed Nnbbvyhht try think him I'm This

      2. Antoni Smoleń

        Messi-great presiction

      3. Femi James

        Lol Messi predicted the correct score

      4. Did You JUST FARTED

        After reading comments, Haaland have won most votes for predictions over Messi even though both predicted right - 2021 Ballon D'or winner #Haaland 🤣🤣🤣

      5. Super Baby

        Messi & Haaland predicted right!

    2. Anthony

      PSG vs Man city aka oil classico 🤣

    3. Stupid Baker

      1:24 442oons Joke of The Year

    4. Neon Default

      0:48 😧

    5. Gaming with Mike

      I just love the way zlatan says zlaten

    6. Kieen Gaming

      Why are all talking about haaland guessing the score what about messi

    7. Gerson Junior Castro Mamani

      ese zlatan se equivoco al final city goleo 4 a 1 al psg😂😂😂

    8. anestis 122 gamer

      0:56 2:46 The right predections

    9. Іванна Стаднік

      0:50 Jürgen Klopp 2thleg

    10. Sarvajith Nalaneelan

      3:07 it was the other way around

    11. Adi

      I didn't know Haaland and Messi are from the future

    12. AnuMessi100

      Don't forget Klopp, he predicted the second leg of Real Madrid vs Chelsea, LOL!

    13. Demarc Lyne

      Good one josé good one

    14. I’m A Rocket League Bot

      Klopp And Haaland got it right

    15. Johnatan Suares da Sil

      Go away, strange Jürgen Klopp

    16. Max Bee zee

      Halland prodicted the first leg and Klop the second

    17. C Agnew Gaming

      Klopp got the Second Leg of Real And Chelsea Right!

    18. Amga 03

      2:15 its el arabico

    19. Deez Guyz

      4:26 Dean predicted the finals

    20. Deez Guyz

      2:01 the only Muller joke that made me laugh

    21. GREECE

      2:45 He actually predicted the correct score!

    22. Jugando con AJDR14

      Messi really predicted the right result of PSG VS Man City

    23. nikola gaming

      Bravo Klopp

    24. Tusantara Ikomang

      Haaland True 1-1 Arsene Miss 8-2

    25. OffTIGRY Lord of beasts

      Jurgen really predicted Madrid vs Chelsea does he have a timing machine

    26. faisa

      Haaland and messi are geniuses

    27. Nothing Nothing

      2:44 damm Messi predicted the result

    28. Stella Shumba

      Lol Muller

    29. EoCo Summer

      0:45 and 0:52 you got it

    30. Tom Murchuis

      0:48 I mean Klopp predicted Chelsea’s win in the second leg

    31. Max Carter

      Everyone’s talking about Haaland correctly predicting the first leg of Real Madrid v Chelsea But no one is talking about the fact that Klopp also correctly predicted the second leg score

    32. Hồ Thị Triều Minh

      Jurgen Klopp is a real GENIUS for predicting the match Chelsea won 2-0 against Real Madrid

    33. mich man

      Klopp got it right

    34. Footballclips

      Messi was right

    35. Evan Santhu

      Messi predicted the match psg vs man city

    36. Cucumbers games

      Haaland got the 1st leg Chelsea Vs real and klopp got the 2nd leg right

    37. Alan The hunter

      Messi really predicted correct on psg Vs Man city

    38. Beki Mekonnen

      And messi predicted right too

    39. Beki Mekonnen

      Jurgen predicted right 🥵🥵🙊

    40. Legjarvy On Xbox

      Jurgen 2 leg tho

    41. Woke Dream


    42. xVladio

      Thanks to Erling and Klopp chelsea are in a Champions League final

    43. Coby's Gameplay and Vibin' Channel

      People talk about Haaland predicting real v chelsea correctly but don't talk about Messi predicting psg v man city correctly

    44. OP MIQYL

      Halland and kloop actually predicted it 😮

    45. Forbidden VIP

      Jurgen predicted right for the 2nd leg

    46. Mitch Wade

      Klopp got it right

    47. Tanay Shandilya

      Jugren Klopp is right

    48. Soham Mondal

      Literally who's spine was that

    49. Omar mix

      Klopp predicted real and Chelsea second leg

    50. Phạm Đức Sang

      Klopp predicted the right result of the second leg :))

    51. oPathetic

      Loll klopp predicted second leg

    52. Rifky Faturahman


    53. leandrocc12

      Stop putting jokes about messi leaving, he's not gonna leave, he already said!!!

    54. Leo Mario Ceneus

      Klopp predicted 2-0 second leg😅

    55. Stan lee

      Messi was right 🤯🤯

    56. Purple Pen

      klopp guessed the 2nd leg in real vs chelsea

    57. Md Rifat Ur Rahman

      Haaland predicted the 1st leg Klopp predicted the 2nd leg Of Madrid vs Chelsea Messi predicted the 1st leg of City vs PSG

    58. yoface mnbbbvvcc

      klopp got the second leg right

    59. Abdullah Rahman

      watching after Chelsea beat Madrid Klopp was right

    60. Fakhrul Islam

      Kloop fixed the Madrid vs Chelsea match for sure😂😂how did he get that right?😂😂


      jurgen kloop was write for the 2nd leg

    62. Josiah Oscares

      Jurgen kloop predicted rhe second leg real-0 cheal-2

    63. KaneQ

      Messi Predict 1st Leg in PSG vs Man City

    64. KaneQ

      Haland Predict 1st Leg Klopp Predict 2nd Leg In Real vs Chelsea

    65. •One Day, Last Night•

      0:47 True! Chelsea beat Real Madrid in 2nd leg!

    66. Markus Ionescu

      Klopp was spot on. Not only with the scoreline but with Timo Werner too

    67. Melih Seçgül

      Klopp Can Predict 2nd Leg

    68. Saptarsi Mitra

      Messi really predicted the score of city and psg

    69. LAG2 YT

      Haaland and klopp were right 😌😌💙💙

    70. Diego


    71. jojo morrison

      Who is here after city won

    72. jojo morrison

      Who is here after Chelsea won?

    73. TheMightyMuffin69

      Is nobody gonna talk about how Jürgen Klopp predicted the score for Chelsea-Madrid 2nd leg? And Messi predicted the score of the first leg of PSG-Man City

    74. ApexTheRacer

      haaland predicted first leg and klopp predicted second leg

    75. Pradhavin Moodley

      Ayyyy my bru Chelsea and city wow

    76. AMXHD

      TURBO TIMO!!!!!

    77. ste T

      messi got first leg right of city vs psg

    78. Rian

      Messi was right

    79. Peetu Gaming

      4-1 agg lets goooooooooooooooo

    80. MohammadSadegh HajiSotoodeh

      OMG messi predicted the exact result 😳

    81. Jamie Tan

      2:44 Messi should go to City next

    82. Sparsh Juneja

      Haaland’s 1st leg😉😉😅 Haaland’s 2nd leg 🤪😜

    83. baducreal

      2:44 You're right too Messi!

    84. Yomara Cristancho

      2:43 is acert

    85. David Torres

      3:09 Good one Zlatan

    86. baducreal

      0:53 Right Haaland!

    87. David Torres

      Haaland, you were close! ;O 2:52

    88. Vaibhav Bedi

      Haaland was right smh robot fr Messi as well crazy

    89. Team Nomads

      Messi prediction is correct

    90. Tiago Vargas

      Haaland predicted chelsea and messi got city and psg

    91. Luis Diaz

      3:34 anyone here after Mourinho confirmed he will be manager of Roma

    92. kayra duran

      And Messi true! WTH

    93. Vaishnav Menon

      Messi did an accurate prediction 1-2

    94. Alfredo Trece

      how did haaland and messi predicted the results

    95. NVV 7

      Trust me Chelsea and psg are making it to the finals

      1. Zombieking2701

        Well you got chelsea

    96. Banana football

      “ I’ll make sure my forwards are watching the game to get some shooting advice From timo Werner”. Well this aged well

    97. Ye Yint Naing

      Why Muller always say 2-8? 🤣🤣🤣

    98. Jesus david Prieto lagos

      Cristiano Ronaldo prediced the future real 1-1 Chelsea

      1. Kalee Giant

        No he didn't

    99. Charlene V B

      Leo was right man city did win 1-2 against psg

    100. Harib Belselah

      Who was here after haaland perfectly predicted the first leg of Madrid vs Chelsea and how Messi predicted city vs psg