Dashcam footage of cash van crew under attack from CIT robbers

SA Trucker

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    Here is how it ended satrucker.co.za/cash-in-trans...

    Check out the other video showing Leo Prinsloo ramming into the robbers' cars and almost run over the rogues tellitallsa.co.za/yet-another...

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    1. bake.agency

      They need a GPS / panic button in the car.. a simple press when in trouble to alert back up / mark them on a map.. save faffing around with the phone.. heavy stuff man!

    2. Zheng Peng

      Hi,Mr./Ms. This is CTI TV ROfor channel.We are writing to ask for authorization to use this video,we will do moderate editing then upload it on ROfor,but we will still faithfully present the content of the work,and specify the source. Thank you for your time.

    3. Mr. Poyo

      The fact that this happened on my birthday tho

    4. Ponnada Jaidev

      Those mercenary bastards chasing Trevor and Franklin....The most GTA thing ever.

    5. អ្នកតាម្ចាស់ស្រុក


    6. Wandering Panda

      I think the security firm needs to get bullpup rifles or some foldable stock rifles, its too long in the car


      Trevor and Franklin 😂😂😂😂

    8. Hi Hello

      Cashless would stop the following: 1. cash in-transit heist 2. money laundry 3. Drugs money. 4. selling car-jacking cars in Sweden cash in-transit crimes is zero percent. money laundry is traceable. Drugs money traceable and car jacking money traceable. crime in south Africa will drop. see Sweden as an example.

    9. nicecat nicecat


    10. Marcos Lucio Silva

      Esse motorista fudeu os caras

    11. Nazeem2102

      I’m going to buy bullet proof glass for my car now

    12. Andrij

      Real Life "Wrath of Man".

    13. A Man Apart

      Leo Princeloo and his friend have become an overnight sensation worldwide. Remember when it happend and I was in Germany. They were all over the news, talk shows etc.

    14. 라일리머호

      Give this guy a raise

    15. Ace Garcia

      GTA 6 look realistic and the frist mission looks so realistic

    16. Head Head

      The driver guy look like a type of guy that fall in this situations regularly lmao

    17. Brammerzworkouts

      You need balls just to do that job especially in a place like South Africa! 😮

    18. r 2011

      Payday 3 be like

    19. Johnny Cheemstar

      Bruh that new PS5 graphics do be looking great doe

    20. JB'S Rebel Music Radio

      Shame poor guy gotta baby sit and try save the cargo. Typically RSA A Few good men holding up the many useless ones.

    21. Operation: Fatherhood

      Talk about having you heart racing..... 😬

    22. storekeeper

      GTA Online:

    23. RedJacket

      *MISSION FAILED* The Cops were alerted

    24. Pamela Gordon

      They messed with the wrong driver. Talk about nerves of steel. This driver definitely has nerves of steel. He went full beast mode when they started shooting.

    25. Art Castaneda

      Great response by driver. Real pro .kept his composure intact his exit from vehicle ready to engage. I served in Nam 70 and would have been proud to have this guy in our platoon

    26. B Kumar

      Guard reaction is crazy

    27. Ma Guy

      So what. Little robots protecting someone else's money. I respect these thieves

    28. The Imperator Himself

      Dude driving: >:O Dude with the gun: 👁👄👁

    29. David AmNotdavid

      The driver said: first time?

    30. PRESS PLAY

      Trevor and franklin

    31. 4216jujubabi

      The white dude was ready lol black dude looks lost 😆🤣

    32. David Gonzalez

      I knew David Wallace was using Dunder Mifflin as a cover job 😂

    33. Castrol

      The driver is like Batmans butler

    34. Jay Gill

      These two cats are the dynamic duo


      This is crazy!!!!! Wow. Good job guys!!!

    36. Mrs S

      even if its real bulletproof glass ...to see through the destroyed bullet proof window is a difficult task...and he does well...i am already done when my glasses get cloudy in bad weather....😉

    37. Pha-tha Ma

      He sent a message to the dispatching officer sayin', where did you put the toilet paper?!

    38. Rudolph Hohnenberg

      The black colleague is frozen, and doesn't know how to use the machine gun!

    39. marley neo

      Brilliant technology

    40. Alvin Wicks

      They don't pay enough for tht

    41. Js J s

      Nah No excuse I’m sorry but I am the king of accommodation. No excuse for training or kicking in. Training should be Paramont. I understand it’s only his fourth day. But if you trust your training it will work. His muzzle should’ve been out the window. And protocol calls for those windows not going down, is it look like they may be designated stationary bullet stoppers, it’s like you should’ve been at least ID in the car. #TrainingIsparamount

    42. Gustavo Vazquez

      it’s because michael de santa wasn’t there

    43. Js J s

      Hey dude Why isn’t Your muzzle out the window! Too calm For me I’m sorry You should be #targetacquisition

    44. Isaac A Jones

      Fast and furious type shit

    45. dustin graham


    46. Eric Stevenson

      u Can tell they aren't friends, they had no Convo until Chyt went down

    47. القطط الأليفة والمميزة

      خريو من الرعبة هههههه

    48. Chiladd Whitney

      Driver " my bloods pumping and I'm scared shitless .. but this is what I trained for " Guy riding shotgun " did I train for this ?"

    49. Ezeekyule Emel

      I would sooner believe it was two bored guys with a gun making a bet that that armored car really has bulletproof glass.

    50. Lennard-Productions

      I accidently clicked on this after watching how a drunk dutchman drives into a mayor using his bicylce. I dont regret anything

    51. Neig sw

      Que Es Esto ??

    52. conservative republic

      These people should be hung upside down on live TV for the rest of the domestic terrorists in this country to see

    53. Gerila

      Where is here?

    54. Gianna Andrew

      Trevor, Micheal, and Franklin if they did the opposite of bank robbing

    55. mr machinist

      ❤Everyone knows Toyotas are bulletproof ❤

    56. April C

      Clearly we've found the next stud to play James Bond.

    57. Stuart Savage

      The banter in the van prior to the shooting was off the charts! Can I speak to the HR Manager please…

    58. GSG J.O.A.T

      What else happens?

    59. Robb Olson

      A cash van traveling "alone" with no gun ports? .. this situation could be so easily avoided with a nickel of pre-planning.

    60. Joey Ocean

      Omg that is so scary. I'm really glad you guys are okay

    61. Master BondoFox

      So why didn't they radio in when they came under attack?

    62. Johnny Dee

      I Bet they looked at each other after that situation and said “THATS MY DAWG”

    63. Mexlycan Lobo

      Legend says Driver is already in talks with director James Cameron... Terminator "Balls of Steel" Its the title of the movie, driver replacing Arnold for the role.

    64. иван грозный

      Нига там не обосрался случаем

    65. Mr slav 779

      POV: Your 5 stars on GTA

    66. Scorpio

      Nah They need something like an Uzi or something A small pay and spray type weapon

    67. *The Can*

      driving incerased +

    68. Whisk and Flour

      Si hideung panik, lainna ngabantu malakah ngompol

    69. klou32

      Did he just grab the gun and jump out the car after that drive? Speechless

    70. LazarD3 TV

      Wow its David Alaba

    71. DomNikko Daddi

      that driver was A1👌🏾. No matter what he kept moving. He was feeling himself either the one hand motion lol

    72. Xada Sol

      Real brave soldiers!!! I remember I was once driving in the middle of a gang neighbourhood without any clue whatsoever and all of the sudden they start attacking my car, we heard some gun shots but luckily none of them was aimed at us otherwise wouldn't be alive now!!! I just remember that I was saying my prayers and was just wishing to make it alive out of there, I was almost shitting myself!!! Now my story is nowhere as scary and dangerous as what these legends experienced but when it happens you realise how close the life and death is and you might be dead the next second! Peace

    73. Neil Vangese

      Dude jumps out with the AR like way hello to my little friend! 🤣🤣👊👊

    74. Paul Chamberlin

      Bro on the right didn’t even call Robby or Josh he was frozen

    75. ShelbyD

      Gta V type shit

    76. Ethan Richards

      Ok I hope that white boy gets paid a grip he did not hesitate to get out and start capping fools mean while the homie looking so scared I honestly would of expected the opposite in the US the roles would of been reversed no racist intent usually black folk be a bit harder than their white counterparts

    77. MF

      I feel like I’m watching an action movie starring Billy Bob Thorton and Cuba Gooding Jr.

    78. Jacob Car

      Why would they attack a moving vehicle? Why didn't they throw up some kind of arcade or something to stop it? Fukin amateur hour.

    79. Jacob Car

      Damn... those dude can't listen to music or anything? AND they don't talk to each-other... I'd be praying for a robbery just to kill the boredom.

    80. Mightic

      How I feel delivering cars in GTA 5 vehicle cargo.

    81. wirefly1000

      You know that goober with the glasses in high school that wasn’t good enough for your prissy ass to marry? Well, he’s actually the guy with the guts to save your worthless ass in a gunfight. But, you were to busy chasing Chads in their Camaro’s. 😂🤣

    82. Henrik Slaug

      As of now 11.767 dislikes! WTF???

    83. Pro_gamer123

      They always have fun ready because it's a cash van and they will know what will happen

    84. Derek Adams

      GTA mission in real life

    85. c a


    86. Alex Hamel bouchard

      The helper is like no stress bro

    87. mswango`s Channel

      Great that they weren't driving a Tesla

    88. Rishi Kamath

      Driver and Partner, and the robbers/assailants... All probably come from a similar socio-economic background. One set chose to have an honest job, the other chose to rob their way up. Totally different choices. It's not circumstances that define us but our choices.

    89. Gamergirl.DayDay

      The driver gotta calm down before they crash and spin out and flip. He’s more scared then the passenger and the glass is protecting him

    90. Erelak-Uliga

      Mantap semangat berkarya 💪

    91. Dean Hauser

      Well what happened after this?

    92. jumbo shrimp

      I wouldnt want that useless turd as my wingman. He should be packing groceries not riding shotgun in a Brinks.

    93. RRR RRR

      tough life how is it

    94. chimo yuch


    95. Luis Vargas

      Wrath of man inspiration maybe?

    96. SOKO FILMS NYC - Chris Soko

      @00:30 his spidy senses start to tickle him

    97. شـمـرية

      تصرف السائق في محله ومساعد السائق لم يبدو عليه التوتر بل كان متماسك ومستعد للاسوء يجب ان يتم مكافئتهم The driver acted in his place and the driver's assistant did not seem to be tension but was coherent and ready for the worst must be rewarded

    98. CuddleMuffin .

      Holy shit he pulled out that massive rifle out of no where

    99. Jimmy Baron


    100. Adzy166

      It’s a shame we didn’t get to see “Robbie and Josh”, although I have a pretty strong mental image of what they’ll be like.

      1. Beauty AN

        Evil come in all races but lots of poor are evil