Fnf Vs Tordbot be like:


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    this is a sequel for my "Fnf Vs Tord be like:" video. and yes all credit for eddsworld

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    1. Zombie Gaming Playz

      Tom:IM NOT YOUR FRIEND Tordbot:Oh no

    2. Zombie Gaming Playz

      Tord is just a Clone

    3. TORD


    4. Jose Antonio Feliz Furcal

      Im mad with the persons who think other people are inferior just bc they discovered it from fnf.Just one phrase.THEY ARE NOT INFERIOR. Note:im one of them.

    5. Tord

      God I got defeated 😞, I hope I can get get my revenge 😡

    6. newb brobeans

      0:38 when people know what to do in tordbot :*SPAMMING TIME*

    7. кибер-робот профессионал

      I'M NOT YOU FRIEND! 1:01

      1. Tord

        @кибер-робот профессионал I know

      2. кибер-робот профессионал

        @Tord the fact that you throw a chair at him every time

      3. Tord

        Tom said that since he hates me 😞😡😡😡

    8. MOS Jalil

      So OP

    9. TheToxicGamer

      Boi! This is so good!

    10. Julia Galindo

      Kshegvry Hdccfehvrhfr Dbbdbd

    11. Redzard

      Give me the bluescreen credits

      1. Raichuliam

        I didnt, I used flipaclip and private my blue screen

    12. Melinda Koch


    13. Kapi

      0:40 there singing the Eddsworld theme song

    14. Larry Griffin

      Robot: *exists* Litteraly everyone: It FrOn FeNiF!!!!1!1!11!1!1!1!11111!!1!BBBZJJJDHHHSKXRRRSHCBDDDHSJCBBBBBBBFIHEUWWWFS😃😁😃😃😀😁😀😆😆😃😆😀😁

    15. Tord✔


    16. Kuba Zbrożek

      this is very good

    17. Roman Flores Salazar

      0:13 me getting revenge of my parents ween I have 22 year old

    18. budget vloger

      1:03 we can't go under it we can't go over it oh no! *we have to go through it*

    19. Fatima Oliveira

      Me looking at tordbot at the first time be like: *M.E.G.A.Z.O.R.D*

    20. Dante Contreras

      "Hey! TAKE A SEAT!" "Oh SHUT. UP!"

    21. Trash.

      this is cheating these memes were funny until people started doing this

    22. İnk demon


    23. Franky Martinez


    24. Ej leid

      The tord bot?

    25. Ej leid

      Why did robot come from?

    26. Tango The Golden

      Fnf kids: *tord is from fnf-* Me: 0:02

    27. Samuel Does Random Stuff

      Disclaimer: No Tordbots or Tords were harmed in the making of this video.

    28. Ashriel Manzanero

      Tord getting beat up continuosly : 0:45

    29. Ciro Gonzalez Luna

      No mames

    30. savageocto83

      Ah so i was right about in the mod when the robot starts to sound wierd it is when it is about to explode and is malfunctioning

    31. Faheem Kapadia

      You always know what Tom says

    32. Rapid TQNK2

      Eddsworld is such a good show

    33. Yosof 999so


    34. Ulrick Ambroise

      More Like Tom Vs Tordbot In A Rap Battle

    35. Rom Start

      I am heavy assuming that most of the people who has watched this video doesn't even know the real names of the characters or even who Edd was

      1. Raichuliam


    36. Gacha Imran tv

      0:05 when your playing tordbot and there’s no WiFi

      1. Raichuliam


    37. Guy Ahmad

      It is so dumb but I am LOLing out loud

    38. Ayesha akter Sumi

      Whoa tom just say "IM NOT UR FRIEND!!!"thats gud one

    39. Mobile Gamer

      The End Part 2 rapping battle

    40. Dang Playz

      I know this.

    41. David's Music

      Beginning be like: 321go

    42. Lisa Haskins

      I saw this episode from eddsworld

    43. Zebry

      1:01 I Can Hear The Sound

    44. trollge

      WOW I GET 70.000 LIKES

    45. Papaco

      Humor americano😐

    46. brawl stars Toledo. 500


    47. Frost Spirit

      7 million in 7 days what a coincidence

    48. Sebastian Wisnoski


    49. Alfie TheRandomRager


    50. Matt From wii sports

      i miss eddsworld i wish cancer isnt real

    51. Sliceaphobia


    52. Tyrone Mcleod


    53. Tyrone Mcleod

      Wait wait wait wait okay

    54. Tyrone Mcleod


    55. GaelGlitchy

      I hate the fact this has WAY more views than the latest eddsworld episode, it pisses me off, this is why I don’t like the fnf community

    56. Zach The Hedgehog


    57. bacondominus

      No it’s just a scene from the show

    58. Turbat Nasanjargal


    59. Turbat Nasanjargal


    60. Turbat Nasanjargal


    61. Olga Galbay


    62. ILA and Jameson YT

      Wow this is like when I want to go to the pool at the hotel my mum is Tom me is Tord mum and me fight😐

    63. Faheem Kapadia

      I am not your friend

    64. Foxy9405

      Hopefully Tord comes back and becomes with the group again. Besides he and the other three were based of Edd himself and Edd's three friends.

    65. Jotaro Kujo

      I like your animations

      1. average roblox player


      2. Jotaro Kujo

        @nab Arkananta no

      3. nab Arkananta

        @Jotaro Kujo is this a joke or nah

      4. remik el chemsificador

        @Jotaro Kujo rofor.info/house/video/sa6mgn9qqcjNxtY.html

      5. Jotaro Kujo

        Yes they are

    66. Valok Prestigious

      I'm surprised that a harpoon spear (or whatever it's called) managed to pierce Tord's robot's armor. Also surprised Tord's robot has a system of miniture metal fists to punch the operator through the system.

    67. Eric Gordon

      when u play fnf and ur like tord is my fav character but then u realize hes a jerk

    68. Gamer Games

      0:06 😂🤣😂🤣

    69. Sarvente fnf

      I love you tord 👉👈

    70. Miguel Baltazar

      i made a smash stage where there's a contraption throwing lava cubes at tordbot and you can control tordbot

    71. Santiago Coronel

      Imagine what people know eddsworld with Fnf

    72. Rachel Green


    73. Shari Samuel


    74. Hi Grunt

      Person getting whooshed vs person who made a stupid joke

    75. Eduardo C

      0:22 I Like How In This Part Tordbot Laugh Its Really Sounds Like He Is Laughing

    76. Alejandro B. Defeo

      How to attack your enemy from the inside of his robot find his other control pad and press random buttons

    77. Elivana Corsino Ramos


    78. Mounir GAMER

      Bruh u put some other youtuber who did this

      1. nab Arkananta

        yeah we all know

    79. Army forever

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    80. Julio Raffo

      ZS2VVCDHSYY9YS9 *,

    81. the afk fox the foxy plush

      Original video by eddsworld

    82. best eater

      I made one but not the most viewed

    83. Dawn Adams

      Eddsworld but it’s just tord

    84. NinjaCatMeow5

      Is not like IT IS TORDBOT

    85. Green GalaxyJ28

      Perfect ending

    86. Michelle Godoy

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    87. Gg Gg

      قبت بهتيتقبهثبتثاخبحنثخبتثثهبقبعثهقنقبختقبقبالفعبقلعبهبثخحتبخثعبثتبثخثلعلقهعنقبنحثحبهبهههخبهتثقتبهقبهتثختخثبتثبخابثخبنحثتثتمثبتخثخبتخثبثمتبقتخبقخقتبتتثاثهبخبثبنححثننثبتخخبثخنبثتخثبثخبتثبتخث

    88. gipsy dager VS kaijus

      Tom VS tordbot

    89. eliane belo Belo

      0.o painho é esse LV

    90. TEÆ


    91. Gelocksx661

      hey tom, wanna see my giant robot?

    92. Zubed Bwi

      mike the kid

    93. 와샌즈

      0;51 ✊

    94. GirlFriend

      0:06 Infnite Loop Of Runnin Tom Also Throwin A Brick

    95. Канал Миши