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    We are thrilled to announce that Billie Eilish is joining us for an to dish on all things “Happier Than Ever” + more! 🧡

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    1. kiara lee

      she's so well spoken and wise for such a young age. People really need to stop hating on her, they're defo treating her like shit just bc she's blonde. I think they forget she's still the same person as green or silver hair billie

    2. Jaide Francis

      Hi Billie it's jaide

    3. shahrukh khan

      Billie Eilish is one of my favourite girl....

    4. yasmeen

      okay these questions are so good

      1. yasmeen

        @Barbara Ford lolol

      2. Barbara Ford


    5. Kiera Oliver

      3:59 she sounded like a horse

    6. Shea Pila

      "Less miserable"...should be the next song title.. 😊I'm loving her oxytocin sweatshirt.. ❤️🤙super good interview...

    7. Caz B

      Finally an interview with interesting questions and you can tell both of you enjoyed it

    8. Renan Costa

      The best

    9. Jeremy Chavis

      It's so weird because she doesn't sound like she has in previous interviews and you can hear the maturity and growth in her cadence and speech that you hear in the album. It's amazing.

    10. Bianca H


    11. Barbie Gena

      Great interview 👍👍

    12. Kendra Passalaqua


    13. Lisa Wilson

      Shark can do whatever he wants just like Alicia keys. Lol. He can swear off binging on sticks, n eat some more in 2 hours. 🤣 my shark is a cat who is a big fan of Billie, but also eating tape, n smacking my new n the first tv I’ve had in years🙄😑, to get the birdies, but he’s cool. 🤣 He’s trying to hold it down, but the birdies fly away, n the tape comes back up occasionally. Ennnnyways, he’s a mix of coyote, shark, croc, cracken, he’s a big doll baby, n such a joy, literal lifesaver, wrastling ball of nonstop loads of laughs. He came to me about the same time Billie got her Shark, but I ended up naming him Archer. In my head Shark was n will always be, one of all his other names n identities from the beginning when he had fallen into my patio with his lil grey self, till now. He’s my therapy animal and truly is just what I needed right on time. Shark Love. N So Much Billie Love. 💚lisa💚 I know. So random. 🤷🏻‍♀️

    14. Tinker Bell

      Great questions and fantastic interview Julia! Billie.....! You're adorable. Album on replay.

    15. JESUSSLOVER666

      what a terrible interviewer

    16. Chandre Joao

      Please come to Japan :)

      1. Barbara Ford


    17. Kara Beasley

      So what she is saying is Shark got a “bellyache” 😂 this is one of the best interviews for real!

    18. Lea

      Great questions and I like that she doesn't interrupt while making this interview. It flows naturally like two friends talking about things and catching up 😊

    19. Russell Rush


    20. Anne B.

      Everybody likes happiness because it has a piness in it. hahaha

    21. Kathy Ferguson

      I just grew out of lowercase letters? Can you do that?

      1. mouthbreether

        i can't.

    22. Bubble Gore

      the AD on this was her Happier than ever MV 😭💕

    23. Mia

      why there no comments bout the gum lol its so hard not to notice

    24. Ashley Miller

      I absolutely love how she questions what happiness is…I really relate to that thought process. I love it

    25. Mara Alves

      OMG, she's wearing pink...

    26. Martinart_x

      These interviews feel like home,,it's like a place that mostly true fans come...😁 '3'

    27. Alana Williams

      9.29 I’m crying

    28. Sadie B.

      i literally love her sm

    29. Nina Rosa

      When she’s coming to your city but you couldn’t get tickets

    30. Sarah Schultz

      I can't wait for the 2022 concert, I'M SO READY

    31. May

      I thought that said audacity check for a sec😭

    32. K Cris

      14:22 🙌🥺🥺

    33. idxntknowhy

      im so excited to get this energy back for tour next year. she looks so content and you can tell that shes been longing to do shows. this album is literally INSANE. both of her albums are my favorites and nothing compares. they stand alone. billie and finneas never disappoint i can already smell the grammys

    34. Delena4ever #TVD

      just commenting this on any billie related things that i know will get a lot of traffic: no one “switched up” the reason people are hyping her now after hating on her so bad a month ago is because all the hate and accusations she was getting in the beginning of this year were absolute BULLSHIT and everyone knew! EVERYONE KNEW! it was a HATE TRAIN. it was y’all’s precious, TOXIC cancel culture that y’all cling to so hard. 99% of of things ppl were saying about her were absolutely made up, quite literally not her fault at all or not a bad thing to do at all. the other 1% was her being a human that made ONE mistake when she was 13 completely unknowingly. the only actual thing Billie did: sang along to an alleged asian slur in a song she knew at thirteen years old. no one around her had ever used the word and she didn’t know it at all so how tf was she supposed to know it was offensive? we don’t know what any words mean until someone teaches us. she was only thirteen. she already explained that and said sorry she didn’t know. people have liked her as an artist/celebrity and been listening to her music this WHOLE time, on the DL then going on twitter and tiktok to bash her bc it was a trend. yall are two faced. y’all don’t really care about her. what y’all did to her was absolutely DISGUSTING and the most evil thing the internet has ever done.

    35. Ceilidh -it's kaylee-

      definitely read this as audacity check in and i was v thrown

    36. yes

      14:13 did she just forget her tour i-

    37. nina delaqeza

      the interviewer looks like y/n -

    38. Ras

      Don't mind this 13:28

    39. islaparadis •

      billie made me smile

    40. Alabama Worley

      I think you meant Dopamine, hun. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter which affects more physiological functions, whereas Dopamine helps us feel motivated, and lights up our pleasure center when we accomplish something. Incredible interview otherwise, with some great questions posed. It sincerely breaks my heart to hear this brilliant, insanely talented young woman speak about the bullshit she undergoes by simply creating what she loves, then sharing that art with us. I can't even begin to fathom the daily struggles Billie endures, while merely trying to live her life as a human. I will say however, that she has acclimated in the most gracious of ways, and should be commended for her enate ability to remain humble and grounded, yet poised at every turn.

    41. Just Me 😎

      I am SOOOO happy her 2022 tour is going to be a continuation of 2019 BECAUSE I MISSED THAT ONE but I’ll be at this one!!!! Anyone else??? I LOVE YOU BILLIE 👸🏻🖤💚❤️❤️❤️

    42. Olga Vasileva

      Julia is a great interviewer! And it seems like she's such a nice person

    43. sugx btsxbilx

      my baby looks very cute ahhhh I love this new era, I really saw stars when listening to this album

    44. SAN.

      You cope with interview real well.

    45. (simping intensifies)

      i have big vibes that the interviewer is bi, we love the hair 😩✋

    46. Cadence Castillo


      1. Barbara Ford

        Love 💘 you ❤

    47. Mario Alejandro Olivares Paternina

      props to the interviewer, she did a great job at making billie feel comfortable and it seemed like a pretty nice conversation, also billie's absolute fire.

    48. Moreau

      This album felt so complete and dripping with authenticity and originality.

    49. Aidan Doyle

      I love how the interviewer actually asked really good questions! Very thought provoking questiongs that made Billie realllyyy have to dig deep and think about. Rather than basic questions that she already had the answer to cause she’s had to answer it a million times over (In love w the album, i adore it so much, its been on repeat ever since it came out!)

    50. Hillmidget

      It is amazing just chefs kiss

    51. Wes Polley


    52. Pat Hanna

      I hope someday she and Pink meet? Not collab, BUT MEET. She will set her straight in her path MORE than Beebs ! FACT

    53. u wu

      does anyone notice she doesn’t talk like with that accent anymore?

      1. Ju Chuva

        @u wu don't know whats that

      2. u wu

        @Ju Chuva like the aave accent I think it’s called?

      3. Ju Chuva

        which accent?

    54. Reginae Butler

      great interview!!! really good questions

    55. Mary Oary

      What a lovely interview!

    56. Devika

      lol why does it look like 2 ppl are in the bg in billies video like 2 creepy ppl

      1. Barbara Ford


    57. Devika

      her talking about her album, makes us happier than ever

    58. Devika

      'happier than ever' is soo good, its perfect

    59. Dave's Music Box

      She's wearing Oxytocin merch!!

    60. Dave's Music Box

      That face at 2:16 tho

    61. Dave's Music Box

      She crushes every interview. Also the album was great

    62. Miss17 Black

      I read that as audacity check, i was like whaaaat!??????????

      1. Barbara Ford


    63. Sheryl S.

      Great interview. :)

    64. Abyyyy


    65. You probablyalreadyknow

      She’s right, lyrics to getting older are incredible

    66. Prabhkirat Kaur

      0:45 what does she mean by when I was coming up ??

    67. Laura Gomes


    68. alexania !!

      the 4 dislikes is Q and 3 of his burner accounts

    69. The Craft of Petra

      Ghhhad... Am so happy that there's this video right here!!!

    70. *The Potato*

      she is so cute😆

    71. naj

      the album is absolutely insane

    72. youngdpslu popo


    73. Ella Solari

      love her so much:(( cant wait for the album!!🤎

    74. loubna


    75. King Billie Eilish

      We love you Billie for everything u do for us thank you can’t wait for this album

      1. Barbara Ford

        Love 💘 😻 💜

    76. ScorpioSound Records

      What an amazing human can't wait to hear the album.

    77. liv5776

      Can we acknowledge how well this interviewer did?

      1. Zaineb Hidoussi

        ikr it's an interesting interview ..interesting questions

    78. Olivia Rose

      Me: Eyes and ears you better buckle up bc you're angel has arrived

    79. Galaxy Paris


    80. Erlymar Tirado Padrón

      Really good interview, with smarts questions 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻, excited for the new album just hours away 🎤🎶❤️❤️‍🔥❤️‍🩹💔

    81. Anita Lagrutta


    82. Angella Labiba

      the album was beautiful for everyone who doesn’t have it out yet , u r not ready at allll (it came out in aus) it literally deserves everything it’s so precious

    83. Angella Labiba

      “it didn’t stay btw” sobbing , i rlly hope she’s doing good ☹️.

      1. Jordyn Dewey

        Yeah that hit hard it just hurts to not know if she's okay bc she is everything to me

      2. yasmeen


      3. Asa Kryst

        @CanisLupus379 👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽

      4. CanisLupus379

        It didn't stay because it just can't. You can't always be happy. To me that's clearly what she said. Sometimes you're happy, sometimes you're don't. And sometimes you are happier than ever. For a while. That's it. 🤷🏼‍♀️

      5. Angella Labiba

        @carina fleming mhm :(

    84. Pickle Lickle

      "Cute but ugly" shark: 👁👄👁

    85. heavenlykari

      this woman made me happier than ever with her wonderful album 😭😭🤍

    86. Katie Robinson

      Omg she’s so silly and relatable

    87. Kennedy Shell

      she has grew sm and i love it🥺❤️

    88. Paige Keenor

      I started crying when billie said that the tour would be like her 2019 where do we go?

    89. Santiago García Maza

      13:37 PERIODT

    90. Paige Keenor

      billie is happier than she’s been but she’s not the happiest that she’ll ever be.

    91. Sab _

      She's grown so much and she's come so far, so proud of her :')

    92. I -

      She’s such a sweetheart

    93. Lexi Zuerker

      is anyone like, super stoked for male fantasy...

    94. Jade Eilish

      She's so cute😭

    95. LORDEN

      I love her 😩

    96. Nakia Sims

      Does anyone else see her shirt it so pretty 🤩

    97. thembisile chabedi

      These questions were sooo good

    98. Icy Simpson


      1. Barbara Ford


    99. Coco Hasling

      the interview looks at her so softly and she looks so happy like she idolises her ( billie is great as well )

    100. nia aolani

      ima so hyped for the album OMG