Floyd Mayweather vs Logan Paul: Fight goes the distance [Highlights, recap] | CBS Sports HQ

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    Watch the highlight from the Mayweather-Paul bout, plus get the full reaction from the Morning Kombat team on the action.

    Go to Showtime for all your extended coverage of Mayweather-Paul.

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    1. Leonard Wright

      Floyd you make the sport a disgrace. I WILL PUT YOUR LIGHTS OUT AND MAKE BOXING GREAT AGAIN.... LEONARD WRIGHT....,

    2. Leonard Wright

      Hey Floyd, I'm 48 years old. I will drop to your weight and be the first in history to put your lights out in a 15 round match. Leonard Wright. Marianna FL

    3. Stephen G

      this twisted ass casual fan fest is a crime against humanity and they`re talking like that idiot paul or logan, whatever his user name is, actually acomplished something things are really bad in the world of boxing no wonder mma ate boxing alive if you want a real fight its mma not this vomit vision

    4. chris abbott

      Logan is a heavyweight and Floyd is old and smaller. Logan was suppose to knock Floyd out you dummy’s 🤦🏾‍♂️

    5. Lord Slattttt

      bro wtf was he winning

    6. Gavin Perry

      This already happened? 😂 Well, glad I only spent 3 mins watching some of the highlights. I still feel like I need a refund.

    7. Future

      From ROforr to boxing Legend, Logan Paul just doesn’t stop working 🐐

    8. Glen Hastings

      This is an absolute slap in the face to boxing fans. What a joke

    9. ReySur

      2:35 Floyd the legend? the boxer? this dude couldn't even win against noob. If the opponent were Mike Tysen, he would have killed him with the first punch.

    10. Ladosligese

      how can you not see that Mayweather was payed off, this is a joke to Boxing

    11. Cid Newman

      "Goes the distance"...? 😂🤣😂🤣😂 Floyd had to prop him up for Paul to even make it to the end. What a joke. The fact that you don't mention, or show it, shows your nothing more than a "Meat Puppet", spewing BS.

    12. Aviyahu Yisrael

      Michael Jackson white said that head was gone be snapping back all night and it really happened, 😄

    13. Mishal Qasim

      So who won😅😅

    14. John Cena

      Logan Paul after he loses: IT WAS FAKE 😢😢😢

    15. loke senpai

      This circus is disrespectful to the history of boxing

    16. Buzz Cat

      Mayweather was obv holding back his power

    17. Yucky Ducklin

      Logan Paul: practise for months Fatneek:eats mukbang and wins

      1. انس الزهراني


    18. Sam Finoh

      I think Mayweather went easy on him

    19. Alexus Bester

      All I can say is that Logan can take blows well...

    20. Dino God

      Thanks for the video

    21. Sergej Keser

      This is a sad sad day for boxing...

    22. Kane Jason

      Floyd won in every way. He got paid, he won the fight against a man who’s much taller and much heavier, at the age of 44, while still not even bringing all he has

    23. Naruto Uchiha

      Honestly i I’m a Ksi fan But Logan has more power and now experience

    24. Jom Mancing

      this event is A SCAM BIG TIME

    25. Darrell 420Smoke

      Winner MAYWEATHER ....Got a prob wit my Opinion....Set it wit me Paul

    26. mohammad fahrza

      this is not boxing, this is trash

    27. Nalintina

      when do they box

    28. Grant Oden

      Next up: Mayweather vs a garbage can.

    29. susan T

      pink Floyd mayweather

    30. D Pressmann

      That was a cute fight.

    31. KM Chow

      The boxer that never lose vs the boxing that never win

    32. Ruan Akin

      Funniest thing I ever seen was Paul’s “combo explosion”. It was friggin hillarious

      1. Ruan Akin

        Its at 1:11

    33. Wizard

      Can the Paul’s drop dead already

    34. Tommy Curtis

      Floyd - he was fighting to survive. Clinching every chance he got and running away. Everyone else- Isn’t that what Floyd made a career on doing?

    35. Al Miller

      Wish we could have had Floyd fight Ali in his prime. 150 pounds of blood

    36. anthony do

      A friend from my old high school flew out to see this. I can’t believe how bad he got played.

      1. Justin Gibson

        Hahahaha 😂😂

    37. kakissapoleiro

      so... this has highlights?

    38. Nenungo Darius

      Main Werther'

    39. purjo y


    40. James Hill

      0-2 😂😂😂😂

    41. LJ

      Mayweather won all Logan Paul did was hug him like ._.

    42. thomas perry

      Did you just see that dude looks like he's about to cry for fighting someone he idolized as a kid growing up 🤔

    43. Keanne Wille

      Bruh Logan ain't even got a full resume ppl: let's add 20m social media followers to his resume Everyone else: Yeah cause that will definitely counts in a fight Sounds f*ckboy-ish

    44. riptorn

      Is it me or is Logan Paul like 20 lbs bigger?

    45. Ben Dana

      Pacquiao fights real boxer Mayweather fights youtuber

    46. JadenGC

      The fact that this even exists is disappointing

    47. Rose Hauff

      Logan Paul swings like a toddler

    48. [based audio]

      Logan tried to overwhelm him my flailing around like a school girl.. smh.

    49. [based audio]

      "They don't look alike " ..k

    50. Arcade Gir

      Who won that fight man

    51. Morella Továr


    52. Jamal Shelton

      They should of just slap boxed in the parking lot of the arena, people could place bets and lose less money.

    53. reborn new

      Floyd if he fought jake instead: rofor.info/house/video/xZ6boZKAatfFo7g.html

    54. T Davis

      Logan Paul go for Mike Tyson next🔥

    55. hen ko

      I can see Kanye trying to set up a fight against someone.

    56. MarGang

      They doing boxing but not ufc 🤔

    57. Carl

      these analysts are messed up, they spent like 5 minutes rephrasing their logan paul hate versus what they consider 'real' boxing. they insist he wont even be boxing again. like, are these guys secretly promoter geniuses hired by logan paul, or are they just that cringe?

    58. Angeles Torres

      Hilarious. Can't believe old money mayweather didn't knock him out. This can only mean one thing... 💩show part deuh.

    59. Pepito Tagor

      I watch a circus, two clowns makes me laugh 😆😆😆

      1. hen ko

        People shitting on Logan but Floyd also played like a boring fucker

    60. Sharingan User

      If for Logan's next fight even half the crowd shows up...I'll take this world as full of fools....

    61. David Griggers

      Floyd do what Roy Jones did up the weight class

    62. Dalaya Sanders

      Floyd mayweather is going to be king in America

    63. Ayush Kumar


    64. Nelly Keepsake

      I'm proud of Logan Paul 👍

    65. Num Erus

      I know this is just a show, they're doing it for $$$ and all but it's still an insult to this great, legendary sport. They shouldn't call it boxing, they should call it "greedy, arrogant m'fers gonna hug for 8 rds"

    66. Num Erus

      I remember boxing in the nineties....and then there is....that 😭

    67. Daniel Murphy

      Mayweather was not in top condition

    68. Huppa3333

      I didn't watch this match and I still want my money back...

    69. BuXiX

      The Ino vs. Sakura fight in Naruto was better than this.

    70. Tinell Stephens

      Let's go Logan let's go

    71. Atlantic Eagle

      Canelo alvarez would kick Paul out of the ring in 3 minutes

    72. Challenjour

      People shitting on Logan but Floyd also played like a boring fucker

    73. Troyus Boggs

      He held him the whole fight

    74. skyla Wray

      Logan fighting for survival and Mayweather just thinking about what he’s gonna eat for lunch after😂

    75. JDV3R

      This fight getting announced inspired me to box 😂

    76. JaCo_PDG


    77. Fire Trends

      What are these trash highlights

    78. Todd Peucker

      Why would people think Logan was the proxy "winner" in this snoozefest? So a kid who is half a foot taller, 45lbs heavier, 18 years younger, with a 4 inch reach advantage survived (but got out punched 7of 8 rounds) to a 44 y.o. retired boxer....I'd actually be embarrassed. And that 13% land ratio...bruh. Flailing wildly isn't synonymous with the sweet science. Your brother knocks out a non striking washed up mma grappler who may or may not have taken a dive, you lose to another ROforr/rapper, and suddenly these two jabronies think they're gonna go on some Klitchko-esque reign thru the world of spectacle crossover bull***t...err, I mean boxing? Stop wasting your money folks.

    79. Marc Libre

      mayweather is too weak by not beating a non boxer opponent what a shame for him and for boxing as well

    80. amos quito

      RIP boxing :(

    81. Lenard Jay Israel

      y not fight many pacqiuao?

    82. jayknight139

      I lost interest when they announced there was not going to be a winner.

    83. Tiona Shuffelen

      Floyd is 51-0 if you count the time he beat his wife.

    84. xrrxy vvoi

      Logan fights like me when i was five.

    85. Og Tip

      Are you serious Ctfu this bullshit you can tell Floyd was holding back

    86. Ko- Jap

      2:14 he punched 2x amount Tèr he landed half of the punches that Floyd did Dude how is this not one handed 13% punches landed and you say this is not one sided are y’all blind ???

    87. Jamais Vu

      Seems like middle school fight to me

    88. Brass Manjeh

      Two professional huggers

      1. xrrxy vvoi

        2:01 nobody gonna talk about that head sweat to the eye

    89. Ed Rin

      Came here from a video of a crab hugging a hand to see the hugging

    90. Boycie Calamiong


    91. Carlos Garcia

      He wasted all his chi with barrage of fists

    92. Zaynoun Sunna'a

      Training match for Paul .. Mayweather was the coach