Beating Clash Royale the Way Supercell Intended It


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    This was actually harder than I thought lmao


    This video was inspired by Mystery Ore's 'Beating Minecraft the Way Mojang Intended It'

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    1. KFC CLASH

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      1. dmg0425


      2. Vortex


      3. (:im no one oki:)


      4. Tanay Dutt

        Ayo the mariokart wii music hits hard with the nostalgia

      5. Elitest

        @serbian wolf gaming Kind of

    2. Alex Reyes

      9 hours? And im stuck in jungle arena for a week

    3. ChickFilAKid 11

      I miss you man

    4. ShineOrSomething


    5. LouisMalardon

      Was not the way Supercell intended was to put money on the game?

    6. Vol.4


    7. guido mista

      2:12 beathing the s*** out of dio in clash royale

    8. Noah San Juan

      this guy is a legend

    9. The sports gang

      Ur better at commenting 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 then playing

    10. The Wii


    11. WN


    12. Gamer's Pro File

      I'm just mind blown that anyone can somehow manage to think that Lava is pronounced lay-vuh. Unbelayvuhble

    13. Uncle Ruckus

      Love that ratchet and clank music

    14. The sports gang

      Ur commentating is better then the game 😂😂😂😂😂😂


      4:69 lol

    16. Espario 70

      Not to be that weeb but he definitely sounds like Deku from my hero when he starts mumbling

    17. AD Art Gallery

      I thought you weren't going to upgrade any cards

    18. Humprey Sinlao

      bruh i’ve been stuck on arena 12 for 3 days now and i just saw this and he passed arena 12 in less than a day, what the absolute hell

    19. Gd karsten plays

      “Tank and spank” -kfc

    20. 1○5074 - Ƣm

      I dont like how you cant get a free epic on the start of the game. And everyone else has 5 epics and i keep getting skarmy over and over. On my lvl1 account. So annoying

    21. sneakyratsniper

      KFCs Scottish accent is hilarious lmao

    22. gaming & memes

      But can this deck get 5k

    23. Garfunkle

      this song sounds so familiar please help me find it, maybe a mario rpg game had it? 3:26 please help me out

    24. Luis Gerardo Moreno Musical

      Now you have to get to 5000 xd

    25. John Roehsler

      The miscreant aluminium admittedly cure because father essentially alert out a spurious card. telling, shut army

    26. Corona virus killed itachi, not Sasuke

      No one can beat Shikmaru. Even big brain KFC 7:04

    27. Hamish Smith


    28. Irelevant

      intended way is through microtransactions

    29. Garfunkle

      The song at 1:55 is (Christmas Mix)

    30. Garfunkle

      this song sounds so familiar please help me find it, maybe a mario rpg game had it? 3:26

    31. GhoulGamer24


    32. George Gordetskyy

      How are you so good

    33. dominator 007


    34. Reginald Copperbottom

      Now you can't get an epic at the start Stoopid

    35. KnownEarth

      This has proven that clash royale is more of strategy instead of cards

    36. Joseph Went

      minecraft players: hey! i've seen this one! clash royale players: what do you mean you've seen it? it's brand new.

    37. DYREFLEX

      I got like 15 mega strike chest at 3k trophies

    38. The cat from When I'm Around U

      9:00 LMAO

    39. Ha llo

      i've found the worst clash royale player on youtube.. xD

    40. Gabriel Mac

      "This is the way" - baby yoda idk

    41. Nightmare Shorts

      Remember the old wood chests lol

    42. ̔̏

      Ratchet and clank soundtrack in the background just so you guys know

    43. Kencer

      8:50 dude wtf is up with your voice lmao

    44. Mr.Fl0ps

      oml im in panda cutie

    45. Nimzu

      Ratchet and clank music!!

    46. Petar Žakula

      Put it in my inventetory

    47. Soldier

      I stopped playing for a year and I was knocked down to hog mountain when I was in spooky towh

    48. Sim Jorge

      Too bad they added a arena 13 and 14

    49. Matthew Quinn

      Ahh, clash royale... the ultimate pokemon-without the kidnapping

    50. Anna lena liebt chrystal metth

      i like the music! ratchet and clank part was intense !

    51. BLZ_Spark

      HOWim still fucking stuck on pekkas playhouse and im having to go against bots and im still losing

    52. Aʀᴅɪʟʟᴏɴ

      Me: *Scared of going back to arena 5 because I'm low on trophies* Him: Litteraly claps everyone with his maze

    53. Gidster1

      Title should’ve been called “Beating Clash Royale The Boring Way”

    54. daboy hykter26

      How do I have a level 10 baby dragon but a lot of pros have like level 9 or 8 baby dragon and I’m in arena 6

    55. Eternity101

      you sound like you’re trying to not wake your mom up

    56. Amar


    57. DenzelPlaysYT

      I love how you pronounce cards

    58. Bas Roseboom

      Youre actually so bad, i'd easy beat u in a 1v1 with any deck

    59. Dave Chris

      Mate the background music in this video is F****** awesome. Nostalgic af. Mariocart wii, club penguin, the original ratchet and clank. Idk if this is the norm for this channel it’s my first vid 😂

    60. DOntBeeToxic

      Actually the intend for you to spwnd your life savings to max everthing

    61. Sebastian Varga

      8:40 he is gay or what ???

    62. Todor Nikolov

      Damn the ratchet and clank music is giving me nostalga i just finish the remake 1 month ago and now when i hear the music, i had rly good time with that game mate

    63. Boof_8

      How do you play game so well with a TRIANER DECK

    64. Slippery Slimeball

      Someone in my clan kicked everyone out and now I only have 6 members. Our name is the Trojans and our code is #YL8VJ989. I really hope y’all join.

    65. Gabe Gravino

      Layva hound? What???

    66. CornDogZ Cartoons


    67. Monster252562 Fortnite

      I miss when u were able to get witch and prince from the first arenas 😭😢

      1. CotterIsAClownLol

        i have prince in arena four lol

    68. Simula

      Can you beat Clash royale by using the decks seen in clash-a-rama?

    69. Snozer69

      I would love to see the pain come from trying to do this now that it takes 5000 trophy’s to be in Legendary Arena

    70. Nicholas Suhr

      Layva hound

    71. Light.

      2:32 opponent is a jojo refference.

    72. TNTGameZ The Original

      what legendary did he get

    73. Pat Arredondo

      I need help, I’ve been playing clash Royale for about a year and I’ve been stuck on pekka’s playhouse for 6 months. Do you have any advice

    74. Sailor

      For a moment I thought he would spend all his money on gems lol

    75. Bry King

      Lol morten played that Deck on 7000 tropies and won some rounds

    76. Flash Tortoise

      Where do you get all of these accounts

    77. juicy gamer

      So cap saw u using log

    78. Sofyan Shalalfeh

      You played with bots

    79. Namex 33

      I love the ratchet and clank music

    80. Bacon

      I've never seen a man so happy to upgrade archers before 😂

    81. Róbert Elí Ingólfsson

      I love that you're using the song from the ratchet and clank games

    82. killer agates

      Anyone need a clash royal clan

    83. kakashi vibin

      And here I am struggling against wizards early on making me stuck on Pekka playhouse

    84. Isa K

      theres always something about a clash royal youtubers he says layva, mine-ions, his hair literally looks like an oval bowl, musketeya, and he thinks its funny to say knight with the k

    85. Y/N


    86. mastrolindo il Pro

      2:29 hahahahahaha il nome del player

    87. muhammad akbar

      9:00 why am i talking like this

    88. Smew 0

      4:05 is that a song from rachet & clank???

    89. Pyro Raptor

      0:59 lower ur volume :3

    90. Facob andelman

      Cool now get 5k

    91. Player Patata

      bro you were like level 6 when you played the final game ... why do i remember that around 4000 trophies, all my opponents were about level 10 and had lvl 9 to 11 playing cards? weird...

      1. cali

        Because you were also around level 10 and had lvl9 to 11 playing cards.

    92. Derrick Fielden

      "layva hound"

    93. Jovan Ristic

      this guy made it to 4k trophies with the strating deck, yet im still stuck in arena six with a trash deck, might aswell try this

    94. Kodoofly

      2:57 jojo reference

    95. Kodoofly

      This isint really the way supercell intended it or else they wouldnt give you new cards, I feel like this video would be better if every new card you got you had to use

    96. Koenny

      Your voice is like stewie from family guy

    97. Rl Clips

      Can somebody tell me why he was max level in this clip 3:55

      1. FabianSzpak Games

        he was watching replays

    98. Mihai-BS

      Literally supercell:You made us proud:')

    99. Franklin Potter

      This guy looks like a discount spiderman from your local gas station.

    100. lord meme

      I’ve been on hog mountain for 2 years and this man just gets past it like it’s nothing