Fast and Furious and Justin and Sydnee watch F8 for

11 K vizionare6


    1. Pétros Antares

      I believe Justin has drip.

    2. Tapioca Star

      If you're about the main Drift characters, Tokyo Drift will seem really out of left field. If you're interested in how Japanese Drift racing works, it's a blast.

    3. Mars Coriad

      tokyo drift is the best one

    4. Erik Derby

      Awww I love u both

    5. Jesin

      Justin makes the world a brighter place.

    6. Ben Weiner

      So Tokyo Drift isn’t a great MOVIE but Han is the best character in the series so getting there is dope

    7. Rando Plants

      Ginger ale and whiskey sounds nice for a hot day

    8. sydney schmidt

      “Group it n roup it”🥤💨

    9. Christian del Valle

      Juice got that wagon on em 😍

      1. Christian del Valle

        Hey Justin can you give us the recipe for that cake

    10. K Ball

      Ngl jealous of the drip on j man

    11. Dominic Gamboa