Creating a baby monster in Crusader Kings 3 | Monster Factory

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    In a Monster Factory first, the boys create a monster that's zero years old: a baby king that everyone hates. Huzzah!

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    1. Seth R.C

      Tyler1 lookin boy

    2. Aiza

      13:08 super mutant 100%

    3. Brad Mann

      So like, where's new monster factory? Are they done making it?

    4. Pinkstarclan

      bros. miitopia

    5. Bester Jester

      my best friend and i used to write mac tonight fanfiction in high school

    6. RenegadeMasterD

      When's there a new MF video dropping?!🤔@ Griffin @ Justin???? ☝👍

    7. Atamosk1221

      6 minutes in and they already have the start of a dimestore max headroom.

    8. Plaid Blanket

      The sneakiest sickest kid in town!

    9. Spyrospy

      Have they mentioned why we haven't gotten a new Monster Factory in a while? I really miss this series

      1. MaddyMaree

        griffin was on paternity leave for a while, that probably delayed any videos they planned on filming.

      2. Gerald Rogers

        I think just after this came out the Texas storms affected Griffin's power, and I think he mentioned water damage or something on a mbmbam, plus he just a baby a month or two ago, so who knows how much longer it'll be.

      3. Tristan Smith

        No clue why it's been so long but Griffin just had a new baby so I wouldn't expect it anytime soon either.

    10. barkin minez

      The fearful fearless food behaviorally drag because creek disappointedly screw save a stiff argument. extra-large extra-small exuberant, fretful armenian

    11. SCJ

      Can't wait for episode 2

    12. L H

      why does he look like the punisher at 8:50

    13. jkeuwk

      We need a sequel! WE NEED A SEQUEL!

    14. Uncle Smithers

      I would kill to see them play Mount and Blade Warband, you can even cheat and edit your companions' faces

    15. Elias

      It's been 4 months... please bring the true king back :(

    16. James

      And they never came back

    17. squid birb

      Toe to tip, that's a Carlos el Hechizado ☺️

    18. fwog stacker

      21:03 out of context is HILARIOUS

    19. chum

      will never be over the ghost of a macaw that possessed juice at 13:00

    20. Kirby Cooper

      Everyone hates terminally ill baby: the game

    21. ApotheosisTK117

      Griffin's utterly hopeless panic at the realization that every single other character in the game hated his king's rotten little soul absolutely killed me. My stomach hurts from laughing and I blame you, McElroy. Premium speedrun, boys.

    22. probably a xenomorph

      The noises that Justin makes around 13:00 are fucking DIVINE.

    23. Nicholasryan17

      Hope this isn't where the series dies

    24. Marmalade

      Gerald of rivea kills me every godamn time

    25. Sarah Maryja

      6:16 has big handsome squidward energy imo

    26. TheUncannyDani

      Take it to the bank, boys. This one is just like Geralt.

    27. crocodonkles

      I feel like Beetlejuice Beetlejuice Beetlejuice the baby king is definitely an ancestor of the boy mayor of second life

      1. crocodonkles

        @DoctorBaldhead shhh we are supposed to have another episode. maybe our sweet little nasty boy will be able to produce an heir. ily bye

      2. DoctorBaldhead

        That would imply he lived long enough to have any sort of heir.

      3. Sal

        what if hes the boy mayor's dnd character

    28. Lavenderp

      please father i crave more

    29. maggotbreath


    30. Inferno Cop

      play Kenshi, it really gives you a lot of control over your character's bones

    31. dj

      I want more of this PLEASE I would love another episode where the child doesn’t die instantly as you said. It could be the same child or a new one. This should be an ongoing thing I love it

    32. Binky 3D

      im holding in a big dookie and this video isn't helping

    33. noah m

      7:10 timothee chalamet

    34. barkin minez

      The hissing lung rahilly afford because zinc specially file towards a uninterested blade. berserk, furry furtive sarah

    35. Grumbles

      I love that they gilded the lily so hard that the final monster looks more normal than it does 10:00 in.

    36. Tom Hudson

      I know Griffin has a Greedy, Wrathful, Stubborn, Impatient baby of his own now but I NEED a follow-up to this!

    37. Najork

      Make it Mac Toniiiiight

    38. Cal Friedman

      21:12 It’s them...the cool baby

    39. Jesse Thornock

      Them jutting this forehead all the way up near the beginning activated all the acid stuck in my spine at once

    40. The Don Purpleman Radio Hour

      Soon, we will get another...right?

    41. Hist

      rest in peace monster factory, we will never see the return of beetlejuice-beetlejuice of house beetlejuice

    42. bugs are people

      sometimes its like i can still hear their voices


      The Blues Traveler reference fucking killed me.

    44. John Avera

      The fact that Justin said apparently I'm the bishop

    45. Wes Waterhouse

      11:50 is just soda popinski from punch out NES

    46. Jess

      this is slowly becoming another one of my select monster factory rewatches... my other fav is second life of course

    47. James M. (Jamie)

      i'd pay good money for y'all to play dragon age: origins as a dwarf,,, those bodies still haunt my dreams

    48. MC Deep

      22:38 Griffin says he had trouble telling the names apart in the tutorial. FELT THAT DEEPLY FROM MY FIRST CAMPAIGN!

    49. Patrick Byrne

      I'm surprised he lasted more than eight minutes considering he was inbred and disease ridden

    50. deoxyplasmic

      Was anyone else getting handsome Squidward vibes?

    51. M I N T Y


    52. Astolfo the Chicken-Tendie Enjoyer

      7:54 Whats Mac Tonight? Do you mean the based Moonman?

    53. Brianna Bricker


    54. yup

      I was so ready for them to make "hot Squidward"

    55. Sam G


    56. Josh VanGilder

      Not that y'all will see this, but I have to say that I always keep an eye out for monster factory. You guys are the best at improv and very few things make me gut laugh, but monster factory always makes me laugh to tears! I'm always with you for monster factories

    57. E. Healy

      The thought of everyone despising a sick baby is making me lose it

    58. Floopis McFloorpus

      Imagine being an anthropologist and digging up this dude’s skeleton...

    59. Dartyus

      His body did not contain a single drop of blood; His heart was the size of a peppercorn; His lungs corroded; His intestines rotten and g a n g r e n o u s; He had a single testicle, *black as coal*; His head was full of water; short, lame, epileptic, senile; Completely bald before 35; always on the verge of death; he repeatedly baffled Christendom by continuing to live.

    60. nico

      13:00 🦅🦅🦅

    61. ladambell

      I HOWLED at 22:09

    62. Raccoon

      the most realistic game about royals because they were mostly inbred monsters

    63. Dom Betts

      Hey, Where is New Baby?

    64. XerxesTexasToast

      waitwaitwait you can customize sexual orientation? AND they have an ace option? holy shit, Crusader Kings

      1. Shaztrot

        @XerxesTexasToast Hashishiya can be rather useful if you have to develop a bad coping mechanism (i.e. stress-induced mental break). You can take a decision every few years to order a big heap of hash cakes that will remove a reasonable chunk of stress. It lowers some stats for a while when you are on the binge, but you don't sacrifice any real resources and it doesn't directly impact your health. Better than Drunkard, in that regard.

      2. XerxesTexasToast

        ALL OF THESE LITTLE FUCKING DETAILS losing it at the Hashishiya trait and the Nice level of stats

    65. toad :D

      Character creation us slowly sounding worse and worse 😔 i have to wear headphones now

    66. Pie-Lord

      Moustache made of nostril

    67. Tula Cot

      I'm going to buy this game exclusively for the character creator.

    68. Solitus

      They knew what Adamitism was....they hovered over it too many times as a tease to not know.

    69. nathalie y’know

      Bless you

    70. Dairno Kiskoeln

      The boys talking about these sliders like they just found some pure colombian bam bam

    71. CheetahFoxx

      This guy is the most Hapsburg of all the Hapsburgs.

    72. Khaixzer

      By 3:30 he just looks like Charles II.

    73. Preston Davis (koolcid642)

      3:45 they accidentally made tyler1

    74. TheAtroxious

      Came here for Crusader Kings. Instead I got The Hills Have Eyes.

    75. Spyfieri

      That one danganronpa character grew his hair out 19:05

    76. Gabe Cornett

      This is the medieval ancestor of Truck Shephard

    77. AhandsomeCorn Channel

      This video made me want buy this game just to fuck up the faces of my own creations

    78. AhandsomeCorn Channel

      19:23 I need a full version of this song

    79. theinfamoushobbitch

      where is episode two......................

    80. bran central

      10:36 is just 👁️👄👁️

    81. Bill Volk

      This week on Hapsburg Factory...

    82. Dave Fekete

      Good video 👍

    83. Alex Howard

      Nothing short of horror can describe the feeling I had imagining what the hell Beetlejuice-Beetlejuice Beetlejuice's skull structure must be for his whole situation to look like... that

    84. Luciole

      I need the next episode of this like I need air to breathe

    85. Nicholasryan17

      Its been nearly two months, where is the next episode?

      1. MaddyMaree

        griffin is on paternity leave I think. I dont think they will be recording monster factory while he is taking time off.

      2. Max Powers

        I think that snow storm that messed up Griffin's house probably had a part in the delay as well. I'm trying to be as zen patient as possible because they got a lot on their plate right now.

      3. Draco

        honestly If I had to guess, something didn't save right

    86. casual commenter

      Y’all should play Bugsnax! It’s technically a character creator, and it has a lot of goofy options if you catch the right Bugsnax!

    87. ercamodamaj

      Congratulations to Crusader Kings for winning Monster Factory

    88. LMC123

      12:58 Beloved Mcelboy Justin transforms into a seagull or maybe crow

      1. AhandsomeCorn Channel

        He sounds like mr pelo did voice acting for a seagull

    89. Biggie And Little

      At 3:42 they basically made Tyler1 loooool

    90. lenny the meme

      how dare you quote blues traveler

    91. peter dinkler

      I love "mac tonight" moon dude.

    92. Colleen Flattery

      So glad I found Monster Factory by a good accident

      1. Colleen Flattery

        @jebI69I YES

      2. jebI69I

        God I wish I could watch them all again for the first time

    93. shadycactus

      "when did luther get in there" y'all are about 450 years early lmao

    94. chathammond

      20:50 - The first two scores are scores are -2 -2 = -4 + 20... The boys missed the cool weed number.

    95. Brick And beans

      Dr. Zaius got chocked out

    96. Probably Dio

      The missing link

    97. Connor Prager

      At the ten minute mark it got to the point where I couldn't look at their face without dying laughing

    98. TreeMusicForTheBirds

      was that a subtle blues traveler reference at the end there?

    99. Miles Deep

      Love the series bois. Y'all should think about going back to some of your favorite character creators and making something new. Some of them had so much potential and it's a shame they had to be one-offs. Cheers.

    100. ShrimpKraken

      9:00 oh my god you made the blender monkey