Billie Eilish - Bellyache

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    Listen to "bellyache" from “dont smile at me":


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    Music video by Billie Eilish performing Bellyache. (C) 2017 Darkroom/Interscope Records

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    1. Alexia Meyer

      This gives me ginny miller vibes i dont know why

    2. Fernanda Oliveira

      cara só eu acho q se tivesse um clipe oficial ia ser topzera,imagina só a deolane invadindo uma festa com as outras,ia ser bom dmss

    3. Вова Несоленов

      Классная песня!!!🤤👍🔥🔥🔥

    4. Sofie V.

      no way she was 15 here.

    5. lola

      This is a beautiful song 🤏♥️

    6. Ocean Dayton

      This song is a legend

    7. Cherrybomb

      When i sing this song I sound like a strangled goat

    8. Mr_Potlood

      Why do you never laugh No hate

      1. Loanly

        Its not hard to see her slime or laugh but she doesn't do it so much bc she said smile is look weak

    9. Rafif lol

      wheres my mind??... MAYBE ITS IN THE GUTTER

    10. Sally Rokesky

      Please don’t kill me but I only found this song because of Justin degryses cover… Soz lol 😂

    11. Maria Los

      I know who is your boyfrind it is XXXTENTACION

    12. cami vene

      quiero volver a la primera vez q escuché esta canción

    13. Yasmim Stobbe

      gente vocês perceberam como a billie ta perfeita com maquiagem e o cabelo descolorido 😍

    14. Ellie G

      This is like my favourite song by Billie Eilish it’s so good I remember watching it when it first came out

    15. Ellie G

      This masterpiece is now getting old

    16. الهادي بن هاشم

      For me l see it as the only song that. deserves billion views but Unfortunately it did not🤧😔

    17. Shanks Kids

      2021 if your watching your an amazing person Billie loves you!!😻

    18. Roxi

      Hola :3

      1. xchel ramirez

        holiii jssj

    19. Alexia Meyer

      i cant believe she was only 15 singing this masterpiece

      1. SkillsFootball


    20. Sunshine warrior

      What I love about Billie is she goes crazy in her songs , which I can feel too by listening to it

    21. Endhng M.


    22. Clxuty_Kxra

      i love your eyes

    23. kaue_santos


    24. Andrea Valentina Rosales Castillo

    25. Mădălina Cuculescu

      ♪𝐈𝐭 𝐠𝐨𝐨𝐝♪☻︎

    26. theekshana theekshana

      Super 💓💓💓💓🇱🇰🇱🇰🇱🇰🇱🇰🇱🇰🇱🇰🤟🤟🤟🤟🤟

    27. Ariel Navarrete

      Por qué?

    28. Ariel Navarrete

      te amo eres hermosa cantas hermoso prorque?

    29. cryinqbear

      I love u Billie imma big a fan ps I am coming to see u at the concert next year

    30. Huy Mapper

      Damn i heard it like 2 weeks then now im addicted OML

    31. Joseph L

      one of her best

    32. Alejandra Belizón

      Omg I've just realised how much her voice has changed, I hadn't noticed before hhahahhha

    33. Ozias Oliveira

      イエス・キリストが帰ってきた: イエス・キリストが帰ってきた: イエス・キリストが帰ってきた: イエス・キリストが帰ってきた: イエス・キリストが帰ってきた: イエス・キリストが帰ってきた: イエス・キリストが帰ってきた: イエス・キリストが帰ってきた: イエス・キリストが帰ってきた: イエス・キリストが帰ってきた: イエス・キリストが帰ってきた: イエス・キリストが帰ってきた: イエス・キリストはボルタンです:は非常に強い神は忠実です🙏私の人生に勝つだけで、私の家族は神の民でもありますVaiMoranoCéu イエス・キリストが帰ってきた: Brasil ......

    34. Iso User

      Too be perfectly honest My mother Ive never none I don't never known my mother

    35. Iso User

      You asked me Once, how does Your Mother ever let you down

    36. diego rivas carbajal

      wow, increíble voz, cariños desde Perú 💚💙💜

    37. sera k

      at first I was like Billie is just a tomboy and a good singer vs me now: *hears someone talk about her* BILLIE?! SHE IS A QUEEEEEN

    38. Blood *for you*

      Masterpiece 😳💫


      Am back here again there's an addiction here😫😫😫

    40. Yotzary gamer

      so beautefull

    41. גיל ראובן

      אין עליך בילי

    42. 10k Challenge with 0 video 🔝

      I don't know why, but this song is extremely addictive

    43. 10k Challenge with 0 video 🔝

      it's crazy how many people come back to this everyday. this song is legendary

    44. 10k Challenge with 0 video 🔝

      I can't imagine how nostalgic this will be in 10 years

    45. Travis Brown

      can anyone tell me how do music video's get there FAKE MONEY would like to see how production get there FAKE BILLS

    46. miylge ght

      god she's so cute

    47. ابراهيم علي


    48. ابراهيم علي


    49. Krishna Gupta

      2035 you're still here

    50. World wide BTS

      Pretty ❤️

    51. World wide BTS

      Where's my mind ??

    52. Ana beatriz Piñeros


    53. Blood *for you*

      This song its making my heart explode

    54. Patricia White


    55. Hana Thompson

      She’s so pretty

    56. Debra Ashilley

      I love how the cop was just there watching like: Hm were got another one The cop when she arrives: sup your coming with me

    57. dlin

      "Dont smile at me" is still her best project

    58. Sports Man TV

      Sad song killing good vibes

    59. Caroline Sem


    60. Caroline Sem

      Woww your sing in my faworite

    61. عبدالله عبدالله


    62. ismoyil ahmetova

      обажаю билли

    63. reginald augustine

      So did the police catch her……?

    64. Jean karolista

      Ela é perfeita! 💘💘💘

    65. Eu

      Que saudade da primeira vez que eu ouvi essa música!!!

      1. Mirella Silva

        Nss SIM

      2. Valéria Sawendo


    66. gamer


    67. SuperNiih

      I Song 1000 times

    68. XXX_BILLIE 🖤 💛

      A voz dela e tão suave.

    69. duda_gomes

    70. Christina C

      I love the cop eating the donut

    71. Kevinho Só

      OLÁ GRINGOS!:)

    72. Amber Dawn Steeves

      Where's my mind? Maybe it's in the gutter Where I left my lover What an expensive fake My V is for Vendetta Thought that I'd feel better But now I got a bellyache 💙💙💙💙🌍🕉️

    73. unguarded power

      2021 still a masterpiece

    74. Raquel Stefane

      Suas palavras foram como facadas 🎶

    75. #-OᕼᗩᑎO•𝙼𝚊𝚕𝚊𝚔✯.

      I was wondering about her strange behavior, but I found out recently that she is a teenager 😭

    76. Elliott the sleepy froggo

      I can't believe its been four years, this was like my favorite song and now I'm back!

    77. happier than ever

      The ppl who disliked don't understand true talent!

    78. Peterson Mars

      i wanna come back twenty years in the future to read my comment again.. posted today 16th oct 2021 at 21:05. thank you Billie Eilish

    79. Эдик Цыпилупенко

      Беляш XD

    80. Sham Arul

      That's my favorite song

    81. cob

      never listened to this song until this year. when i tell u guys the beat drop caught me off guard


      Так успокаевает ето музыка❤❤❤❤❤

    83. Nausica Vestita

      I love this song ❤❤❤❤❤❤

    84. maluh liraa

      arrasou prima

    85. Lenard Li

      4 years ago. If your watching you're legend

    86. David Torazzi

      Why's no one talking about that guitar in the background? It makes this song so much better imo.

    87. Williamols✨

      Wheres my mind

    88. jadalen detorres

      The eight helen unprecedentedly head because feather conventionally nod except a kind magic. jagged, fluttering print

    89. Beccas Sounds

      Haven’t heard this since 2017

    90. Liva Basra

      Thats giving 2016 vibes and i loveeee it

    91. fz sh

      احب بيلي ايلاش

    92. consuelo Abrego

      Special music 😘😙😚

    93. Wesley Santos


    94. Marcia Baron

      Still watching that great art in November 2021

    95. Kandukuri Nirmala

      This is one of the best Music videos I've ever seen

    96. Blissful_anysa

      omfg so realtable

    97. Betül Çelik

      2:39 abisinin sesi var sanki ?

      1. Betül Çelik

        @Yaşım17herseyiyaparımGurbetciolmakistiyorum. sürekli bellyache diye tekrar ettiği yerde. Yankı gibi bi ses