Charlotte Cardin - Meaningless [Official Music Video]

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    The official music video for Charlotte Cardin - "Meaningless"
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    Produced by Colossale
    Director: Norman Wong
    Executive Producer/Creative Producer: Christian Tyler
    Producer: Alex Dall'Orso
    Production Manager: Cam Frengopoulos
    1st Assistant Director: Scott Weatherall
    Production Assistant: Zach Litzgus
    Production Assistant: Olivia Swayze
    Director of Photography: Bobby Shore
    1st Assistant Camera: Matt Veen
    2nd Assistant Camera: Max Sims
    BTS: Gennelle Cruz
    Gaffer: Ryan Hernandez
    Key Grip: Nick Julian
    Lighting Designer/Gaffer: Gideon Ayesu
    PM/Set Dec: Lisa Quail
    Video Tech/Server Op : Colin Moore
    Best Boy Electric/LX Tech: Victoria Fernandez-Gabica
    3rd Electric/Swing: Dave Morgado
    Video Tech Lead: Zico Val
    Video Tech: Ryan Bovaird
    Audio Lead: Jeremie Ngandu
    Stylist: Skye Kelton
    Styling Assistant: Basia Wyszynski
    HMU: Nate Matthew
    Choreographer: Amy Gardner
    Designer: Nic Girard
    Designer: Rafael Ruiz
    Artist: Charlotte Cardin
    Dancer: Zack Tang
    Dancer : Jontae McCrory
    Dancer : Rakeem Hardy
    Dancer : Kris Grzella
    Editorial: Kyle Gregory Sanderson
    Assistant: Griffin Stobbs
    Design Studio: Worship
    Designers: Nic Girard & Rafael Ruiz
    Colour House: Alter Ego
    Post Producer: Jane Garrah
    Colorist: Wade Odlum
    I hear your voice
    But it never quite fills the void
    Thought that we were two for good
    But love is never like it should
    I can arrange
    Meeting a stranger
    Forget you a day
    But I can’t imagine
    What even happens
    Beyond the pain
    See the sun leading us
    To the land of the lost and the reasonless
    Hear the drum beating us
    I forever surrender
    I don’t wanna live
    A meaningless
    I don’t wanna live
    A meaningless
    Life without you (X2)
    I’m tired of good boys
    Sleeping on my chest
    You wanna rip my heart out
    Baby be my guest
    I hope you hear this song and reminisce
    Cause without me your whole life
    Is fucking meaningless
    See the sun leading us
    To the land of the lost and the reasonless
    Hear the drum beating us
    I forever surrender
    The rest is meaningless
    I don’t wanna live
    A meaningless
    I don’t wanna live
    A meaningless
    Oh I’ve been wasting my twenties
    Filling glasses half empty
    I don’t wanna live
    A meaningless
    Life without you
    You’ve seen me down
    You’ve seen me high
    You’ve seen me dancing in the night
    Now that you’re gone
    You leave me crying
    Alone in this meaningless life
    See the sun leading us
    To the land of the lost and the reasonless
    Hear the drum beating us
    I forever surrender
    The rest is meaningless

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    1. Lauren Andrè

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    21. bruh

      Charlotte picked the right year to sing "I've been wasting my 20s, filling glasses half empty". We rly felt that

    22. Marco Pengue

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