Barcelona's Incredible Comeback After Defeat in Milan

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    1. Rajiv Ranjan

      where was imbrimovic

    2. TP Double-V

      The time no one would dare compare Messi to Ronaldo

    3. Алдияр Ишберген

      Смотрию и скучаю этот Барсу ( А не то что сейчас

    4. pepe torres


    5. Muñiz Alberto


    6. Arne Timmer

      You could not be bothered to find this on the British broadcast?

    7. Pino Silvestro

      Leggo un certo imbarazzo sui volti dei giocatori del barca, nel dover giocare contro Constant e Niang

    8. Lolo Abente

      Alguien mas luego del 0-3?

    9. Football Conselier

      Barcelona were so intense

    10. Luisito VIII

      they were better after loaning zlatan away

    11. The Boss

      The Best Trio In History Of Football: 1-Messi - Xavi - Iniesta 2-Messi - Neymar - Suarez 3-Messi - Pedro - Villa The Common Thing Between Them Is GOAT 🐐

    12. Maciek

      Jeszcze Messi wróci do Barcelony 💔💔

    13. Mr Fox - Майнкрафт

      Я один русский ?

    14. Xander Troy

      Конченые! На русскую картинку испанские комментарии поставили...

    15. Snow Flake

      Is there heavy suspision of cheating for that match as there were for the horrible match against Paris and the numerous mistakes of Aytekin ? If i recall correctly 3 goals for Barcelona were outrageous and a couple of goals for Paris ruled out... Somewhere in that ball park right ? For me, Barcelona against Paris and Korea against Italy/Spain at the WC were the most incredible diplay of corruption in Football. Ever. Karma is a b***. When you see where Barcelona is now. It is very enjoyable actually.

      1. Snow Flake

        @Diego Lisandro Ruiz2 Barcelonas***le

      2. Diego Lisandro Ruiz2




    17. flcmessi

      Este Milan es el que iba de bajada ya que se había retirado Maldini y compañia por que si hubiera estado shevchenko ,cafu, kaka, dida uff no me quiero imaginar como hubiera quedado el marcador en san siro

    18. Elio Cabanillas

      2 - 8

    19. Samuel Pearlman

      They good.

    20. Robbie Dehora

      Pointless game , got hammered by juventus in the next round . Greatest comeback of all time . Liverpool 4 Barcelona 0. Liverpool went on to win the UCL.

      1. Lord Aeon

        delusion of highest level

    21. shah sawar

      Messi is the hero of his time the history of football will never forget messi

    22. Aj Ated


    23. danisancess

      Y luego los 7 del bayern

    24. Antonio Aldana

      4:31 ANKARA MESSI

    25. Amogh Acharya

      Please upload Man city vs Liverpool 19/20 PL Etihad

    26. 06Rajul muneer

      Commentry on another level🔥

    27. futbolic

      Pedro messi villa trio was so underrated

      1. senjore porfarite

        DIVOC ORIGI !

      2. Don’t Worry, We’ll Talk About It

        Underrated? Lol.

      3. Diego Lisandro Ruiz2

        @Klemen94 Vardrid

      4. Klemen94

        @futbolic tvoja mama

      5. futbolic

        @Klemen94 hey madridog go n watch Madrid vs Bayern 2017 game.. where Ronaldo scored two fucking offsides goal..ref was blind af

    28. smile Xxx

      как же больно смотреть после уходов всех игроков с барсы

    29. Evilgladiator

      The commentary is fire...

    30. Андрей Арбат

      Одна из лучших игр Барсы!!!!

    31. ikeryu 524


    32. Elyor Mustafakulov

      Милан был поражен уже на 5 минуте.

    33. Pau Gutiérrez SD

      4:31 ankara messi

    34. Arunoday Ray

      Istanbul comeback was way better but this was also nice

    35. Carlos Joshua Nava Sanchez

      Cuando el Barcelona daba miedo

    36. SD

      makes me cry rewatching this in 2021

    37. abdirahin dahir

      This is one of the greatest game I ever watched what a game it was?

      1. michele croce

        2nd leg of round of 16, 2012-13 champions league

    38. ReelnGame

      Messi is just on another level

    39. Abnsdllnnlosnfd

      In my opinion that was one of the best Barcelona kits ever! I don´t understand why everyone seems to hate it!?

      1. Nemanja

        my favourite kit

      2. Unique Dhakal

        Not the best one but better than those of 18,19,20 and 21.

      3. Sleepy¿?

        @الهوى الغايب that's not a reason to hate

      4. Ryandira Bagus Rahardjo

        Nah the 16/17 kit was the best

      5. الهوى الغايب

        They hate it because BAYERN MUNCHEN result 😂😂😂😂 BAYERN vs BARCA [7-0]

    40. Hakim Fikal

      Next lapporta n R Koeman is a magical prank..

    41. Lubnah Alaydrus

      Messi ❤️

    42. Juan Jesús C. Rosas

      Cuando jugar contra el Barcelona era una pesadilla y verlo jugar era un espectáculo

      1. YME

        Cuando era el barca el que remontaba

    43. Anil Rai

      messi 1st goal was out of nowhere.

    44. Suji Harif

      Messi is not a big game player 😂😂😂

    45. Aboubakar Balde

      La noches Messi la tarde Messi siempre el mejor juegador del mundo y historia futbol mundial 😭😭😭😭😭👏👏👏👏👏

    46. САРМАТ

      МЕССИ-лучший в истории футбола!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    47. MapexRG_WILL

      That Iniesta save was nuts

    48. Bla Bla Bla

      Месси мы по тебе будем скучать...

      1. evian

        Так сказал будто он умер

    49. Kimsry Srorn

      see you Messi

    50. Angel Herrera

      siempre seras el mejor Messi 🐐

    51. Sebas Rihui

      Messi se va del Barça :(

      1. SuperNip


    52. Jason Russell

      Who’s here after the Messi news?😕😭

    53. Sandy Yuda

      And now Messi out barcelona

    54. Teofilo Da Silva

      Was crazy moment 😁😋💖💙♥️ wow

    55. Teofilo Da Silva

      I saw 7-0

    56. Teofilo Da Silva

      Barca was robbed here few penaldo .

    57. Conceicao Mello

      Messi nem se fala

    58. Conceicao Mello

      Iniesta fera

    59. Mr. Red

      The fall of Milan thus begun.....

    60. Luis - VIVE LA FOTO

      on the second goal messi was offside

    61. Luke Skywalker

      Such a missed one/two pass opportunity at 6:16 by Messi to Iniesta, would've been a stunning goal...

    62. Anderson Lima


    63. Alejandro 11


    64. Ernest Nyarkoh

      Messi is God in football

    65. Art *

      Catala sounds as if a portuguese person speaking espanol.

    66. Syahrul Ramadhan

      Masaa berjaya El Barca. Kapan lagi seperti ini. . Visca Barca

    67. Anthon Aja

      Messi is the Genius 💯

    68. ulug'bek sulaymonov

      Oooooooo Messiiiii

    69. Genius

      Living that OnLive was definitely something else. The pressure when the game kick-off, followed by that feeling of hope and rebellion when Messi scored the first goal; that was one of the greatest games I have ever watched.

      1. x.hyper_kid.x

        You are lucky..u have watched it on live....

      2. Ултусын Əріпхан


    70. Stefano Laz

      Catalan que idioma tonto

    71. Luca Bruno

      Un altro bel furto blaugrana

    72. @CFCMoi11

      When you have Messi in your team. You got a chance

      1. Aarón García

        when you got messi surrounded by a good team*

      2. Cem Cağlar

        no ronaldo

    73. MISTER HU TE

      AC MILAN really needed a NUMBER 9 striker in this match

    74. Александр Шальнев


    75. Iam

      Old barca the best Tiki-taka

    76. ZeRo Mx

      Siempre barcelona

      1. SuperNip


    77. fi wu

      Not best team. AC milan

    78. Gyser Yagami

      El Sharaaway vai jogar YuGiOh porque futebol não é pra ti o cara não consegue chutar normal e tenta puxar uma bicicleta tá louco

    79. Saklin Ahmed

      Ultimate Braca

    80. Gabriel Tavares

      Messi + Iniesta = Mágica

    81. Ismail Khan

      This was our identity now we just play boring football

    82. Mukdaphan Saengitram

      พรรคคอมมิวนิสต์จีน ฟ้า มึงก็ไปเอาเงินจาก สีจิ้นผิง ยุ่งอะไรกับชีวิตกู นายเรือง วัดดาวรุ่ง

    83. Rizky Gaming

      Fc barcelona gool kaki kiri semua

    84. Muhammad Hamsah

      Top Messi dan Barca

    85. matt waldman

      The nebulous sharon neuroanatomically guard because force synthetically destroy near a flawless mailman. literate, exotic slice

      1. Azka Ravindra Rahman

        what are you smokin dawg

    86. Khadija Khatun

      The dangerous lunchroom july offend because wing endoscopically wander following a dry border. quack, abaft thrill

    87. Retro Don

      3:22 💀

    88. jack ace

      01:37 Javier Mascherano...he paid a close attention to the ball, even though he was nutmegged, still manage to got the ball first. Barca defender nowadays can't do that, so easy to defeat in 1-on-1 situation.

      1. Abnsdllnnlosnfd

        @quentin hirschfeld I was being ironic! LOL

      2. 宋嘉軒

        Mascherano was one of the hardest working defender even though he made mistakes.Bleeding face still playing for Argentina 👏

      3. quentin hirschfeld

        @Abnsdllnnlosnfd Lenglet was awful this season. Also, even during the 2019-2020 season, he wasn't even close to prime Mascherano!

      4. Abnsdllnnlosnfd

        Don´t be so harsh on Lenglet!

      5. Osazuwa Iyamu

        With out a doubt

    89. Richard Alpert

      Grande Messi. Esto fue hace casi 10 años, y ya era el rey (dicho por los propios comentaristas). Eso dice mucho.

      1. Great Ilyrian

        @Kcrezzo Bc En el 2015 no fue tan convicente la calificacion del Barca ya que el Bayern en Munchen le gano 3 a 2 y esos 2 goles del Barca fueron debatibles,el.Barca en Barcelona si le gano limpio 3 a 0 eso si. En el 2009 ahi si le gano merecidamente el Barca 4 a 0 en Barcelona y 1-1 en Munchen. Pero si hacemos una comparacion el Bayern le ha ganado casi siempre al Barca. En el 78 4 a 0 en Munchen y 4 a 0 en Barcelona 8 a0 en total, en el 94 4 a 1 en Munchen y 2 a 1 en Barcelona 6 a 2 en total, 2013 4 a 0 en Munchen y 3 a 0 en Barcelona 7 a 0 en total y en el 2020 8 a 2 que fue una masacre historica.

      2. Kcrezzo Bc

        @Great Ilyrian te falta el baño que le metió el Barça al bayer de pep en 2015

      3. Lucas Ribeiro

        Ele era visto como rei já aos 22 anos, hoje com 34 é praticamente um deus do futebol.

      4. Great Ilyrian

        Buen trabajo del Barca, pero la goleada quee hizo El Bayern 7-0 en El proximo partido los borro de la historia, y despues la otra goleada de 8-2 del 2020 eso ya termino por rematar al Barca.

    90. Rendy Kelana

      Tapi di semifinal dibantai Bayern Muenchen dengan gol agregat 0 - 7... ☝️😁

    91. Luppi 0.25

      il palo di Niang sta ancora tremando

    92. Магомед Раджабович

      Барселона Браво🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥.

    93. Luiz Henrique

      O ano era 2013.

    94. Mohammed Amine Chouirfi

      Visca Barça ❤️

      1. SuperNip


    95. Gambu

      This was the total destruction of AC Milan. It never came back to the European championship ever since that match. We're still hoping for its return.

      1. Steven Sinata

        This Milan team was one of the worst ever tbh..

      2. Dede Gendut

        Foto fkr

      3. Dede Gendut

        D see

      4. Dede Gendut


      5. Gunther Hechenleitner

        @Gambu yes

    96. خالد العبدلي


    97. Nandrip

      3:56 esok... Prei... Esok... prei....

    98. Anshul Sharma

      Who was the Barca coach then ?

      1. Abdulilah Feteih

        tito vilanova but he was recovering from cancer at the time so jordi rora the assistant coach was in charge

    99. Masak gede Zaqie

      Milan belum jelasnya Barca...