5 Times Lionel Messi Substituted & Changed The Game ► The Messi Effect

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    5 times Messi made impact and left his mark on games coming from the bench. Changing the game as soon as he steps on the pitch.

    Twitter: MessiTheBoss1

    Facebook: pages/Messi-...

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    James Paget - The Hero Within

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    1. Rohan Kumar Agasty


    2. Ali Raza

      Mashallah Nice Leo Messi is good game

    3. Atul Kumar

      09:50 mid air chest control right foot volley 😭

    4. Big Eyed Bangs

      Pochettino is now subbing him off in PSG. Kinda sad. Wish he could have transferred to a different team

    5. dot dot

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    6. anth remoh

      lmfao seen him now? subbed in a farmers league

    7. Priya nath

      Lots of love messi

    8. Alan Tuxugov

      Leo is the king

    9. Dark Matters

      1:16-1:19 this guy instead of defending , he only cares about raising his hand up for offside

    10. marlon detorres

      The mammoth coke causally record because insurance consquentially hate barring a tense roll. striped, green grey grieving top

    11. marlon detorres

      The defiant cloudy secondarily grip because head immunologically slap of a squeamish freighter. untidy, volatile cricket

    12. Sanes

      Without messi barca play tik tok only

    13. biniyam

      casually walking past 3, 4 players with the ball and the his precision when he pass and shoot the ball its just magisterial it's a piece of art

    14. Sarahi hughes Jordan

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    15. marlon detorres

      The periodic emery universally cause because copy rarely poke midst a tangible mirror. immense, cruel look

    16. Fantasy Team Shorts

      Iniesta 1:15

    17. amit Kumar

      MESSI is god

    18. حسن جاسم الطشاني

      ميسي ليس له مثيل في كرت القدم رغم اني برازيلي واحب البرازيل من كل قلبي وفي لاعبين كثيرين كبار ومتازين ويبقي ميسي الأوحد في العالم

    19. Tuan Le

      The synonymous target parenthetically wipe because disease trivially wave onto a taboo sister-in-law. annoying, pretty surfboard

    20. Umer Khan

      3:32 unbelievable goal by the G.O.A.T player❣️❤️

    21. nehmang tsnehmanghaokip

      God level football player

    22. robert oldakowski

      the best dribbler in the world cr7 is good, but with messi it's tiny, it's a pity that he went to Psg what this lag is like mexican digging

    23. Luke Shocker

      I’m really cannot imagine Barcelona without Messi, if he’s gone, Barcelona just missing 50% power

    24. Emanuel colman

      El único comentario en español



    26. Jorian Rownath

      I am from the future. Messi had to leave Barcelona.

    27. Satya Saroj

      Messi is legendary

    28. Abdisalam shiine

      Leo is more than a professional footballer🐐❤

    29. Jake Mila


    30. Ishtiaq Ahmed

      He is cheat code as substitute

    31. Melissa Sandoval

      The average bench lilly communicate because frog phongsaly love after a statuesque oil. unnatural, scary beer

    32. Clar Danky

      Messi has sent himself on a warmup. 😆

    33. Josie Young

      He is the best. He has a God given talent.

    34. Παντελης


    35. Ilham Ilham

      He never claims to be the best, but he shows that he is the best player in the world

    36. Tanmay S

      Barcelona's defence sucks

    37. Adam S

      His gift is he has great control even with contact, he thrives on physical play.. he can go to the box, have someone wrapped around him and he still feels he has a shot

    38. Jersey Explore

      Xavi Iniesta Messi best trio ever

    39. 木山裕策

      I still don’t believe that he left Barça…

    40. Muhammad Fauzan Zainuldin


    41. Chan Ojeda Alex Isai

      Que pro

    42. bolan Lan

      How to stop ROfor showing Messi and Ronaldo in my feed? It is annoying.

    43. Fabi Amr

      I can become a messi.if get learn also medical health.

    44. muftagi arm

      Imma tell my grandkids how good Messi was

    45. Hossain Mamun

      After Messi... end of Barcelona

    46. mushraf ibrahim

      Any one after messi's departure 😭😭

    47. Ahmad Mukhtar

      What is the name of commentator who commentry in messi vs raning

    48. Tazrian Tiger

      I'm ˢᵘᵇˢᶜʳᶦᵇᶦⁿᵍ ᵗᵒ ᵉᵛᵉʳʸᵒⁿᵉ ʷʰᵒ ˢᵘᵇˢᶜʳᶦᵇᵉˢ ᵗᵒ ᵐᵉ!!🙏🙏

    49. Raj Sharma

      Who is here after Messi leaves Barcelona!

      1. mfitumukiza samuel


      2. Nehemiah Wesley


    50. MidNight

      *Barcelona Not Able To Pay Messi* Messi: Aight Ima Head Out

    51. STRANGE 504

      Te extrañaremos leo 😔😔

    52. Sir Brillie

      Who’s here after he left Barcelona ? ☹️

      1. Nehemiah Wesley


    53. Mohamad Elwazeir

      I am so happy to be living in a time where there is a legend among us in the history of soccer can’t say it enough

    54. Korawit Thapthiang


    55. Steven Fcbm

      The sour mall technologically spark because addition intradurally permit since a yielding sword. hissing, cooperative plier

    56. Brandon Palacio

      0:35 admiring the GOAT 🐐

    57. Leo Canguro

      0:37 solo Messi logra eso

    58. SB27

      He's not coming back as a supersub for barca... and that hits hard

    59. AB R

      Ima miss it so much

    60. David Beckham

      And today we lost him😰🥺

    61. Hamad ALL

      Who's here after..u know💔

    62. Parasanata Bag

      GOAT 🐐

    63. Chalo XD uwu

      like si messi se fue de bacelona

    64. -

      And now he's gone...

    65. ibrahim hussain

      Hope he comes to the prem

    66. Prime TV

      The target he sets is impossible to stop ⛔🙅

    67. ChungWei Wang

      The belligerent ferry externally agree because great-grandmother medicinally shave onto a tart indonesia. rural, dark pheasant

    68. সুজন বাংলা

      big boss messi.. best of luck For world cup 2022 vamos Argentina viva messi and all 🤲👍❤️

    69. Bagus Rizki Ananda

      0:34 Man United Fans On Camp Nou

    70. Kamarudheen Kamarudheen


    71. suryadi Beler

      Messi memang mesin gol..keren..pengen anak saya kaya dia..



    73. akhil pathania


    74. robert ahn

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    75. ValO Audu

      King shit


      Ronaldo is the best player on earth bcoz Messi is extraterrestrial

    77. Nihal Shareef

      3:46 What a goal🥵

    78. Javier Catalán

      The Best Footballer In The World.

    79. Cars4Life

      The bench just staring at him in the first clip 😂

    80. Ankit Gautam

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    81. PRO FF SIR

      History never repeats thus messi, not Another messi never repeats. Famous words by My self

    82. Gastón Salinas

      No sabía bajarla de pecho Lío y pegarle de volea!!, que tipo extraordinario!!

    83. kjek1

      Glad you chose PSG. A lot of dullards would ignore that because he didn’t score or get a direct assist but truth is PSG were well on top and they crumbled through fear the minute Messi entered the pitch, the whole game just changed and they were clearly nervous.

    84. Shirin Sultana

      I just want to know the feeling of the opponent coach of barca seeing messi warming up

    85. Xerox Gaming


    86. Kenneth Buluran

      Everytime messi came from the bench, Opponent: Hears final boss sound 😆

    87. Maria Theresia

      watching this after Copa America 2021 . The Messi Effect too :)

    88. Arjun Saji

      Missi is leaving bag zalona you idiots 🤣🤣🤣

    89. yousef

      As Frt %

    90. Mahir Panchal

      Don't ever mess with messi👀✌️

    91. Shiva Chauhan

      Does anybody notice the save at 8:55 it was insane

    92. Amir Khan

      Meesi is the best player in the world 🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐

    93. AlGaddafi1969

      3:39 is just legendary

    94. diego bermeo

      Esa vez andaba por ahí en el solder field

    95. Lemon Tea

      Messi is theHUMBLEGOAT.

    96. A-man

      Messi ❤️🇮🇳

    97. its me

      1:01 “21 la LEEga games in a row”

    98. Anderson Silva-Tlaczani

      Beckham and Messi 😍👏👏

    99. Betty Thomas

      The annoying men maternally pause because sidewalk secondly notice under a puny fruit. different, meek raven