Among Us But There's No Color

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    1. Eidan Micua

      Grayscale lol

    2. Ayaat X gaming

      Flash in rahul is the best

    3. Kian tayeb


    4. Ya boi Low budget sans

      Dogs playing among us be like:

    5. Alexandru Mihalache


    6. Qwer Tyu


    7. Naomi Chriselda Y

      2:07 there are bad ending

    8. Bilinmeyen ._.


    9. Raj verma Raj verma

      Really thas funny when yellow know he is red not blue

    10. PRO GAMER


    11. ping0ggles


    12. Aldo Jacobo

      how difficult to play like this

    13. Lily Davis

      2,000 IQ BABY!!!

    14. GoddessDeeDeeBubbles ofImagination

      the bloody knife on the thumbnail is sus it has color

    15. Afamia Saker

      Names: What

    16. Woody & Firey Lover

      Now who is sus?

    17. Maze

      One word: lolz

    18. RaptorBlueX


    19. Aneela Atif

      Your Vids are the Best !

    20. Ezekiel Samonte

      Yellow: what's that color Yellow: WHAT

    21. Brooklynn Holt

      Oh noooooooooooooooooooo *screams in panic and confuso*

    22. G-9

      Title : among us but there is no Colors Blood : I am 4 parralel universes ahead of you

    23. zardy and bob

      They are ALL fuxked

    24. Esperanza Valdez

      woah no color

    25. VOVANN2010

      1:55 impostor when walk:calm When stand:PANIC

    26. Harly Santana

      Gray sus

    27. Jonathan Kang

      well, i give up

    28. Treysi Donayres

      Pobre amarillo.. !

    29. max gaming


    30. morgan paupe

      A la charlie chaplin!


      Practically: if there is no colour, how can it be in Black and White?

    32. The CrackerGamer

      Please do among us but all crew mates are cars lol

    33. Peachy Peach

      This would be so scary if it happened and you realized who was the impo

    34. Icedragon

      Um no color I see white and black and gray

    35. Thu Nguyen

      0:58 when your brother blame you then your mom trust you then he fight you

    36. محمد مشهور

      اللعبه لعبه دي حلوه

    37. Bibhuti Bhusan Mandal


    38. god

      Hey make a video if crewmate can kill imposter

    39. syler kaiden

      Dark Grey = Blue Medium Grey = Red Light Grey = Yellow 1:27

    40. Night Fury

      His endings are the best and full of suspense :o


      bruh red u lookin sus I cya rn u red susy

    42. Ducky and his Friends

      Basically everyone’s color blind

    43. K_rma

      these plot twists man

    44. kavita gupta

      Very nice story

    45. Zebra 2015

      Arent black and white colors ?

    46. margaret pokorski

      Insert to be continued meme here

    47. Rodrigo Favio Paredes Vasquez


    48. Farhaan shaikh

      Suggetion for next video make a 18 minute airship animaition like gametoons👍🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

    49. Bilal Mohammed

      Last is every time op

    50. Ấu Trùng Tinh Nghịch

      Bro this literately happened to me in among us

    51. Rice's uncle

      *laughs in nametag*

    52. แมวไทยแมวน่าร์ก

      What the hell red🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔susssssssssssssssssssssssaaaassssssssssssss

    53. HJ2 Plays!

      0:56 Imagine blaming that on Yellow. Couldn't be me.

    54. XKostyaPRO_X

      Red imposter+ No colors = Black imposter

    55. AngelYT

      No u

    56. number blocks master

      I want to see Among Us but orange is not a color

    57. inscrito 2.0


    58. SCP-080 Dark Form

      Much like in the 1900s

    59. Omega Cell


    60. EMReid

      thats what purple gets

    61. tyrantrntrum'tyce

      The lmpoater l win

    62. alejandro pro 332


    63. Sonic Fightboss

      Among Us but it's an old cartoon

    64. Lia Van Steenkiste

      TOO SAD

    65. Animation Va


    66. Bastian Brauner

      I love this guy he never runs out of ideas 😀

    67. Ez Nathan

      There world is 1954

    68. Rick Tomigas

      2:05 LOOOOOOL

    69. Harly Santana

      When red destroyed the box that was his sabotaged Edit: his new sabotaged

    70. SHADOW CAT

      I knew it was red, the one who saved xD He did not look blue, the blue was to already reach black and red a little lighter

    71. Stupid_Game_Clips

      Among us with meny colors

    72. Shadow The Great RBLX

      Dont worry guys now its Sus combat!

    73. Cristiano Neto


    74. Survivor Guy

      More like Among Us in the 30s

    75. ꧁SilverTheFøxy ꧂

      could you made a part 2? *among us smile*

    76. Mohaddis Dalvi

      video idea:pubg in among us

    77. Heba Khasawneh

      I really like when red came with yellow and yellow thought that red was blue .

    78. Jay Kasbale

      Nice concept

    79. Tiger Lover 285

      Among us but it’s a 1950’s cartoon.

    80. Vendel Orsós

      the among us like an old film

    81. Art With FreakX

      CONGRATS ON 800K SUBS!!!

    82. RuslanMelok

      Among Us in 1950

    83. titan Reiner

      among us 🤫

    84. N2N

      I'am like Among Us update

    85. Abram Bernadi Christiawan


    86. Sausan Khatoon

      Congo for 800k subs 👍👍🥳🥳

    87. Akansha Rai

      Can Flash in Rahul create this animation: Among Us: If impostors could throw bodies at crewmates

      1. Zeplo72

        i mean 0:28

      2. Zeplo72

        umm, *has a flashback to 2:28 * im not entirely sure

    88. rai_Chan

      Wow, es realmente genial, me gusta el espíritu, sí, súbelo de nuevo y felicitaciones por los 800 mil suscriptores que apoyaré. 👍

    89. Shraddha Bansal

      2:04 Yes I was waiting for twist☠️


      Among us but there is no impostor


      There's no color but yellow is good looking 🙂😅

    92. Super Knight

      i must say you make the best of the endings

    93. tiuCriC

      I would love a old murder mystery game

    94. [HL!Sans]

      Idea video; crewmate can attack the imposter with an bone

    95. BTS 123

    96. shatrughan singh

      Woohoo the new one

    97. Tricky the 😈clown😈

      Amoug us time travel