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    Conor McGregor ► Lose Yourself ᴴᴰ


    Song : Lose Yourself
    Artist: Eminem
    Software : Sony Vegas Pro 15
    Edited By: M.D Studios
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    1. Gage Baca


    2. Soraya Jon

      hena Amin

    3. Soraya Jon

      hena ‘s grandad

    4. Soraya Jon

      can I marry you hena

    5. Soraya Jon

      hena I love you

    6. Soraya Jon

      Amma rukhsar

    7. Soraya Jon

      khabhib is a legend

    8. Soraya Jon

      mama rukhsar whatsup bro

    9. Soraya Jon

      yo whatsup bro Khala jan

    10. Soraya Jon

      yo whatsup bro

    11. sad ife

      If the shark doesn't swim forward, it drowns. You dont move forward, you lose. You all have it in you, always keep up the grind! Just some words of motivation for everybody today

    12. Full Comic Alchemist

      Fire. Conor if your watching remember who you are the fires still there leave the game with a series of legacy wins.

    13. En Abdul Latif

      yo whatsup bro


      He is a legend man,This Guy Is Something else,Conor is the reason many people started watching UFC and know something about MMA,He made many figters and UFC Famous,He is still the face of Fight Business, Conor can motivate anyone,anywhere,Anytimeeeeeeee

    15. Maneu ff

      Boto nosso lutador na lona🥵🇧🇷

    16. K B

      The only reason he is not at top is coz of hus coaches. never seen another top fighter from their camp. They luck they found conor to make money. If conor changes coaches, he can be at the top again woth that titanium shin

    17. Rudra Mahor

      3:51 Conor's Dad throws a elbow on the woman's pussy 🤣🤣😂

    18. Deloris Austin

      I've just found this and wow....i thought all the fights of his i watched was ass kickn, this just set it off! Those behind the scenes clips are awsome! REDWHITENGREEN!!! JAMES DEAN the 2ND;)

    19. Bairon Esteban Santander Quiñones

      Uff ufff mero nivel pa

    20. andrei bõkov

      Тут как в кс го прям😂 иностранцы пишут конструктив а русские хуйню и что кебаб чемп. Да кебаб чемп но он для ufc не важен уже. Так что видео надо делать про тех кто в деле как конор 🤑☝️👊🤟

    21. harsh kumar

      I watched this video 500 times ❤️❤️

    22. Hize


    23. Nico Gamarra



      Man it's sad to see legends fall

    25. v


      1. v


    26. Mirza Baig

      And Khabibs come and the song goes mute 🤫

    27. Zyzz

      the thing that really sucks is that Conor has actually lost himself like he's literally out of control now and man it just sucks because I was there when he was In his golden days. Man, it just sucks to see a legend like him really go downhill.

      1. rajasree kv

        @Zyzz broooo just...... idk mate you go on with your life

      2. Zyzz

        @rajasree kv oh my bad for not being a religious mma enjoyer I actually like to train and rather than to watch. I still watch but not as much as I train

      3. rajasree kv

        @Zyzz do you even know who cowboy is khasual

      4. Zyzz

        @rajasree kv ok Conor fanboy

      5. rajasree kv

        @Zyzz lol if you say so. watch more ufc

    28. Ак А

      Сколько заработал на этом видео ?

    29. Indian TalkToHand

      This is my 32 time

    30. Charlye Castro

      Este hombre está jodido mejor q se retire nunca fue un peleador de rendimiento no sé cómo lo apoyan si este es mas boca que peleador profesional su tiempo se acabo punto

    31. A. Cetn

      Lion shampion conor

    32. Aidan Bristow

      Where can I find the opening shot?

    33. Vinicius Mello

      Tony Robbins in the vídeo kkkk

    34. yassine bakrim

      I've watched this video 5 times, let's be honest, conor is a legend and motivates us. I agree with those who say that khabib is a legend, but conor is different in terms of personality and how he makes the world excited before his match.....

      1. Ayushman Negi

        @AJ 24 correct bro


        KHABIB became famous Because of Conor nobody even knew KHABIB even thigh he had 26-0 Streak

      3. Massa Khaled

        @Maikol gz

      4. Lucifer

        @AJ 24 yes true bro

      5. AJ 24

        @Anthony Bertollini Though he is an asshole as a fan of MMA I can say that Connor is a big reason the ufc is still running

    35. Justin Humphrey

      blacks we are God chosen people the real Hebrew Israelites of the Bible research

    36. A Thief In The Night

      How far he has fallen: hopefully he can rise again and redeem himself

      1. Moist

        @diego gerrero bro there fighting in ring threatening someone with death ain’t really that far

      2. Hamza Amir

        @rajasree kv might not be the king of dagestan but he is the best pound to pound king no defeat can u compare anyone to him lol

      3. rajasree kv

        @Hamza Amir nahh he aint even the king of dagestan, they dont even care for him there

      4. rajasree kv

        @diego gerrero kill or be killed. dont be a snowflake. even dustin didnt care, but conor got into his head and he needed to bring up a reason why he trashed him cuz he cant admit himself that he got into his head cuz he said its all noice. everyone says theyll kill eachother.

      5. Bossman

        He'll be back

    37. Gourav


    38. NidzaNix

      The Boss

    39. Paulina Adriańczyk

      Aa Apapwwpwpw2peepe

    40. Сергей Завадич

      сегодня Конор Макгрегор проиграл Порье,тех поражение Конор сломал ногу🤕

    41. Anthony Bertollini

      Connor is screwed against Dustin Poirier

    42. Vinit taral

      I like his attitude

    43. Ivan

      1:07 Le tiro un diente creo :O

    44. F1l4P

      Khabib is better

      1. VaporTowel

        Dont care

    45. Alef Souza


    46. Utkir Berdikulov

      Konirga gap yo'q💪💪💪😎😎😎

    47. ashik ark

      he let lose too much and khabib mauled him to sleep :v

    48. Jamil Fikri

      Mctapping 💩💩💩💩💩😂😂😂😂😂

    49. Philippe Itoua

      The king is back 2021😎

    50. Philippe Itoua

      This is good bro im gonna be the next ufc fighter 😎

      1. ashwani kumar

        Best of luck bro.

      2. Philippe Itoua

        Good luck bro😎

      3. Sandesh Shelke

        @UGONZ TV sure broda....👍🤙

      4. Sandesh Shelke

        Hope to meet u some day in the octegon...♠️🤙💎

    51. Salah

      tap tap tap (-;

      1. VaporTowel


    52. Luiz Avila

      Tu vai morrer, o Conor é o melhor ^^

    53. SprinGabriel

      He is gonna to crush Dustin

    54. Ridame Phawa

      Mystic mac the king is crown 😈😈😈

    55. Danny Moe

      The frantic monday speculatively type because daffodil intringuingly kiss beneath a statuesque person. lame, marvelous window

    56. Ravshan Xakimov

      Hi koner you are the best

    57. Ryan Beers

      To some people this guy's cocky but to me he's just stating the way it is no cockyness involved b/c if he tells you to do do it or else he'll whup yer ass/put ya in a whole new world of hurt/pain

    58. Burhan T

      I remember the match he played with my brother Khabib Nurmagomedov. 😉

    59. J Already


    60. Black Life

      Слишком много энергия 🔥❤️

    61. Алан Сабанчиев

      Это чё за анаконда

    62. Евгений Орёл


    63. Malbabisco

      That man does not need a back guard, he can take care of his back, just watch how he fights

    64. Hikmat Noun

      Habib wath destroyed this guy🤣🤣

      1. Márk Vanyó

        Who? Who Khabib is?

    65. Tater Tots

      The dependent skirt generally blot because carp thirdly raise midst a lopsided bulldozer. steady, luxuriant pediatrician

    66. Keltoş

      Khabib attacked one shout hahahahahahhs

    67. AsskoD

      29 - 0

    68. chumbo probst

      Anderson Silva BEST

    69. umar ansari

      Khabib should have been in this song not this coward

    70. Виталий Попов

      ХА и один орел погасил вашу звезду)))

      1. Мирза Бродяга

        он и щас звезда , ему похую на поражения , самый богатый спортсмен на данный момент, он чел история мать его , целуйте его ноги , благодаря ему вы узнали что такое юфс и кто такой Хабиб

    71. paulo sergio

      Pra cima do poirier

    72. Sapa Sapaev

      Konor gondon

    73. Gabriele Passoni

      Even if he's a controversial person, i can't help but loving him as a fighter. It's too spectacular inside and oustide the cage. And most of the people who hate him now, even if they won't admit it, interested in mma for the first time because of him.

      1. virus-rights

        u need rezns to like sm1 🤣

      2. Zain hussain

        He's more famous than Floyd now lmao

    74. Justin Gunn

      The Scottish Warrior

    75. Cayd Stuttard

      Mike Tyson wood kill him

    76. Mridul Atrey

      God 🙌


      All hail king Conor

    78. Abdul Abdul


      1. Cayd Stuttard

        Good on ya

    79. Vanlalnundiki Sailo

      One of the best videos. 🔥

    80. Kartikk


    81. Ash Tzy

      He really lose his self just for💰💰

      1. Saaim Gour

        @Ash Tzy yes 😂😂

      2. Ash Tzy

        Conor died hard fans hate the fact that conor loses his self for money and Khabib made him humble lol🤣

      3. Márk Vanyó

        @Ash Tzy you definitely whould. By the way he did this for his family. He built a character what not perfect and hated but make a lot of money for his family. People can't hate him for this

      4. proxy

        @Ash Tzy broke = no friends and family 😂

      5. Ash Tzy

        @CRONKED I'm not hating Nor I'm broke I have family and friends lol

    82. Yağmur

      Everyone is a gangster until Khabib Nurmagomedov asks for his location 😉 sorry Conor 😂😂

      1. Kill 209

        @messithegoat yeah Tyson and Ali are legends

      2. messithegoat

        @Kill 209 my hero is not conor lol its muhammad ali mike tyson and messi as you can tell by my profile

      3. Kill 209

        @messithegoat defending your hero is one thing but closing your eyes to the facts is another thing

      4. Kill 209

        @messithegoat we are talking about khabib and Conor.. not my English, you’re trying to be the smart one but you’re ending up being the the stupid one, i can see that you are conor’s fanboy but seriously we all saw what khabib did to him and to his team

      5. messithegoat

        @Kill 209 in case english isnt your first language an apology is when someone apologizes and says sorry for what they did him saying its only business isnt an apology its him telling khabib that its business stop tryna twist things

    83. oki oki

      3:50 outch he hit her. ooof

    84. Kaka Ricardo

      Idk why I like this guy

    85. Jan Michael Lawas


    86. titus godwin

      When conor asks for rematch make sure u book a bed in hospital


      We not show khabib attitude

    88. Muhammet Arslan

      Khabib joined game mcgregor left game

      1. Buggle

        @MyLoveDessitaX ` yeah because mcgregor is hungry again and khabib is afraid of him now

      2. MyLoveDessitaX `

        mcgregor asked khabib for rematch khabib left the game

      3. Ogbootysnatcher !

        Khabib bum ass retired conor still in the game

    89. Буква Г


      1. Cayd Stuttard

        But mike Tyson is a god

    90. Буква Г

      А real king. Hello from Russia. we love you and support you!

    91. aditya chamoli

      Conor please return ur notorious character....... It's suit uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

    92. Macshan Jr

      No more Mr. Nice guy 😈

    93. João Victor


    94. Mustafa Durupunar

      King Khabib!

      1. Márk Vanyó

        @YUVRAJ SINGH XD you said the truth


        Then Why are you here on Conor's video?,Aww I forgot there's no video like this for Khabib 😂,

      3. Cayd Stuttard

        Mate he would shit his pans

      4. Márk Vanyó

        That's not a King. Retire from the title challengers and vacate the belt after 2 defence. What a king, he never tested himself any where. Conor was in boxing against a Undefeated legend of boxing, and did better than a lot of great boxers against Floyd. He fought in the divison also. Never pulled out from a fight. Not as Khabib. Khabib did is earn 16 wins against random no name guys in no name orgenasions. Than in the UFC he had 13 fights where he had 10 not top opponent only 3. He also fought in 155 when he is actually a 170, he also not maked weight fes times. Of course he not tested himslef against his real divison champ, or anybody there. Couse his simple strenght not gonna win the fight against guys who have same power. So this is your hero, okay but he is not a king

    95. Pavel Oborny

      NUMERO UNO..!!!!!! 💪👍

      1. GOHAN SSJ2

        Khabib 😎❤️💪💪

    96. MB

      Awesome vídeo Conor is king 👑

      1. Cayd Stuttard

        I didn’t know I was a mirror

      2. MB

        @Cayd Stuttard Shut up gay

      3. Cayd Stuttard

        No mike Tyson is

    97. Harshit 7th E

      He is Virat Kohli of MMA

      1. Anurag Tiwari

        True brother 💯

    98. artur m

      King mcgregor🤴🤴🤴🤴🤴


        @ALEKS Rogin You Don't even know the name of your idol,😂😂Just Casual Fans Things ✌🏻

      2. Bahodir Tuymurodov

        Khabib is king 🏋️🏋️

      3. Brian Rosi

        4 d5678

      4. ALEKS Rogin

        No MacGregor LUSER, HABIB BIG King 👑

    99. Darrell Brock

      Connor, you have a class of people at Churchill Downs that control the race. Irishmen associated in great favor. Explore your base!