DB2018 - McElroy Brothers call-in

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    Justin and Travis McElroy call in

    Uploaded by the Desert Bus Video Strike Team

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    1. ingloriousday

      I can’t believe that so many of my favorite internet people are in the same place together

    2. isleyvideoproduction

      ah fuck, i can't believe you've done this

    3. Peter M

      "one brother does appear to be missing but that's okay I got the good two" protective older brother mode: engage 😐😒

    4. darth plagueis the wise

      I'm sorry but Boston Pizza is not good.

      1. Ray13

        I'm like 80% sure they're being sarcastic.

    5. Sophia

      these men are two out of like seven MAX straight white men i trust unconditionally and that's the tea sis!!!

    6. andrineslife

      I'm planning a one month train trip and I hope they're proud 😅

    7. SecondBreakfastPip

      So glad that Goodnight Moon is appreciated by our boys

    8. Rowan Lavellan

      ...Justin watches Booth Junkie? My brother and I got into Booth Junkie bc Mike Delgaudio is a VA for the NoSleep podcast and David Cummings plugged the channel on the podcast. My brain hurts.

    9. Rook ASMR

      Good to know that Travis does what I do by pulling up Justin and Griffin on polygon and just binging while I work

      1. Reagan Corbett

        when he said that i cried