Creed - Long Take Fight Scene (1080p)


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    Absolutely amazing. Apparently this took like 6 takes.

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    1. Scorpions824

      Is that Gabriel Rosado?

      1. JackBauer137


    2. Ro Jay

      1:08 3:21

    3. Jason Voorhees

      The kid in Rocky 5 was right . Rocky is a punk. He could of helped that kid. Instead he ruined his career helping Adonis creed

      1. JackBauer137

        Which kid? His son?

    4. shubharambh

      This scene is so brilliant that I later realised that commentry is missing

      1. JackBauer137

        Seems like a small scale fight but it doesn't make sense because in the movie Leo is ranked #4 so there would definitely be cameras and commentators

    5. tony americano

      i didnt know you had hands like that....hard to tell what she was referring to by the way she was looking

    6. tony americano

      Everybody talkin about how hes blockin punches with his face...BUT wutabout how BIG that other guys head is??

    7. Chris Leonard

      I forgot he got his ass whooped in the first round lol

    8. Scruffygitt

      fastest 10 count ever lol

    9. Ben Dover

      I boxed for years and as usual these fight scenes are so cringe worthy

    10. Edgardus

      The camera work is excellent.

    11. Sairam R

      I'd buy tickets to this film again just for this one shot.

    12. Lalrin mawia

      Nice tat he got there

    13. Melissa Ryan

      Adonis needs to work on being focused instead of talking during a fight. Although mainly why he was getting rocked in the first part

    14. Lord Sullivan

      Vince Howard really made it 🤘🏻

    15. Logan

      Idk why people say this looked good, it didn’t, Creed literally just stands there and blocks punches with his face. All of the rocky movies had terrible boxing scenes and this wasn’t any different. Expected a lot more from Rosado considering he’s a high level boxer but this scene looked nothing like real boxing.

      1. JackBauer137

        Real boxing is insanely hard to emulate because real boxing is really sloppy in reality. People swing and miss, people sometimes throw a flurry of punches out of panic ect ect. The only way to make it look like real boxing would be to tell the two actors to just fight each other for real with no parts or punches to be scripted. And doing that while still pulling your punches and not hitting each other would be almost impossible. I think this is pretty much the closest to real boxing that we've seen in film.

    16. TheMan WithNoName

      Creed was far better than it had any right to be. This fight alone is just absolutely fantastic from a cinematic standpoint, and there was none of the 'every single punch lands' from earlier movies. Storyline was good... but.. I just never seen Adonis(or Michael.B.Jordan) as being a heavyweight. Unless i forgot something and it was light heavyweight or Cruiserweight. Still, I'm nitpicking, good film overall.

      1. JackBauer137

        I would agree that he should be light heavyweight or cruiserweigh

    17. YAG

      Че они делают? 😁 это выглядит смешно

    18. Roman Glushenok

      Сталоне просто не умеет снимать бои. Факт )

    19. Sairam R

      If anyone asks what's a fight camerawork I'd show them this very clip. Single sequence , no cuts, top notch direction and camera

    20. Hawkeye

      love the movie. Every bit!

    21. Stone flb Stone crew flb

      Stone Flb 👽

    22. Farrux Azimov


    23. Farrux Azimov


    24. Nurzhan Baikalov

      Это же Росадо

    25. Wilson Music

      “You’re old man did that to me. It works” one of the realest lines in the movie

    26. Often Offends

      Not even believable

    27. Sur Pawar

      Rocky fist is bigger than the fighter head

    28. Tysen harness

      Gabriel Rosado Is A DAZN Boxer Maybe Ryan Garcia VS. Gabriel Rosado Gabriel Rosado VS. Luke Campbell

    29. Kijung Paik

      All in one take, that’s crazy

    30. Travis Monk

      seriously beautiful choreography and cinematography. such a refreshing facelift for the franchise that took more punches than rocky himself.

    31. Mack Giver

      I would think it funny if you could faintly hear in the background Rocky shout, "Quit fucking around and stay focused!"

    32. Codm epic clips...

      The good thing is rocky didn't teach him to block all the punches using his face

    33. Christopher Cook

      4:17 wtf did she say

    34. mekore

      i dont know that rosado got a stint in film industry😅

    35. Mhjm Stultiens

      Great choreography and camerawork in this fight. I also loved how Creed shared his victory with Rocky.

    36. Jason Farrell

      I like the way Rocky said there is no tomorrow like Apollo

    37. Sergei Kazariants


    38. Justin Majors

      Adonis is the anti Tommy Gunn. That guy was the worst

    39. réda Basri

      I've watched a lot of martial arts movies and these long takes are revolutionary.

    40. Азамат Шакен

      Фильм как называется

    41. Firemaso

      Ma è ederson del City??

    42. Xavier Official

      Is this the guy triple g beatean?

    43. D P

      The camera work is magnificent.

    44. Sclaus89

      1:03 the only shot to me that is noticeable that this was choreographed. They shot this scene 12 times and used the 10th take in the movie. Epic scene either way :)

    45. human👁️eye👁️SNAKE

      4:32.5 Fainally he died 😂

    46. split

      Adonis: LETS GO TEAR THE CITY UP also adonis: 😴😴😴

    47. Fisher Sam

      А кто в курсе, как так снимают сцены боёв длинные?

    48. Micah Tairea

      There was no cuts in this scene it was one whole big scene. Imagine how many times they’d have to shoot this

      1. JackBauer137

        Yeah you can hear him talk about it here.

      2. split

        the other actor is a real boxer and he said in an interview they were shooting this 1 scene for around 9 hours. might have even been multiple days too

    49. Bolatbek Otetleu

      It's all about camera

    50. Darkwolf 825

      For a guy that calls himself humble really does talk alot of smack

      1. JackBauer137

        Adonis? He doesn't call himself humble

    51. Iceless gaming

      YYEEEEES. Jack you been on the dot recently. I’ve been lookin for this everywhere on yt. It’s finally here.

    52. Mohamed Kamel

      Lame AF

    53. Jonathan Steve

      Les gou boi

    54. Alireza Shirzad

      I have never watched a boxing movie better than this cant wait for the next episode


      What a great scene #slystallone #sylvesterstallone #creed 🥊😎🥊 #adoniscreed

    56. Christopher Joseph

      I'm pretty sure creed is fighting ederson

      1. Christopher Joseph

        @JackBauer137 check Manchester city's goalkeeper

      2. JackBauer137


    57. Chaiwat Riratanaphong

      He should show some respect after defeat his opponent.

    58. Chris Mock

      “We got one rock” hit different being a rocky fan all my life

    59. Cam 2times

      Idk why the ref called the fight so quick being that he was on his feet yeah he was wobbly and the ref kept counting and didn't give him a chance to recover by checking on him asking him is he ok, walk this way, walk that way, ask what's his name, how many fingers is he holding up. I'm like yo come on

    60. Kuzey

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    61. Kuzey

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    62. Kuzey

      Yaşa rahat karizma rambo

    63. Wesley VL

      This movie is sooo bad

      1. JackBauer137

        Nah it's pretty decent

    64. Профессиональный Онанист

      Где защита головы🤦

    65. Johnny Lawrence

      Worst part of these movies is Creeds girl. Awful annoying actress, like Sharon Stone. And the production is cheap.

    66. Johnathan Doe

      This fight is over rated the first 4 rocky movies had far better choreography

      1. Johnathan Doe

        @JackBauer137 nah its shit

      2. JackBauer137

        No way, this is much more realistic

    67. Pratik Jadhav

      2:03 My man Eren Jaeger right there

    68. Noah likes Edits

      Lot of view man

    69. Himiko Toga

      Great choreography :) It feels like an actual fight

    70. Redd. xd 赤


    71. The1jdrama99

      LES GO BOI

    72. Angel Trejo

      He’d destroy Michael b Jordan in real life 😂

    73. Marcos Clavo

      Bianca hurt Adonis more with that shove lol. Great movie and so realistic this fight scene.

    74. Valkyrae Commenter

      You cant tell me that yellow thing (idk what its called) makes him look like he hasnt brushed his teeth lol.

      1. Valkyrae Commenter

        @JackBauer137 ita more of a teeth guard than a mouth guard XD

      2. JackBauer137

        It's called a mouth guard

    75. ALESSIO Cecchinato

      He is fedez😂

    76. Oliver Watkins

      2:00 : Hug it out boys.. Hug it out

    77. naomi Tamor

      Idk if it’s because I’m high it what but this shit look like a video game

      1. Teviingo

        Me too it's realistic when your high😂😂😂 it's like your in the ring

    78. Mark Berangel Villanueva

      is that gabe rosado?

      1. JackBauer137


    79. Alan Perez.

      Man I wish all fights were as clean as this

    80. my iq is 2

      who’s here after rosado knocked out melikuziev

      1. viperbananas

        Blood and Guts

    81. nikolaaa

      The camera work is so good it looks like a video game with insanely good graphics

    82. aly khaled

      How did they manage to make him bleed with a long taje

      1. JackBauer137

        CGI. The actor for Leo said it.

    83. Vizzl

      I didnt know mgk boxed

    84. noah frank

      Jesus loves you

    85. Suer Kepral


    86. Dhanvin Bharat

      Rocky is fousey

    87. Apaulo Aguirre

      Tessa Thompson was so cute in this scene!!

    88. suman chandra

      Its clear that both f d fighters did a lot of pad work.we can see dt from d combination nd d slipping of adonis

    89. Piano improvisations

      Imagine Creed 2 Adonis vs leo

    90. Kinpacz

      Notice how immediately after he gets the W he tells Rocky "Its because of you!". Donnie was the apprentice Rocky deserved, polar opposite to Tommy Gunn, who thanked his promotor after his title win.

    91. ❓The Riddler❓

      0:40 0:57 1:04 1:17 1:30 3:02 3:09 3:13 3:26

    92. Talha Rasool

      Beating a dude's who's 17-0 PC culture bascially praising what's otherwise a lazy-written shit movie.

    93. Radical_like_ KHALID

      Choreography on point

    94. J2thaAMES

      3:24 Adonis Saitama'd him.

    95. Brian Jackson

      I thought I was a square tho

    96. steezmunky

      It feels like one long continuous shot which is what makes it awesome.

      1. JackBauer137

        I feel like there COULD be a hidden cut somewhere but they claim there wasn't.

    97. Drew Head

      That’s an amazing shot.

    98. Cid Highwind

      Would've been funny as a blooper/outtake if Adonis gave a little speech to thank George Washington Duke for that win.

    99. kickapoo

      Nobody thought to at least make the floor or the ring look like an actual ring floor, looks like a big piece of painted wood.