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    1. Kol Mikaelson

      Billie enters stage: 1:58 Bury a friend: 2:15 Yssmiac: 5:27 Billie talking to crowd: 8:30 Idcmn: 9:20 NDA: 12:06 TIA: 15:15 my strange addiction: 18:58 Halleys comet: 22:06 Billie bossa nova: 26:00 Billie talking to the crowd!!: 29:20 Oxytocin: 30:49 Ilomilo: 34:59 Billie talks to crowd: 37:50 No time to die: 42:16 Lost cause: 46:18 Everything I wanted: 52:42 Not my responsibility: 56:46 Overheated: 1:00:27 Bellyache: 1:04:11 Ocean eyes: 1:05:56 Atgggth: 1:09:57 My future: 1:12:50 Your power: 1:17:06 Billie talking to the crowd: 1:20:38 Happier than ever: 1:21:24 Bad guy: 1:26:23 Fin!!!: 1:29:36

      1. Belly

        God bless you

      2. Asher Tilsley

        thank you so much:)

      3. dab or die trying

        @Dana Higgins ilomilo is literally there lol

      4. Dana Higgins

        You forgot ilo milo

      5. frankelys fortuna


    2. samarindo


    3. Louis Franck Razafindralambo


    4. 이충권


    5. DAVI msasszc

      00:00 - Intro 00:55 - Bury A Friend 05:26 - You Should See Me In A Crown 09:21 - I Didn't Change My Number 12:05 - NDA 15:14 - Therefore I Am 18:55 - Strange Addiction 22:04 - Halley's Comet 25:56 - Billie Bossa Nova 30:47 - Oxytocin 34:58 - ilomilo 38:55 - when the party's over 42:15 - No Time To Die 46:16 - Lost Cause 51:14 - everything i wanted 56:45 - Not My Responsibility 1:00:25 - Overheated 1:04:10 - bellyache 1:05:56 - Ocean Eyes 1:10:04 - all the good girls go to hell

    6. aluesa342

      Imagine Billie commenting on this video 😁😁

    7. tainá


    8. tainá


    9. Dani Swa

      She was so happy !😄

    10. Novi Alpriyani


    11. Linda Peabody

      She has really grown as an artist. You can tell she has the confidence now to own the stage as she should. Very Good!

    12. Endriko Palengka Afdan


    13. Endriko Palengka Afdan

      Damn i love you, im cryin

    14. Tore Kleist

      Super show!

    15. 《ʜᴇʏ ᴀɴɢᴇʟʏ's》

      se eu estivesse lá eu ia tá pulando e chorando com as músicas

    16. Gabriela Vallejo

      she doesn’t even need much to make that crowd go crazy, oh how i wanna experience this 😩

    17. magda not found

      I fucking love her

    18. Equaliser

      Unfortunately she is going to headline at Glastonbury next year. You have to be a singer for Glastonbury it's live ,she will reveal herself to the crowd as a person who can not sing, and relies on electronics and shouting. She can't do live, she is not the superstar act that they think and she thinks she is. Complete rubbish, Glastonbury is going downhill rapidly.

      1. sam

        Billie has already done Glastonbury in 2019 and they had to move her to a bigger stage because there was THAT much of a demand for her back then. Her set received rave reviews, you can look it up lol. So it is completely predictable that she would headline next year and she is going to smash it like she has been smashing the American festival circuit as a headliner this year. Also, "you have to be a singer"... she is singing live the entire time in this video that you commented on... specifically from 38:58 .. what would you call that, besides singing? 💀Stop being miserable and get with the times.

      2. just Alexandra

        What makes you sure that she can't live ?

    19. Zali Dench

      tbh i really wanted to watch billie sing everything i wanted but instead i got the crowd :/

    20. 賴書涵


    21. juan muñoz

      miusic psiquiatric

    22. ‎

      mommy 😩😩

    23. Mike Cabrera

      I never thought I could fall in love with someone I've never met... Until now. She deserved this crowd and more to come. Can't wait to see her live 3>

    24. ‎

      the music sounds so good here man

    25. Miss Kendschebaewa

      I loved the part „we practiced this i dont know what happened“🤣🤣🤣

    26. Kevin Tjoe

      What happened during "Everything I Wanted"?

    27. bread cat


    28. jayleen ruiz

      im having the concert in my literal bed rn

    29. Chiyo Hage


    30. Alexa's GamingAndVlogs

      Having a panic attack, she helps tho. :)

    31. Ander Lane

      Decent crowd, i love my baby

    32. Edmundo Hernández

      Bored ?

    33. hola??!! FOT-balle

      No word 👐

    34. Sebastian Matz

      It is soo sad, that Luciano Pavarotti is not alive any more. I wish i could see thei both singing together..


      She sang 1hour straight like I love her so muchhh

    36. Angelique

      when billie sing happier then ever i got goosebumps af

    37. Sakura  Haruno🌺

      Meu deusss como eu quero que essa mulher venha pro Brasilll

    38. Mardhatillah


    39. Linda ail


    40. R S T U V W X Y Z

      17:40 gemes banget pas bagian ini 😅

    41. Crazy Man


    42. Roman Ospanov

      Мечты сбываются, "Газ-Пром" Билли хотела, получайте полные залы людей :)

    43. - Uriana -


    44. Álef Silva

      Engraçado que ela canta "bury a friend" rindo e pulando kkkkkkk

    45. Matthew Hatzimalis

      talentless auto tune garbage. Classical music is true art. This chick poisons the minds of the idiots in the audience. JK I LOVE BILLIE to DEATH!!!!!! ;)

      1. Levi


    46. Just Some Guy With ADHD

      51:09 billie : should we just start the fucking song random guy in the crowd : no!!!

    47. Just Some Guy With ADHD

      49:23 Get a fucking job

    48. Just Some Guy With ADHD

      24:47 😂😂

    49. Jordynn Amatt

      I would die to go see her. She saved my life like literally! I love her ❤️

    50. 리사_🌻

      Billie eilish es una bomba en el concierto, ese público es lo que ella necesita ,para hacer al concierto un concierto verdadero y con una intencidad muy profesional naturalmente.

    51. NotDanny

      Damn this shit was fire asf

    52. Peachy Ava

      you made me hate this city 1:20 and 1:24:19 :)

    53. Nick Popov

      пышечка :)

    54. lia

      i love how she talks with her fans like they're her best friends

    55. Victor Lopez


    56. Fab A

      these people are so stocked to see her... signing their hearts out, it's hard to hear Billie... a bit annoying sometimes, but cool over all

    57. yuriexis diaz

      me encantas billie

    58. Carolina Rosales

      Adoro a esta niña me encanta su musica y su energia !!

    59. voidgrande 1

      everybody was so lucky to be there, im so proud of her

    60. semog 72

      Perfect show...Respect

    61. livia

      my favorite baby!!! ❤️

    62. Shit Face

      Who hurt this crowd bro

    63. P-o0L

      Le falta autotune para coincidir su voz

    64. Electric Tornados Dressage

      Remember how when Billie first performed NOT MY RESPONSIBILITY and everyone was screaming and didn’t care that Billie was saying something? Now look how silent and how respectful the crowd is. I’m so glad Billies crowd is better

    65. Sofria

      billie é agro, billie é tec, billie é tudo.

      1. Edsonjsksns Henrique

        Só esperando o próximo ano para ela vim pro Brasil kkk

    66. Emerson Spaki

      in brazil billie would be crazy with her fandom

    67. Tinax Silva

      Eu amo esse mulher ela é perfeita mano

    68. Leticia Martinez

      Beautiful human being, we love 💕 you

    69. K. S.

      Billie, you are sooo beautiful, thx sooo much! I Looove you!

    70. Emre Büge

      This girl is a legend

    71. Tyee

      Americans sing very low, they have to learn from Brazilians

    72. urkop3030

      Fucking spectacular. 👏👏👏👏

    73. Mike M.

      She whisper dont sing. If she releases more air miss the key. When she talk we can hear her. While she sing u hear the people. If her audience was for 10 to 13 year old girls now that she belongs to Disney it will be a massive product for 8 to 17 year old girls. She have nice songs but not for big places. Any signer know how to modulate, how to manage air, have technique, but whispering?? This is lana del rey but Disney version. What a disaster. I still think she could be really better than her last album and sing better of course.

    74. amanda R.S

      she looks so happy :))))))) IM SO HAPPY TOO!!! great show I wish I as there :(

    75. TheGreatDavid

      51:32 this is really sad

    76. Music Djoke

    77. Terresita cruz

      Im so jealous with the crowd wish i can be there 1 day love you bille! Stay safe and bless 😘😘😘

    78. Irene Zander

      Bulli eilish

    79. Jon Y

      ”bILLiE ChaNGeD” uh watch this video and say that again.

    80. Roosens J

      Es increible, que voz. Y su camiseta de Nanaaaaa, como se podría conseguir?? Me encanta 😍😍😍

    81. Shatoune TV

      45:37 😭

    82. tma

      Your power really made her vocals stood out too ❤️

    83. pixiedotcom


    84. Jade Livia

      linda amor

    85. Jade Livia


    86. Jade Livia

      billie linda pft minha namorada sim vdd!!!

    87. Administrative/Procurement CT

      Welcome to Billomania world

    88. Jacob Waern

      (of joy)

    89. Jacob Waern

      I cry when I listen to her!!!🥺🥺🥺

    90. lucas Barreto

      argentina te va dar un buen show billie...

      1. lucas Barreto


    91. dab or die trying

      billie: wanna hear a joke? crowd: YEAHHHHH billie: i dont have one, too bad

    92. Ricwashere

      terrible sound mixing on this, shame

    93. c o r v u s

      consíguete una banda chch...

    94. 스노우피

      진짜 존나잘한다 하 ㅇㅈ

    95. Aline Koharu


    96. Rylee White

      not her saying that everything i wanted is about us when its really about her and Phineas relationship as siblings and how close they are

    97. anasogeimin


    98. Alysson RavalliereChartier

      goodbye at the end oh myyyy gooosh

    99. Tali Ta

      essa mina vai pirar quando fazer show aqui no Brasil, isso aí não vai ser nada diante da energia que tem aqui 🥰

      1. Daniela Almeida

        Com toda certeeeeeeza 😍

    100. juan david Rengifo