Cardi B - Up [Official Music Video]

Cardi B

Cardi B

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    Cardi B - Up

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    Atlantic Records
    Commissioner: Kareem Johnson / OverScene LLC
    SVP / Head of Marketing: Marsha St. Hubert
    Video Operations for Atlantic Records: Lily Thrall
    Prod Co: UnderWonder Content
    Director: Tanu Muino
    Exec Producer: Frank Borin & Ivanna Borin
    Producer: Tay Hawes
    Director of Photography: Nikita Kuzmenko
    Production Designer: Brandon Mendez
    1st AD: Jonas Morales
    Editor: Vinnie Hobbs
    Color: Dave Hussey
    Beauty/VFX: Max Colt
    Choreography: Sean Bankhead
    Styling: Kollin Carter
    Hair: Tokyo Stylez
    Makeup: Erika LaPearl
    Nails: Marie Nailz

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    1. Chantelle Thomas

      I love your song queen

    2. minavenus

      la QUEENOFQUEEN du rap américain c .................................................................????????????????????????????????????? 👑CARDI B👑


      Cardi b is lesbian now

    4. Lasin Blu

      Is this even rap? she’s just reciting the lyrics written for her 😩😂😭

    5. Cheyenne Boersen

      These are things about her ok so 1. she has purple hair 2. has turquoise eye color thats all but the last time I saw her was when she wore red high heels teal dress gold necklace gold bracelets and black bra you should be able to see through cuz she mostly wears white.

    6. Tharick


    7. Maria Garcia Martinez

      OMG I love the clothing of cardi b this is on fire Cardi!! 🔥👏

    8. vanessa hackett

      amazing cardi b a fan

    9. Cheyenne Boersen

      Did you really kiss her?! Eh i'm lesbian to I have a girlfriend😅🥰 I love her and her name is Veronica but she kinda cheated on me with her HUSBAND🤬👿 yes I am a demon just so you know he's a bich for stealing my baby if you see a guy with a girl that has purple hair can you ask him his name make sure that his name is jake I want Veronica back and i'm sick so I need the covid-19 test so please find her😭😭

    10. Maik W

      U took this song from this guy

    11. Bridgette

      Out here teaching us alliterations and shizz

    12. Maik W

    13. Maik W

    14. Coco Quinn's fan forever

      2022 anyone?

    15. Ever B

      She look like she got on a big

    16. D’Netra-Celeste Artis

      She kissed a girl😳

    17. Ever B

      I like Cardi but that booty n the opening n Nicki bootys look so unreal

    18. Stefan Isaac

      She didn't get enough money yet she will change look at eve

    19. Tchesman Espírito

      Blessed 🇸🇹🇸🇹🇸🇹

    20. Cheyenne Boersen

      You guys look gorgeous in this video really want to meet you guys sometime maybe when corona virus done can you put some things about yourself in a video PLEASSSSSSSSSSSEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!

    21. Bognostrokulum bognostrokul

      OMG I LOVE YOU BITCHEzzzzzzz

    22. david emerald

      Smh... Am so sorry to today's generation

    23. Pennywise Fan

      Think of how hard polo would go on this beat

    24. Nick Amaya


    25. Raquel Martinez

      I’m just commenting so it can say 2021 after I grow up🌝

    26. Amal Raïs

      1:11 wtf did I just watched!?

    27. Ana Urena florez

      imagine being Cardi Bs cool!!

    28. [Litecoin] International

      So shit broh

    29. Zeynep Işıl

      118 thousand dislikes, those who cannot twerk..✌

    30. 00CIANNA 00SUTTON

      yasssss the dancersand cardi was killing dancing yass pop off periodtttt

    31. Anna-Lee Searchwell

      i couldnt take my eyes off the darskin dancer in the royal blue

    32. Pedro Gabriel

      don't know if anyone else found UP identifies Iggy's SALLY WALKER

    33. Joshie

      Cardi made them out to much ass for her. She can’t move

    34. Phidas Soyalp


    35. BhaddieBabe Delta


    36. Rick Vina

      Sexy Cardi B ever.....

    37. Targaryen

      I still Luv.

    38. Michael Spyridon

      A convent of nuns watched this... Now they are a brothel. Lord thst aint right there im goin to hell

    39. Chiraq killa

      Nobody: My 🍆: if it’s up then it’s stuck

    40. Jamaica Babe

      Why is everyone ignoring the fact that she’s dancing on a corpse ? It’s disgusting

    41. amazingLC

      This wasn't the minecraft video I was looking for

    42. Mileva Krivokapić


    43. Chris brown Son


    44. Aqua Parodies


    45. Aqua Parodies

      TOUNGE Kissing???

    46. Michael Searwar

      Work it girl yassss 😍

    47. Alan Feliz.

      R.I.P~2020.~ 🥴🥴🥴😍✨

    48. All about comedy

      My Favorite song for the month 💃💃💃

    49. harley Quuin

      But I love the songs of cardi b team cardi b ❤️

    50. harley Quuin

      They're weird when cardi b and the other girls licked her licks her mouth 👄

    51. N. Chambers

      Cut the fuck up, Cardi!!❤❤❤❤

    52. Cutie pie Robertson

      Breath smell like 🐎 sex okkk Cardi

    53. Targaryen

      I owe u...O+...thank u 4 bing u

    54. Gamer girl L

      This is fire but it’s not inappropriate

    55. Jakob Whale

      A whole guy's butt, insane costumes and the girls making out. Cardi made sure the gays would turn up!

    56. Rhumi Maher

      "He Won't!" at 2:10 - haha

    57. littlepinkskeleton

      Can't wait for the Ben Shapiro remix.

    58. Damiyah Burden


    59. Tiffany Smith

      Straight up Hype Music

    60. Jason M.

      The way she says ✨the p word✨ in this song sounds like how Nicki Minaj says it in Barbie Dreams 🤣

    61. Glendy Starr

      This songs wack

    62. Karsen Whitmer

      When your mom says not to watch it what do you do you go watch ot

    63. • One And Only •

      Omg queens!

    64. Danil Redact

      Why isn’t cardi’s channel loading? So many views 😂

    65. Amery Kana


      but wait we not gone talk about how she was kissing those girls thats nasty but this song is still bomb

    67. Lady Kayura

      Dance is soooooooo fire 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽

    68. Targaryen


    69. mery carmen

      aqui esta el comentario en español que estabas buscando

    70. James Wells

      This Music Video Is Really Good

    71. Xavier The Virgo

      Damn She Said Shawty Got Pink Eye 👁

    72. Yessenia P.

      Amo todo lo que hace cardi >w

    73. WomenAreNothingButMeat(3HolesForFun)

      I know why I'm here...DO YOU?

    74. TUSSY

      R.I.P 2020!!!!!!!

    75. Coco


    76. Targaryen

      Cardz...kelt it

    77. PG527

      How many are feeling up right now?✌️

    78. hira bozkurt

      cardi b is the only queen to survive 2020


      Over me.... ☺️ #3435 We damn! • blue 🔵 NATO


      We are saved! Alien 👽


      What is that shell ?

    82. green crewmate

      There's a HUGE difference between Up the movie and Up the mv

    83. Georgie Johnson

      Is it just me, But with covid, the kissing wasn't as hot as it should've 🤣🤣😭

    84. Lovely Ashley

      Nicki don’t have nothing on cardi her bars is fire 🔥

    85. Amal Army

      Imagine if there's a clean censored version of this...only music

    86. Kareem Pringle

      She so damn cold

    87. anonymous

      My favourite line 'Broke boys don't deserve no p****' i know that's ryt😉

    88. Him Him


    89. Lashon Coleman

      Everything in this video fake as fuck

    90. boba20girl

      If it's up then its then up if up then its then it up >:)

    91. Truly Money

      For everyone that don’t understand when she’s says “then it’s up then it’s stuck” guys she’s talking about our 🍆 it stays up when yk

    92. Motheo Pooe

      Guys I recommend this play the speed at 0.5 thank me later

    93. Sujata Gajbhiye

      Why i just heard Panjabi shake and lassi

    94. Michelle Strong

    95. sumaiya ahamed elma

      Why is nobody talking about Cardi's plastic surgery?! It's so obvious

    96. s.m sh


    97. The blink Of the eye

      Disgusting. I hope all your daughters act like her . No self respect .

    98. Dark Lord

      60 million people in a couple of days wow 🤯🤯🤯🤯🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    99. the pelican man

      Which would you choose between this and megan thee stallion - body. What would you choose

      1. Tiffani Nicholle

        This one, it’s just more catchy to me. And I did a remake

      2. Hydra

        up cardi its more catchy and the beat is fire

    100. shezzanie zvinowanda

      l realized that cardi always comes up with something hype to bad l almost broke the ceiling trying up and now💀