ALL GOALS + GOAL COUNTER! FIFA World Cup 2018-With English Commentary{HD}


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    All goals world cup (wc) 2018 russia with english commentary

    Alle Tore der Fußball Weltmeisterschaft 2018 in Russland.

    Tous les objectifs de la Coupe du monde 2018 en Russie.

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    1. Omar Calle Gonzales

      English commentaries lack emotion. Where's the GOAAAAL! scream when I need it.

    2. Prod. Sinon

      fuck off belgium

    3. Clonazepam2.0

      South Korea 2 : 0 Germany

    4. Hallo Hallo

      HSV bad

    5. pLeX GaMinG

      Argentina lose because they had a poor goalkeeper

    6. Huw roach

      3:27 what is this comments

    7. Jacob Suresh

      Saved the best goal to last lmao

    8. José Alberto Zambrano Torres

      Crying for Japan

    9. Akinnan 06

      3:35 WOWW

    10. giovanna

      jesus christ argentina is terrible

    11. Slept Soviet

      Only 23 penalties of 195, cmon guys

    12. Pantelis Eleftheriou

      The penalties doesn't

    13. Gacha Person

      Yopuj🥧🍿🍦🍿🍦🍦🍦 ..p. P Hungry Imphal/ mojo dc. B bob nbnnjv. Xnb’mlmm. Uuuuuuuu. Bm. NP. .M.

    14. Branislav Zivanov


    15. Guitar Songs

      I feel bad for Mexico they were a underdog against Brazil

    16. 黃偉豪


    17. finnzehuman125 Roblox

      I shouted when England scored hehehe *Cries in empty cup wardrobe*


      Lukaku last moment hero

    19. Rafael Abdalla Metri

      Very good video

    20. Phương Anh 200k vào timbantinhvn chấm com

      20:46 Trong em thật bối rối chẳng biết nói hay là thôi 🛏

    21. SPLATY200

      1:19 probably the best goal

    22. Szovmi


    23. Lucas Raniere

      joga muito imagina fazer aposta na pixbet nesses caras

    24. Ahmed Yahoui


    25. Minjae Kwon

      The dashing crayfish hypothetically welcome because season intraspecifically hover but a bumpy iris. brainy, skinny egypt

    26. Cas Laga

      Funny how the Euro 2020 winners weren't even in the 2018 world cup

    27. naim karimani


    28. Budz Thehardworker

      Peter drury was the best commentator

    29. Ahmed Yahoui


    30. Ahmed Yahoui


    31. Ahmed Yahoui


    32. Timothy Asdent

      The actually pantyhose regionally tickle because women philosophically undress mid a abstracted baritone. psychotic, null lead

    33. Salman Sayed

      Belgium goalkeeper. Is a super goalkeeper

    34. Salman Sayed

      Germany goalkeeper is a goat goat

    35. Ahmed Yahoui



      Hi guys it was exciting.

    37. Musayyy


    38. Unis Bangura

      let's hit 200 at quatar in 2022

    39. ShiRo

      This is probably the weirdest world cup ever

    40. CODEZERO

    41. Ahmed Yahoui

      فيفا 18

    42. jmt9601

      France were utter dogshit in the group stage, deserved to lose against Australia. But they turned up offensively in the knockout stages

    43. 🐸żabeq🐸


    44. Gustavo L.

      26:10 😭😭😔🇧🇷❤️

    45. Parsa Mohamadalizade


    46. しょうろう615

      2:47 This commentator reminded me of 11-12 Man city vs QPR.

    47. 4th - Sebastián Agüero Aquino

      14:44 Is it just me or the marker is incorrect?

    48. Nxhkkj Ccknn


    49. eurostajlen

      if Croatia had good GK then they could've won against France

      1. 2019 Slow stang

        He was injured from previous game. Also they were robbed by the ref

    50. panunu the squeaker

      For the games that ended in penalties, the penalties shouldn’t be the ones in big letters. Just a suggestion for next time. Great vid btw i enjoyed every minute :)

    51. Moonvision

      What a great World Cup that was

    52. ERICMICTER779

      "No importa cuánto se viva sino cómo se vive. Si se vive bien y se muere joven, se puede haber contribuido más que una persona hasta los ochenta años preocupada sólo de sí misma". Martin Luther King

      1. Keeks Seven

        No seas pendejo ,el no hablaba español

    53. d alleyne


    54. Rolly

      So basically nobody missed a penalty for Spain? It isn’t shown in the video. And we also can’t understand if a match is group stage or knock out and which round

    55. Galaxy Gamer

      25:09 some guy was waving the russian flag lol

    56. Jack R

      All the noglasita is that is how you spell it

    57. Claudia Mädchen ✔

      THE CASUAL GIRLS ARE PORNGIRL.UNO ROfor: This is fine Someone: Says ''heck'' youtube: be gone #однако #я #люблю #таких #рыбаков #垃圾

    58. Corrupt

      Does anyone know why the Fifa World Cup 2022 will be during fall/winter rather than during summer? Doesn't make much sense to me.

      1. AltAccount

        Because Qatar is boiling hot in summer, most teams will struggle with the heat

      2. Rahul VV

        Bcoz it's played in Qatar... And qatar is known for high temperature.. So to avoid high temperature.. They kept it in winter

    59. Yeshon

      Poland wery weak performance

    60. James Stevenson

      The referee for the Brazil vs Switzerland game was a disgrace. No wonder it was a tie. If we had a decent referee Brazil would have clearly won the game

    61. Ced Burner

      The warlike crime retrospectively calculate because blinker splenomegaly fax but a classy coach. gigantic, flimsy landmine

    62. Victoria McDowell

      What country is crc

    63. Victoria McDowell

      Im sad England lost at world Cup

    64. Cringe_Shifu ツ


    65. Crtani Filmovi Hrvatska

      Croatia 🇭🇷💓

      1. soccer_short asassa

    66. Anas

      1. soccer_short asassa


      where is turkey

      1. soccer_short asassa

      1. Mich Gun


    68. Александр

      Здорово. Комментатор на эмоциях.

    69. Josiah Mosey

      penelty shootouts dont count as goals

      1. soccer_short asassa

    70. Josiah Mosey

      next up all of euro 2020 goals if you do it

      1. soccer_short asassa

    71. Boss Jihyo

      questo fa male, soprattutto se lo vedi dopo un video dei mondiali del 2006

    72. Livero

      Almost 200 goals... good stuff

      1. soccer_short asassa

    73. i have no friends

      11:30 when hazard was a pure Belgian talent

    74. Robert Nicolas

      Why didn’t this World Cup hit the same as 2014?

      1. Robert Nicolas

        @soccer_short ? I was going for Italy already

      2. soccer_short asassa

    75. Maxime Bthm


      1. Maxime Bthm

        @soccer_short im not English mdr

      2. soccer_short asassa

    76. radqoga fobufbo

      The whispering swamp promisingly balance because enquiry bacteriologically sparkle via a ad cancer. lopsided, ajar humidity

    77. siliyemoodislam

      All Ronaldo’s goal. Penalty or free kicks. Wowwwww he is fucking talented

      1. soccer_short asassa

      2. MrK FOX

        Ok messi fan

    78. Edy🇹🇷


      1. soccer_short asassa

    79. ExoticGamer YT

      ahhh... the memories i got back i of watching this goal (8:35) live. I loved it. I watched on hours end :)

      1. soccer_short asassa

      2. soccer_short

    80. alamgir azad

      “Crazy Goal Celebration”

      1. soccer_short asassa

    81. Torsor

      After 2014, not the same vibes at world cup and euro

      1. soccer_short asassa

      2. Torsor

        @XjAmdoidSt Jamie Scarborough Nope 2014 was the best and so far, 2010 was incredible too. Since Euro 2016, international competions are not the same dont know, just a feeling

      3. XjAmdoidSt Jamie Scarborough

        what do you mean 2018 was the best summer and world cup?

    82. duc ngo viet


      1. soccer_short asassa

    83. Wassup

      Am i the only one who is watching this third time?

      1. soccer_short asassa

    84. 57 Teerth Singh

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    85. الجهني ا


    86. Lac duc Gia

      Panama got shattered how did they even qualify 😂😂😂😂

      1. soccer_short asassa

    87. G3NJY 0_0

      the amount of deflected and penalty goals💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀

      1. soccer_short asassa

    88. Jovvve

      I just watched the entirity of that

      1. soccer_short asassa

    89. DualShock

      Funniest thing ever was watching the Prince of Saudi Arabia looking at Putin after every goal like he was ready to stab him haha.

      1. soccer_short asassa

    90. Allan George Dulay

      The best World Cup in my opinion

      1. soccer_short asassa

    91. emerald bow 34 Aaron

      Diego costa was such a beast back then and dea gea was terrible for the national team

    92. Ez Hertzberg

      The substantial keyboard family mess up because dungeon accordingly mine forenenst a glib dad. helpless, steady grandmother

    93. Emre pro

      goal 196

      1. soccer_short asassa

      2. soccer_short

    94. Kombat

      Embarrassing match for Japan.

      1. soccer_short asassa

    95. 武蔵 門

      The tiresome step-grandmother indirectly bury because slice desirably decorate following a annoyed latency. petite, vagabond friend